Expecting a terrorist attack, Britain has raised the alert level to serious. ISIS is thought about bringing chaos to a major city.  David Cameron has warned the citizens of the radical element driving ISIS and will confront them if need be.

Up to this point not much has been done to counter the “rag tag” army. Far from it, they have had free reign wrecking havoc across the Middle East. Now they are planning to bring their war to the British Isles. As noted previously England is a prime breeding ground for ISIS, with 5% of the population Muslim,  recruiting new jihadists is easy as one, two, three.

Cameron added the “threat is growing” from Britons travelling to fight with IS, saying at least 500 people had travelled from the UK “to fight in Syria and potentially Iraq”.

According to news reports, the Pope is also a target of ISIS.


Instead of protecting the homeland, Obama has pulled troops from the southern border with a new charge sending them to wilderness areas in Arizona, Nevada and Utah to harass Americans. But reports are coming in that place the greatest threat at the Mexican/Texas border. Members of ISIS and al Qaeda  are joining the illegals carrying with them arms and chemical weapons; some are undetected, for example anthrax and botulism – toxic substances to say the least, a small drop can kill thousands in a millisecond.


Thousands if not hundreds of thousands, if Obama has his way, will be entering elementary school. Most have no education beyond kindergarten, most are illiterate, most are pawns in an illegal enterprise; Condoned by liberals, we still can’t understand why the Black Caucus has not raised a voice, with the true cost to be the ravaging of millions of dollars from hard working Americans.

To venture a guesstimate we put the dollar amount per child at a minimum of $400,000 including housing, food, health care and education. In a dozen years each and everyone of this illegal will cost local taxpayers somewhere in the neighborhood of $40,000 per year. And the liberals sit in their easy chair while the taxpayer is sweating bullets. By the way, most of these illegals have been settled in Democrat run states, but some are being dumped in Texas and Louisian. Would anyone expect otherwise?  Hey Liberal, have you had enough already? Time for the governors of Red States to say, “hell no they must go.” IMG_4021


Americans better wake up and fast. Currently the world is collapsing with the United States at the epicenter; having lost its swagger during the Obama term we can no longer sit idly by as the ship tanks. One only has to see what happened in the Middle East, Israel hooks up with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, who would have thought? The United States is relegated to the back seat because most countries in the line of fire know that Obama is full of himself, he cares little about defending our mutual friends not even mentioning the homeland. And that is where the problem lies.  And don’t forget Obama delayed missile shipments to Israel in their time of need; during their most recent offensive Israel was caught short handed. Reading into this tells you what side he is on. Delay is Obama’s strategy. Syria, Obama watched from afar, instead of defending Bashar al-Assad, he through in with the rebels;  they have a new name, ISIS. In Iraq, we pulled our troops, victory was fleeting, now ISIS is stepping on the throat of  Baghdad. The Kurds wonder if they will be next. Nigeria, the Boko Haram runs wild, raping and kidnapping little girls, yet Obama gets down on his hands and knees praying to his mighty Allah that more will be raped. England, the country that leashed jihadist head hunter where 5% of the population is now Muslim is spellbound. Norway, yes the liberals have opened the door there too. ISIS has come to the land of the Norse. America will soon be waking up to a mosque in every town, city and hamlet, radical puke will be demanding their rights. You don’t think this can happen, wrong.  Click here and you will understand that they are already here.  Patriots in Vermont, the home of the Green Mountain Boys, the salt of the earth type, are scared to death. death threats abound forcing a restauranteur to take down an offensive sign to the Allah kneeling terrorists. What was on the sign, the word BACON.

Sneakers Restaurant did the politically uncorrect thing. Yeah if this doesn’t get you to take out a pistol permit nothing will. Wake up America, we are in a silent war.  What are these people doing way up in Vermont anyway? Do you know the answer? Well it is to undermine our way of life, our community, our culture.  Sharia law is next. The sound to pray will be heard five times a day. Vermont, the home of the two of the most liberal senators, Saunders and Lahey are responsible for giving these Muslims green cards. Church in Winooski Vermont soon to be converted to a mosque. The Methodist Episcopal Church of Winooski

Some Facebook Comments: They raged on Facebook: “Gutless, spineless, pukes. Anyone eating at this cesspool of a food establishment may as well join the rest of the jihadists trying to destroy this nation from within. May their faces and bodies be burned and seared with boiling bacon grease!”

“DON’T YOU SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THIS COUNTRY? NO ONE IS STICKING TO THEIR GUNS … PUT THE SIGN BACK UP!!!! WE ARE GIVING INTO EVERY NIT-PICKING THING. WE ARE AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Women in Burkas on cellphones, drinking their Starbucks and driving their Toyotas badly is offensive to me. Bring back the Bacon!”

But that is not all, ISIS is about to crash many Labor Day picnics. Yes, they are eyeing the Texas border, infiltrating it with suicide belts and hand held rocket propelled grenades. Obama is watching from afar which is tantamount of an invite. We can easily make a case that the Texas militia take on the cause with dispatch. What that means is to shoot anything that moves on our side of the Rio Grande.


The only way an ISIS fighter should be allowed back into the United States is in a box.  (click here and listen intently to Hannity interview a Choudary) Pro Islamic  terrorists from the United States have thrown in with ISIS, one has been killed and  identified by the government. Guilty of treason he accepted the way of Allah to kill the infidel – Americans, Jews, Christians and non believers.  The reality is that those Amercians (they really aren’t Americans but an arm of Obama) who become ISIS fighters are truly human excrement suitable only for landfill.

Currently, the government does not have a number, but thousands upon thousands of Muslim converts await the calling. This pervert he took up arms against the United States. It was under New York’s Ray Kelly that mosques were surreptitiously targeted to ascertain who was about to wage jihad against the state. Now we have proof of the recruitment and indoctrination of those individuals who find life in the United States too hard to bear; they feel justice  is to be served by the sword. They are the sworn enemy within.  Rayat al-`Uqab, the "Eagle Banner"; also called the black flag of jihad

So far in the debate President Obama sits on his hands unable to act.  And we venture to guess that in the very near future, September 11 is just around the corner, an event will take place to mark the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11. Be vigilant, expect the unexpected.


We have a criminal on the loose. Her name is Lois Lerner. She had previously taken the 5th after she read a prepared statement. But now we learned that she crashed her Blackberry when ordered not too. This is tantamount of espionage against the American people; treading on the Constitution by a government employee is ground for the chair.  Justice must be served. We will accept no less. Remember, Obama owes his second term to the IRS, a bought election, unheard of since the Kennedy landslide in 1960.

Protected by the thug in the White House for now, but the buzzards are swarming around the soon to be dead carcass. Darryl Issa must be licking his lips right about now, getting ready to swoop down like the hungry bird he is.

As we suspected all along the emails exist, they were backed up live on a fail safe system. We demand the emails in no uncertain terms. America wants the emails. All excuses given why Lerner’s hard drive crashed and the emails lost were out right lies. This IRS is an extension of the Obama regime, politicized to the max to target conservative speech.

Obama the liar in chief is behind the IRS Tea Party shakedown. Our 1st Amendment rights were abridged leading to Obama’s 2nd term.

Holder is behind the Fast and Furious fiasco that led to the killing of Brian Terry, Hillary Clinton is responsible for our Ambassador behind murdered in Benghazi.

The Obama administration is the most corrupt in history. The American people must demand the truth now. We cannot wait any longer; a corrupt government leads to tyranny. Day be day we come one step closer to authoritarian rule by a maniac who must be put into a straight jacket. 


To set the record straight we have now witnessed 19 years of cooling. Contrary to the global warmers prediction of intense heat boiling the globe cooling has blanketed the earth.  Meanwhile snow has returned to Alaska and Wyoming. Global warming? Think again. image


Even a hibernating bear would have felt the chill this summer. Record cold temperatures have been recorded in all 50 states. Ask any utility company on how they are doing and the answer you get is that electric usage has cratered because of the decreased demand for air conditioning.

The joke in New England runs something like this;  ” Our electric bill is 50% lower than last year – our air conditioner never turned on, but our oil bill sky rocketed because we had to turn on the heat. ”  

A well known quote often attributed to  Mark Twain goes like this, “the coldest winter I spent was a summer  in San Francisco.”

Global warmers are reworking their outdated models, you remember the ones that utilized flawed data to confirm a warming climate. Oh yeah, they will tell you that a slight recalibration based on new data will prove their theory. Phooey, the models were built to test a hypothesis that didn’t exist. Now that they have been outed they have no choice but to resort to new distortions-modifications of results to prove their case.

Cold summer: US daily record minimums outnumbering record maximums 3 to 1 in the last 30 days

So let’s put it this way, COLD WATER has been thrown on the Global Warmers and their high polluting theories. Sorry guys, go back to the lab where you can cook up another theory. We got one for you, “Martians have invaded earth or better yet, it is Bush’s fault.” martianhead


Senator Scott Brown is running again, this time in New Hampshire. Senator Brown is seeking a primary win leading to a fall confrontation with the present Democrat Senator Jeanne (supporter of Obamacare) Shaheen. Recent polls put Senator Brown within 2 percentage points.

Senator Shaheen is vulnerable due to her overwhelming support for Obamacare. Brown made up huge ground when he won the former seat held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. In horse racing parlance Brown is a fast closer; we expect the race to go down to the wire with Brown first to cross the finish line. ??????????????????????????????? Click here for Senator Browns web site.


Harry Reid, you know the fellow, Senator Pugilist, willing to duke it out any time and with anybody especially Republicans. His corner man is President Obama. Funny thing though about Reid, for him “what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.”  Reid thought he cracked a joke while addressing a mostly Asian crowd, but it was ill timed highly insensitive. What he thought was a joke, came back and hit him like a Las Vegas debt collector. In the end the Joke was Reid.  Keep it up Harry we take pleasure watching you fall on your sword.

The Nevada Democrat ribbed the crowd at a event by the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce about Asians not being “smarter than anybody else” and so many of them having the name “Wong.”

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By now the world understands the barbarism of the Jihadist. From Boko Haram to ISIS, seeing the blood of their victims is a sign of victory. Brutality unequaled in today’s world we find these savage beasts swallowing up land mass; no body can stop them; ISIS is the worst of the worst having captured left behind artillery when Obama fled Iraq. This is now coming back to haunt him. Not only did Obama lose Iraq, but he lost Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. Obama has let the monster out of the cage and soon we will be the target.Logo of Boko Haram.svgRayat al-`Uqab, the "Eagle Banner"; also called the black flag of jihad

According to various sources ISIS is raking in hard cash by selling oil. Oil wells, their infrastructure including refineries are now in their hands. The Jihadist insurgency has had a clear path thus far – nothing has gotten in their way. They feel invincible.

Troops on the ground with air power are need yesterday. As these desert killers become more braven their legend grows. Attracting new recruits for the cause becomes easy.  Like a runaway freight train their force increases by the second. No one has the ability to derail their ambition which is world hegemony – a global calaphate.  The weeks ahed will be more of the same, be-headings, plunder, killing and rape are their signature;  the ruthless murders won’t stop unless they are stopped. We patiently wait for some decisive action as we watch Rome burn.



As President Obama fiestas with the super rich, the same ones he attacks as the 1% the world burns.  Why does he want to mix with the mostly white crowd who despise him for being a two faced liar. Instead we recommend that Obama vacation in say Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, St Louis, Los Angeles, these places occupied by his supporters, gang bangers, Democrat stalwarts, unions,  moochers, welfare mongers, parasites, murders, progressives and killers.

By the life of us we can’t understand why Obama doesn’t vacay in the hood; look at the impact to the local economy. Spending money, say in Baltimore, will save gas money, no Air Force One sucking up bucket loads of jet fuel; a boom to the local economy.  Restaurants would be packed, bars standing room only. These are the type of jobs that will employ the unemployed – those at the low end of the totem pole.  The Brothers should ask their Democrat Representatives why this is so, why does  he spend money helping the 1% rather than dropping a few million in the hood. After all the rich don’t need the money, but the unemployed inner city could sure covet a few extra bucks. Matter of fact we recommend that the President spend a few nights in the roach motel, do dinner at the local soup kitchen and hang with a few gang bangers. For the night he can crash in  a park overlooking Lake Michigan.. 

The leaders of these communities should be aghast that Obama spurns them like he disses Congress. In fact President Obama has been missing in action for the past six years, circling the globe in “Air Force One” at the same time spreading the much hated carbon emissions along the way. He is nothing more than  a charismatic thug born with a silver spoon in his mouth poisoned from the beginning by white hating elders who formed Obama’s early opinion of the white dominant world.  His early transformation set the stage for his plan to transform the United States and then the world to a socialist state through violent upheaval where the past is prologue. To Obama, if he can’t transform it, he will destroy it. Give him credit, he is doing a good job so far.

Come November 4th America can send this zealot a strong message similar to the one sent to him  in 2010 when the House was won by Republicans. This November, the Senate Republicans will prevail, Harry Reid will be on the outside looking in; it can’t come to soon. This will spell disaster to Obama, no legislation of his liking for the next two years; a lame ducky. New laws, regulations shot down, a chance to do what Obama has done to them during the past six years to do to him.

The appropriate remark at the next State of the Union address would be something like the ubiquitous ones heard in Ferguson, MO; “Hands up, Don’t shoot.”