We are surprised that “White” has not been taken out of the White House. Almost every reference to the Confederacy have fast the fate of not being politically correct today. The call of statues of General Robert E. Lee to be taken down are mounting. Other icons of the Civil War are fast becoming extinct. But we never count President Obama out, for he has now taken it upon himself to tell Christians that they must “overcome” their religious beliefs.

This veiled call to arms indicates that the war on conservatives is truly going hot. He has labeled religious people as backward and a hindrance to all others. The left isn’t capable of ‘help’. The socialists accomplishes their ends with verbal and physical assaults wrapped inside lies and corrupt measures.

In other words, Obama is dissing long held cannon of the church while at the same time calling ISLAM a religion of peace.


The Obama administration and P5+1 insist the new 159-page nuclear deal facilitates inspections and true verification capabilities, but critics are alarmed by its concessions, including one that gives Iran a 24-day advanced warning of inspections.

Well America, we don’t have to read it to know what’s in it. Obama sellout of America. A nuclear holocaust awaits the Middle East. We are taking bets on who the first target will be. Hint, starts with an I.

The Diplomats failed in their diplomacy. Their logic is ‘that without a deal’ Iran would be developing a nuclear weapon anyway.. True, but their economy would be squeezed even more perhaps leading to a revolution disposing of the Ayatollah and the Revolutionary guards.If it can happen in Egypt, it can happen in Iran.  With this bad deal a nuclear weapon will be developed out of the starting gate; wait and see.


What a lovely sight to see, the socialist parasites back stabbed by one of their own. Who would of thought such a thing was possible? Well, well they caved. Now the hard work begins as the taxman cometh. Don’t forget, the Greeks still owe the money, there was no debt haircut, but a loan extension to help them surmount the proverbial bump in the road. But darker days still lie ahead. The retirement age has been pumped up to 67, taxes increased and other fiscal measures which will dig deep into the Greek way of life – the dolce vita.

During the bank shut down the economy has not collapsed; depositors were allowed to take out 60 Euros a day from the ATM’s. We can hazard a guess that many Greeks did not have to resort to the ATM because they hid much of their underground money in the mattress. This was a very savvy position to take for those entrepreneurs, for they knew that paying taxes on under the table work would involve a transfer of wealth;  paying for the life of leisure parasites, many who were on the government dole, was not their cup Ouzo.


They are all Congenital liars.

  • In the 1985 film Max Headroom, the title character comments that one can always tell when a politician lies because “their lips move”. The joke has been widely repeated and rephrased.
    • In the film Big Fat Liar, the story producer Marty Wolf (a notorious and proud liar himself) steals a story from student Jason Shepard, telling of a character whose lies become out of control to the point where each lie he tells causes him to grow in size.
    • From the Godfather II, “It was all lies”


Thus far Hillary Clinton’s road to the White House has been as smooth as a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.  The powers behind the thrown are all in, including the likes of Randi Weingarten‘s American Federation of Teachers (AFT) union. Unwavered support of them was a no brainer.

However, Richard Trumpka of the AFL-CIO has not handed over the expected endorsement. What troubles the AFL-CIO boss is Hillary’s stance on the recently passed trade legislation. Clinton has not made a decision on it. This is troubling to the union boss who is adamantly against the trade deal.  Also, another unanticipated speed bump in the name of Bernie Sanders has popped up; and he is picking up union support along the way. As of yet none of Hillary’s organizers have suffered agita, but sometimes it takes awhile before the stomach acids regurgitate.

If Hillary makes a “no”decision on trade she will risk Democrat support in the larger battle to come. Keep in mind that President Obama needed the support of a Republican Congress to pass the legislation. Hillary is in between the proverbial rock and hard place; Bernice Sanders is dead set against the trade deal. This put pressure on HRC to just say “no”, but the risks are many especially when it comes to the main bout.  Seen as anti growth, anti trade, Hillary will be pilloried throughout the campaign.

How she talks her way out of this one would be a sight to see.



The latest, the Pope calls greed,  “the devil’s dung.”  Guess he never heard of Gordon Gekko.


For Christians living in the United States, the majority, we hazard, respect the Ten Commandments, believe in the Constitution, worship freedom, liberty and the laws of nature, were shocked by the Pope’s terse anti capitalistic tirade while visiting Bolivia. The Latin American country is “ruled” by a ruthless dictator with a socialist bent, Evo Morales.  Many citizens have disappeared under his rule. Quoting him, “In Bolivia the gringos no longer rule, the Indians do, ” wearing a jacket with the image of Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara. So once again we have proof that a  picture is worth a thousand words.

We were not shocked by his invective,  in your face anti-colonial hate speech is expected from the miscreant dictator who rules over a decaying rubble of a country with an imploding economy. Blaming others for your own failures is common among dictators; no where else to turn for excuses, the entrepreneur can never escape the blame of a skilled orator who gives the poor a license to kill the successful.

But what came next was astonishing, not shocking as we know from the Pope’s earlier diatribes, that he has turned the cheek and embraced the ideology of Marx and Lenin. A pure Jesuit is he. The Pope, by the way, drank some coca leaf infused tea, but  as far as we know did not chew any coca leafs before speaking from the pulpit commanding the “globalization of hope” that would guarantee the needs of every person. And we might ask, guarantee by who? God!  We recommend that the indigenous of Bolivia continue the chewing of coca leafs and all of your dreams will come true.

So the Pope, with the skill of a failed orator, urged his audience to “say ‘no’ to an economy of exclusion and inequality.” Truly Marxist-Lenin stuff. “In favor of an economy of Christian inspiration,” then he goes off the deep end by saying, “which would guarantee everyone not only the basics of land, housing and employment, but also access to education, healthcare, new technologies, artistic and cultural manifestations, communications, sports and recreation.”

Where does the Pope think all of these things come from? Apparently, capitalism was a forbidden word in his Latin American travail. The Pope forgot to add the most important item to the list, ” dinero, dorado.  Perhaps the Pontiff forgot that these dreams of want are prevalent in capitalistic societies and they do come true. By his guarantee of them he sanctions violence in the “smash and grab thugs” that were let loose by Maduro in Venezuela. “Down with Capitalism is the Pope’s message.”

The initiated of this world would take immediate offense to the Pope’s Canonization of Hope. For those of us who live our life to the fullest endeavoring  improving our knowledge, embracing successes, embellishing the fruits of our labor we remind the Pope that countries such as Bolivia and Venezuela are mired in poverty of their own making; embracing socialism is the cause of their despair not the coca leaf elixir that lifts the spirits of the people.


An added fact, newspapers that exist must tow the socialist Morales line or they are shut down in an authoritarian minute. Tea with Morales confirmed the Pope’s philosophy of transfer the wealth.  We at the Tea Party do not know of any poor person to give one a job; we wonder if the Pope does.



Pollsters are nothing more than blabber mouths, akin to rumor mongers looking for suckers who will give them a hint on what way the political winds will blow. Their prognostications in most cases are nothing more than wild guesses. Take the latest vote in Greece; up to the vote the tally was expected to be a 50-50 affair to be decided by a razor’s edge. We can also cite the Eric Cantor whupping in 2014 by a virtual unknown as another example. The results of these two races were nothing like the fortune tellers bleep. That brings us to the 2016 presidential race.

Currently, the statistics cited are not too favorable for any Republican because they can’t win without more Black and Hispanic vote; their white vote in the last election was 59% and that too will be hard to increase. Check out the numbers here. However, a well run campaign can attain 75% of the White vote and increase the margin to double of that of the Black vote while picking up another 10% of the Hispanic vote. How can the Republicans break out of the proverbial statistical jail they are in? The path is fairly simple, but so far no Republicans are aware of the gains that can be had by soliciting unions, Blacks and Latinos to their cause.

Republicans can follow the Democrat strategy to win. Old line Republicans will have nowhere else to turn in 2016, but to pick off independents and Reagan Democrats is easier than one might think. Republicans must bring their message to the union masses, convincing them that to vote Republican is not to vote anti union but pro work, pro growth, less taxes, more freedom, more stability, safer pensions, enforcement of labor violations such as when companies higher illegal workers.

Point out today’s Republicans are similar to yesterday’s Democrats. That today’s Democrat’s are similar to yesterday’s socialists and Communists combined. For instance, the seizure of property without due cause, the fight against individual freedom to bear arms. Republicans are not anti-Black nor are they anti-Hispanic, they are against criminals who violate the laws of the land.

Dukakis had Willie Horton and now the Democrats have  the illegal alien Francisco Sanchez the killer of Kate Steinle, Plaster his face next to all Democratic candidates with the phrase under his name, Killer; this could happen to your child, your streets, your neighborhood is not safe, don’t count on the Democrats to protect you. Continuing on with the message can include themes such as “education is local” the Republicans will not interfere. Or the next Attorney General will bring those people to justice who violated the law, no matter what their political persuasion. For instance bankers and their ilk; send fear into the Jon Corzines of the world, they are not too big to fail or go to jail.

There are literally dozens of issues that will convince Independents and borderline Democrats to move to the Republican side of the aisle. Tell it like it is, afterall the Democrat party has become a rubber stamp for radical socialist, the EPA is their lackey. This is manifested in the damage they did to the union labor who work deep in the mines of VA, PA and OH. Republicans can easily cut these union men from the Democrat herd. And what starts in the West can travel East with lightning speed, press hard on the environmentalists who went all in on the snail darter/delta smelt killing jobs for Mexican farmers and landscapers. The wedge is there, use it. All they need to do is get the message across.


In light of Donald Trump’s disparaging remarks regarding illegal immigrants, either Mexican or Latin American, the news has bared him out. Exhibit 1 was the killing in San Francisco, exhibit 2 is the illegal activity of criminal license applications in New Mexico. But no subject is without controversy, the progressive politician who condoned the sanctuary city and provided fodder by inviting more illegals into the country – think Obama not enforcing the borders – leading to the United States becoming a sanctuary country;  mass violations of the law have resulted.

Hypocrites at best, lying swine at worst. Presidential contender and former Secretary of Hate Hillary Clinton, Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer are the worst of the worst. However it even gets worse as the Obama administration’s talking puppet Josh Ernest blames the Republicans for not passing immigration reform. That is beyond the pale. More diatribe coming from the White House is expected. Loretta Lynch is not doing her job by enforcing the law. Wait for more killings, rapings and thefts by illegals. This controversy is not over.

A high-profile case in 2012 saw five Albuquerque residents federally indicted in a multi-state license distribution scheme. Federal investigators said 30 people from five states were involved in the ring that provided false documents to illegal immigrants who had resided in South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia to fraudulently obtain 164 New Mexico driver’s licenses.

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