The Europeans has it right so far, rejecting Turkey’s entrance into the European Union (EU). What sets Europe apart from Turkey is their Islamic identity while Europe on the whole is Christian.  And don’t forget that Turkey, mainly consisting of an Asian people, was an invading country under the Ottamans; Greece, Bosnia and Spain fell in their wake. That brings us to Turkey today. A NATO member under the iron hand of Islamist Erdogan who has no trouble stirring the pot of racism, blaming others for his faults.

Case in point, the Kurds who have been clamoring for their own country without success. Turkey is adamant that the Kurds are Turks and not minorities, therefore by acquiescing to their demand would open the floodgates for others. That is a self serving argument. And with ISIS one mile from the Turkish border on the ready to massacre the Kurds in Kobane, Syria, Erdogan says let them die, we will not help with their defense.

Regarding the recent Israeli pummeling of Hamas in Gaza (a Turkey benefactor), Turkey and its Siamese twins of Bashar Assad’s Syria, Iran and Qatar; countries aligned with the calaphate of ISIS faced off against Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and the Emerites. And so the West waits, not patiently, to see if President, chicken little, Obama will have the moral,  physical and mental courage to do what is right.  Will Chuck Hagel listen to our commanders who say that boots on the ground are needed to do the job.

Bottom line, Europe has it right. Turkey is run by an Islamic Fascist; there is no room for this dictator in a free world. NATO must give him the boot he deserves, back to the stone age.


All of a sudden the CDC is on the Ebola seat“We need to consider the possibility that there could be additional cases, particularly among the health care workers who cared for” Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, he said, adding: “We’re concerned that there could be other infections in the coming days.” 


UPDATE: Texas healthcare worker at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital has tested positive with the Ebola virus. As state earlier, the number of people who came in contact with Mr. Duncan is unknown, the risks that more will test positive is high.  Do not trust what the government is telling you, they are in the dark too. Ebola was first diagnosed in 1976 in Zaire, hundreds of people succumbed to the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been charged with curtailing and eradicating diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. They have done a good job in that respect, but Ebola is far more deadly. Without educating the areas that are most at risk, the disease will go viral. This is the major concern of the free world.


With unchecked invaders crossing our borders the risk of the Ebola virus spreading is a given.  Mr. Duncan, the Liberian who landed in Dallas was infected,treated and released, then hospitalized, dying a short two weeks later. We still don’t know how many individuals he came in contact with will come down with the disease.

The Center for Disease Control aka CDC is a reactive rather than proactive agency.  But with threats of the disease matastasizing several airports are set to do temperature screening. New York’s Kennedy Airport is one of the first to screen patients. Brits though are preparing for the worst. We know that Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are ground zero. It is without question that our borders must be closed for visitors to our country from Africa.

Ebola is a deadly, fatal to 50% of those who get it. Presently there is no cure for the virus. Previous outbreaks have been limited due to the sequestration of the afflicted. However, today’s outbreak is most serious because of the ease of global travel and the lack of any controls.

For now, according to the experts, the disease is passed by those who come in contact with body fluids, but that has not been always the case. Therefore, it is most prudent to take a proactive approach by limiting visitors to our country. Once the disease spreads there is no telling where and how many will die.  And this is a cause of grave concern to world economies.


The Racism of Open Borders

Democrats, “progressives”, liberals, communists, and fascists have all declared, albeit in rather shrill and hysterical tones, that we can’t close our borders, and to try is clearly racist. Does it seem odd to anyone else that every other country in the world, without exception, has restricted borders but us? Hmmm…food for thought, indeed. As to the ridiculous charge that a closed border is racist, let me say, “Poppycock! Balderdash!” and “Another of the usual leftist lies put out by the ‘mainstream’ media as truth!”

Point 1: A large proportion, if not the majority, of the travelers from West Africa, the area currently most effected by Ebola, are black.

Point 2: Most of these travelers, like Thomas Duncan, the Liberian Ebola victim who died in Dallas, have destinations in primarily black areas of our cities.

Point 3: Ergo, it is black people who are most likely to come in contact with Ebola carriers from West Africa; it is black people who are most likely to contract Ebola from these carriers; it is black people – not rich, white Democrats, “progressives”, liberals, communists, and fascists – who are most likely to die from Ebola brought into America by unrestricted travelers from foreign countries.

Point 4: The truth is that to allow open borders and unrestricted travel from West Africa will clearly be significantly more harmful to blacks than whites.

To draw the above conclusion doesn’t take massive brainwork. Thus, even the leftist politicians and media “pundits” squealing to keep the flow of disease carriers unimpeded are aware of who will take the main hit here. And it is also unmistakably obvious who the racists are in all this. Every last one of them.

Over the years since the mid-1960s, when the white left discovered how easy it was to convince black supremacists (e.g., the Black Panthers) that they should not integrate, but self-segregate into Black Student Unions, Black Business Leaders Associations, the Black Community, etc., black people have been cynically manipulated into believing and embracing all sorts of negative, disastrously damaging things about themselves. First and worst is the idea that they cannot possibly succeed in life, due to the racism of white people, without the massive intervention and help of…get ready…are you sitting down?…here goes…WHITE liberal Democrats! They managed to convince the vast majority of black people that all whites hate them and spend a large part of their time scheming and coming up with ways to keep black people down. The frightening thing is that just a cursory look around America makes this idea about as ludicrous a notion as you could possibly come up with. Yet black people have bought into it, big time. They have also let the White Left convince them that welfare is not only acceptable, but that they are somehow entitled to it to make up for the way white people have kept them from succeeding.

Far too many, too, have been conned into believing that the high unemployment rate among black people is due to racism. However, the welfare mentality manipulation aside, if you look at the number of illegal alien invaders in America and compare that to the number of unemployed black people, it becomes obvious that a large percentage of the jobs black people used to have – especially the higher paying ones – have been taken by the invaders. And as long as the borders remain open, and the demands from the foreign criminals and their fascist sponsors for amnesty are continued to be taken seriously, black people looking for decent jobs are, and will continue to be, SOL. Again, the simple truth is that those pushing open borders are undeniably and cynically racist.

However, all one needs to do is look around at the growing number of black conservatives to realize that the Fortress of Liberal Racism is developing serious cracks in its once impenetrable walls. Inspired by true patriotic American leaders like Clarance Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Lt. Col. Allen West, Alan Keyes, Herman Caine, Niger Innis, Larry Elder, Lloyd Marcus, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and many others, black people are more and more rejecting the lies and psychological manipulation techniques used by the totalitarian American left – the Democrats, the “progressives”, the liberals, the communists, and the fascists. They are returning to their American roots, where education and hard work were all you needed to raise yourself up, where it was not the color of your skin that mattered, but the content of your character.

The Hope and Change of Obama and his felonious co-conspirators is based on seperating groups along racial lines, pitting one group against another, stirring up racial hatred in the hope of fomenting violence, dividing and conquering. The great fear of the White Left back in the 1960s was that black people would realize that their self-interests were the same those of white people’s. Let’s do everything possible to make those fears continue to come true. Close the borders!


There is no stopping Big Government from their sins. They continue to print and borrow at warp speed; like a speeding bullet, ready, willing and able to separate the citizenry from their wealth. If they can’t do it by inflation, they do it by theft, eminent domain or regulation. The current situation is perilous; all governments are broke, dead broke.  There is no savior except the gold standard. This will prevent the largesse – that is why the politicians hate it. FDR confiscated American’s gold and RMN closed the gold window once and for all.

The stated reason for FDR’s order was that hard times had caused “hoarding” of gold, stalling economic growthnyontherunway and making the depression worse. The main rationale behind the order was to remove the constraint on the Federal Reserve which prevented it from increasing the money supply during the depression; the Federal Reserve Act required 40% gold backing of Federal Reserve Notes issued.

The long  forgotten story of the great depression was how the stock price of gold miners reacted to FDR’s action. History provides a picture of the the implosion of the stock market and the price of miners during the 1929 crash going forward.  The Crash saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average dive from the upper $300 range to $41 in four short years. A financial catastrophe if there was ever one. But one standout were the gold stocks. Taken from www.goldeneagle.com. It is meaningful to note that in late 1929 the value of Homestake Mining was about $80 per share. Moreover, during the next six years Homestake Mining paid out a total of $128 in cash dividends. In fact the 1935 dividend alone reached $56 per share. That’s almost a 70% dividend yield payout (basis 1929) in only one year! Indeed, hard asset investments (gold mining shares) were islands of economic refuge during the grueling years of the Great Depression. From the market high in 1973 to its low in 1974 the DJIA and the S&P 500 lost almost half their value – while the previously high-flying technology stocks plummeted more than 60%. Enough to cause heart-failure to the credulous believers of this time it’s different. Even the relatively “safe” utilities were decimated – as they dropped more than 50% from their 1973 high to their nadir in 1974. H-O-W-E-V-E-R, students of financial history took profitable refuge in gold metal stocks.

The Gold Mining Index, composed of ASA, Campbell Red Lake and Dome Mining, appreciated more than 260% from its 1973 low (40) to its 1974 high (147). This merits being redundant. During the severe 1973/74 bear market, stocks lost half their value – while gold mining companies almost quadrupled. If this is the case why did my gold mining shares sell off the last week while gold was moving higher. This is due to index ETF and mutual fund sales by retail holders. The gold index comprises a large portion of the TSX index so when a redemption hits, the individual components must be sold. Once all the index holders have liquidated we should see a sharp and violent move higher on most gold mining shares to reflect higher gold prices.

So what does all this mean? Today we stand at the precipice of a great depression, one worse than anything seen before. The reason being we have more than the ones that came before to lose. Rome was sunk by inflation, Germany played the same tune at Weimar and today Chavistas are in the same boat. There are no safe harbors, governments are broke with no alternative but to inflate the money supply; not doing so will unleash the public protest where they are sure to salivate their animal instincts. This is not a good thing for politicians. They will be the first in the line of fire.

Many of the top economists fail to see the darkness in the light nor the forest from the trees. QE has been tried over and over again; from Japan – 30 years and still going – to the Greek meltdown, to the EU, to Argentina, to Brazil, to Venezuela, to Russia and the elephant in the room, the United States. And where are we, a fugari bird without sight, traveling the road into darkness brings unwanted consequences. But what are those consequences? Very few see them, and few acknowledge them because of the devastation that lies ahead, financial and physical destruction. The dead end has been reached, a GIS can’t help at this point; paper will no longer be the savior to Big Government.

Most if not all countries are dead broke, a socialist delight; Greece has scraped the bottom of the barrel, bailed out for a few years by its gullible neighbors. How stupid were they, throwing good money after bad – Germany was the sucker on this one. Most are one step away from the restructuring that has brought many others to their knees. When people are scared, frightened, nervous about the future they begin to question their government. Words from the President will not suffice to quell the uneasy feeling. The odds that a financial pandemic will occur are great this time around; paper will not be worth the paper it is printed on. One shining light is Switzerland which will be voting November 30th on a referendum requiring the Swiss to have 20% of their currency backed by gold. Does Switzerland no something? We shall soon find out.


Where have all the Keynesians gone? Hanging paper on the masses is their forte. The more they hang, the faster the economy runs, the employment ranks swell on the way to universal bliss. It is not turning out that way. Financial Armageddon awaits billions; the blame goes to the ability of governments to print fiat money (funny money).  Europe, in the throws of a imploding economy, China in a sink hole, Japan unable to grasp the brass ring, Latin America at the beck and call of the Marxism Chavistas, but last but not least the United States; they take the gold, really from all of its productive workers – deserving the moniker of  the paper hanger of all time.

QE I, QE II, QE III, a 17 trillion largesse machine built on plastic, IOU’s; give us credit and we will party like there is no tomorrow say the political scions. A champagne taste with a beer income.

Robots feasting on menial jobs, greens cogging the wheels of progress, social progressives preventing everything from fracking to pipelines.  Yet the bloated bureaucracy continues to eat at the taxpayer’s troth.  When will the insanity end? When will “we the people” capture Washington and bring those who created this mess and stole our lives to justice?


Biological Warfare and Dereliction of Duty

Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama, Indonesian citizen and erstwhile Muslim, needs to be impeached. Now. Repeat, now.

The list of his high crimes and misdemeanors is long and growing by the day. Impeachment could have been done years ago, were it not for the criminal conspiracy among the ruling Democrats and the craven cowardice of complicitous Republicans. Fear of being slandered in the “mainstream” media as racist effectively suppressed criticism of Obama’s criminal acts and paralyzed the political establishment’s willingness to take action.

Citizens such as myself have been demanding impeachment for years (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBDI4j6IAAU, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-bkLfXVttI, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abqbsp0AgBw), but the calls appear to have fallen on the proverbial deaf ears that seem to be issued nowadays to politicians when they get to Washington. The result is the disaster the country has become today, and a world about to explode into war. Obama-Soetoro and his co-conspirators in the Democrat Party have been allowed to shred our Constitution, article by article, tear up our Bill of Rights, amendment by amendment, dismantle our economy, sector by sector, eliminate our private property rights, lot by lot, acre by acre, expand the overreach and power of the federal government into areas previously untouched by any but the most totalitarian of the world’s dictatorships.

The latest, and most egregious, example is the federal government’s (mis)handling of the spread of the Ebola epidemic. Forget the fact that our Surgeon General has yet to be heard from – has anyone looked under his desk? – or that radically contradictory statements are coming from “officials” on a daily basis. What should hit Americans like a 2×4 upside the head is that the government is doing virtually nothing – repeat, NOTHING – to stop Ebola from entering the United States. In fact, they seem to be encouraging its arrival here by refusing to close our borders and allowing what amounts to unrestricted entry of people traveling from the infected areas of Africa.

Ebola is already here, in Texas, in Georgia, probably in New York or New Jersey. In addition, Obama-Soetoro, as “Commander-in-Chief”, has ordered 3,000 of our military personnel to the infected areas of Africa where it is inevitable that some, if not all, will become infected themselves. They will then bring the disease home with them to infect God only knows how many more soldiers and American civilians. And it’s just a matter of time before the insanely fanatic Islamic barbarians in ISIS – created by the policies of the above mentioned Obama-Soetoro – start sending infected “martyrs” across our wide open southern and northern borders on “suicide missions” of unprecedented inhuman barbarity. These disease bombs, allowed what amounts to free and unrestricted entry, will disperse all over our country and it’s possible that in a mere matter of weeks, we will be overwhelmed by an epidemic that will kill thousands, perhaps millions.

It’s obvious to anyone who has not been living in a cave on the dark side of the Moon that the apparent bumbling and “incompetence” of the Obama-Soetoro administration in its response to what amounts to a critical national security/national health emergency is intentional. The failure to act decisively is gross dereliction of duty, as is his failure to attend his daily intelligence meetings or read the reports. This lying, America-hating Marxist has made it crystal clear that he has no intention of doing his job or obeying the law. He has plenty of time to play golf, attend fundraisers with Left Coast “celebrities” and Wall Street fat-cats, and take lavish and extravagant vacations on the taxpayer’s dime, but can’t be bothered to take any action to protect Americans, as directed by the Constitution he so clearly despises. Gross and undeniable dereliction of duty.

The man is so obviously out of control and drunk on his own seemingly endless ability to break our laws with impunity that the mind boggles that cries for his removal from office are not the only thing being heard. Instead, what we hear is his dictatorial proclamation that he will again violate our laws and, spitting in the faces of Congress, unemployed Americans, his union allies, unilaterally declare amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal aliens he has allowed to invade our country. This will, as even those on the left are starting to admit, destroy our public education, health, and public welfare systems, our economy (http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/11/clowardpiven_government.html), and give citizenship to hundreds of thousands of violent criminals and terrorists.

Yet nothing – repeat, NOTHING – is being done to stop him.

Clearly, We, the People, are no longer the masters of our own govenment. The upcoming election is a charade designed to continue the illusion that we still have government by the consent of the governed. While we must still vote – in record numbers – I really don’t expect anything to change. By 2016, if we don’t put criminals like Obama-Soetoro and his underlings like Eric Holder, and corrupt fascist politicians like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in prison, America will be a Third World, possibly Islamic dictatorship, and our free, constitutional republic will be relegated to the dustbin of revisionist history. It’s up to us an no one else (http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html, see particularly paragraphs one and two).


Every Democrat up for reelection is a two headed serpent, Double headed turquoise serpentAztecbritish museum.jpgone is theirs the other is Obama’s. Do not let them fool you, every one voted for Obamacare, everyone of them voted for either for Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi, everyone of them has condoned the illegal border jumpers who have invaded our country, everyone of them is responsible for the $13,000,000,000,000 in debt that Obama has rung up. Everyone of them is guilty of stifling the investigations into the most egregious of crimes , Benghazi, IRS and Fast and Furious. These two faced do gooders have not demanded the arrest of Eric Holder who is in contempt of Congress.

But all of a sudden five Senators up for reelection are against Obamacare, for the Keystone XL pipeline, are for secure borders. Do not let them fool you, if they are reelected  they will immediately do the bidding for Obama the second time around. Another words a vote for any Democrat is a vote for Obama.

They have requested that Obama stay out of Dodge during the election season. To them Obama is a negative; latest polling puts the opposition to him at a 16 year high.

This election is most important for a Supreme Court seat will most likely be vacated allowing POTUS to nominate a liberal ideologue. We cannot let this happen.  But for other reasons too; the growth of government and the entitlement state must be brought under control; not only for us but for future generations.

The Dirty Five are listed below

Mary Landrieu – Lousiana

Mark Pryor – Arkansas

Kay Hagan – North Carolina

Mark Begich – Alaska

Mark Udall – Colorado




Thomas Duncan, today’s typhoid Mary, carried Ebola to the United States. The Dallas Hospital did not obey protocol. It is important to click here to understand the threat of this most deadly of diseases. So far close to 3400 have died.  Questions have arisen on the real reason Mr. Duncan came to the United States. Some opined it was to get free treatment for the disease which he knew he had.

Not to be outdone, Louis (anti white Jew hater) Farrakhan said that whites invented ebola to kill Blacks.

From the true revolt article ” Farrakhan has crawled out from under a rock to spew another hatred-filled tome. His latest revelation is a CIA weapon “that can be put in a room where there are Black and White people, and it will kill only the Black and spare the White, because it is a genotype weapon that is designed for your genes, for your race, for your kind.”

One other valid point. This incident is a metaphor for Obama’s version of spreading the wealth. Bring every successful economic entity down to its lowest denominator.  Now we have seen how it works in the real world.  “Spreading the wealth is just as dangerous, just as powerful, just as effective as Ebola.” It kills!  Seems like the defintion Obama used to describe his own “security force?”


Thirty years in the making, but finally the stampede has reached crisis proportions. If it keeps up, which we have no doubt it will, those that are left will be trampled to death. We are talking about the outflow of citizens from the northeast states including New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  What brings us to this conclusion is history.

To get the picture one only has to look at Italy and Spain, both countries are on the brink of splitsville. Spain’s Catalonia region and Italy’s north are talking secession. They see themselves as patsies to the country’s moochers who suck the life blood out of the industrious and wealthier regions. So the entrepreneurs, the motivated, the believers in freedom and self reliance have no choice but to leave the prison of liberalism where the bye word is “share the wealth.”

Three decades in the making have resulted in a loss of representation of 60 House members only to be picked up by the New South where workers matter more than couch potatoes. Yes many of those who are fleeing are former liberals hell bent on not seeing a socialist progressive again for the rest of their life.

No need to expand on the details of what makes a liberal, but America knows one when they see one.  Listening to their arguments can cause a severe migraine. Liberals, more often than not, modify the truth, lie to make their claim whatever the case may be. Liberals always find a cause that needs their help; that’s their problem; because helping a moocher has an opposite and equal effect which is to forc everyone else to pay.

Liberals will never admit the fallacy of their arguments (global warming). Liberals are class warfare piranhas; vultures of the worst human kind, ready at an instant to jump into a situation where they have no fight . Rabble-rousing flame throwers are they, violently ready at an instant to pluck the guilty from the jaws of justice. November 4 is a month away, hopefully our Thanksgiving prayers will be answered with a Democrat being served up like the traditional turkey, DOA.