To set the record straight we have now witnessed 19 years of cooling. Contrary to the global warmers prediction of intense heat boiling the globe cooling has blanketed the earth.  Meanwhile snow has returned to Alaska and Wyoming. Global warming? Think again. image


Even a hibernating bear would have felt the chill this summer. Record cold temperatures have been recorded in all 50 states. Ask any utility company on how they are doing and the answer you get is that electric usage has cratered because of the decreased demand for air conditioning.

The joke in New England runs something like this;  ” Our electric bill is 50% lower than last year – our air conditioner never turned on, but our oil bill sky rocketed because we had to turn on the heat. ”  

A well known quote often attributed to  Mark Twain goes like this, “the coldest winter I spent was a summer  in San Francisco.”

Global warmers are reworking their outdated models, you remember the ones that utilized flawed data to confirm a warming climate. Oh yeah, they will tell you that a slight recalibration based on new data will prove their theory. Phooey, the models were built to test a hypothesis that didn’t exist. Now that they have been outed they have no choice but to resort to new distortions-modifications of results to prove their case.

Cold summer: US daily record minimums outnumbering record maximums 3 to 1 in the last 30 days

So let’s put it this way, COLD WATER has been thrown on the Global Warmers and their high polluting theories. Sorry guys, go back to the lab where you can cook up another theory. We got one for you, “Martians have invaded earth or better yet, it is Bush’s fault.” martianhead


Senator Scott Brown is running again, this time in New Hampshire. Senator Brown is seeking a primary win leading to a fall confrontation with the present Democrat Senator Jeanne (supporter of Obamacare) Shaheen. Recent polls put Senator Brown within 2 percentage points.

Senator Shaheen is vulnerable due to her overwhelming support for Obamacare. Brown made up huge ground when he won the former seat held by the late Senator Ted Kennedy. In horse racing parlance Brown is a fast closer; we expect the race to go down to the wire with Brown first to cross the finish line. ??????????????????????????????? Click here for Senator Browns web site.


Harry Reid, you know the fellow, Senator Pugilist, willing to duke it out any time and with anybody especially Republicans. His corner man is President Obama. Funny thing though about Reid, for him “what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.”  Reid thought he cracked a joke while addressing a mostly Asian crowd, but it was ill timed highly insensitive. What he thought was a joke, came back and hit him like a Las Vegas debt collector. In the end the Joke was Reid.  Keep it up Harry we take pleasure watching you fall on your sword.

The Nevada Democrat ribbed the crowd at a event by the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce about Asians not being “smarter than anybody else” and so many of them having the name “Wong.”

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By now the world understands the barbarism of the Jihadist. From Boko Haram to ISIS, seeing the blood of their victims is a sign of victory. Brutality unequaled in today’s world we find these savage beasts swallowing up land mass; no body can stop them; ISIS is the worst of the worst having captured left behind artillery when Obama fled Iraq. This is now coming back to haunt him. Not only did Obama lose Iraq, but he lost Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel. Obama has let the monster out of the cage and soon we will be the target.Logo of Boko Haram.svgRayat al-`Uqab, the "Eagle Banner"; also called the black flag of jihad

According to various sources ISIS is raking in hard cash by selling oil. Oil wells, their infrastructure including refineries are now in their hands. The Jihadist insurgency has had a clear path thus far – nothing has gotten in their way. They feel invincible.

Troops on the ground with air power are need yesterday. As these desert killers become more braven their legend grows. Attracting new recruits for the cause becomes easy.  Like a runaway freight train their force increases by the second. No one has the ability to derail their ambition which is world hegemony – a global calaphate.  The weeks ahed will be more of the same, be-headings, plunder, killing and rape are their signature;  the ruthless murders won’t stop unless they are stopped. We patiently wait for some decisive action as we watch Rome burn.



As President Obama fiestas with the super rich, the same ones he attacks as the 1% the world burns.  Why does he want to mix with the mostly white crowd who despise him for being a two faced liar. Instead we recommend that Obama vacation in say Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, St Louis, Los Angeles, these places occupied by his supporters, gang bangers, Democrat stalwarts, unions,  moochers, welfare mongers, parasites, murders, progressives and killers.

By the life of us we can’t understand why Obama doesn’t vacay in the hood; look at the impact to the local economy. Spending money, say in Baltimore, will save gas money, no Air Force One sucking up bucket loads of jet fuel; a boom to the local economy.  Restaurants would be packed, bars standing room only. These are the type of jobs that will employ the unemployed – those at the low end of the totem pole.  The Brothers should ask their Democrat Representatives why this is so, why does  he spend money helping the 1% rather than dropping a few million in the hood. After all the rich don’t need the money, but the unemployed inner city could sure covet a few extra bucks. Matter of fact we recommend that the President spend a few nights in the roach motel, do dinner at the local soup kitchen and hang with a few gang bangers. For the night he can crash in  a park overlooking Lake Michigan.. 

The leaders of these communities should be aghast that Obama spurns them like he disses Congress. In fact President Obama has been missing in action for the past six years, circling the globe in “Air Force One” at the same time spreading the much hated carbon emissions along the way. He is nothing more than  a charismatic thug born with a silver spoon in his mouth poisoned from the beginning by white hating elders who formed Obama’s early opinion of the white dominant world.  His early transformation set the stage for his plan to transform the United States and then the world to a socialist state through violent upheaval where the past is prologue. To Obama, if he can’t transform it, he will destroy it. Give him credit, he is doing a good job so far.

Come November 4th America can send this zealot a strong message similar to the one sent to him  in 2010 when the House was won by Republicans. This November, the Senate Republicans will prevail, Harry Reid will be on the outside looking in; it can’t come to soon. This will spell disaster to Obama, no legislation of his liking for the next two years; a lame ducky. New laws, regulations shot down, a chance to do what Obama has done to them during the past six years to do to him.

The appropriate remark at the next State of the Union address would be something like the ubiquitous ones heard in Ferguson, MO; “Hands up, Don’t shoot.” 


Juan Williams recent letter published in the Wall Street Journal makes a point. Referring to the protests in Ferguson, Mo. “They should hold protests against the forces feeding the racial fear of young black men among white people, black people and everyone else— the drug dealers, the gang bangers, the corrupt unions defending bad schools, and the musicians and actors who glorify criminal behavior among black men.”

Exactly, bad behavior almost always be gets a bad reaction. Another words if you act civili you are treated in a civil manner with the same respect you project. Dr. King knew this. We wonder how many of those protesting graduated high school; statistics tell us less than 50%. Cost of educating one individual approaches at the low end $140,000 and up to $240,000 at the high end. This does not account for stay-backs which add incrementally to the cost.  We have two solution for this:

1. if minority neighborhoods believe that they have the worst teachers, give those community leaders the power to higher the teachers of their choice. If then the results are no different they can’t blame anyone else for failing schools.

2. the voucher is the best and most prudent way to move forward. For every child entering school a voucher system would be set up. The parents would receive one voucher per year for 12 years in total (6 elementary – 2 middle – 4 high school). They can use the voucher to go to a school of their choice; charter, parochial, public. But they only get 12 vouchers; so when a child does not get promoted to the next grade, the parent is responsible for the costs the following year for the repeated grade.  Then we might see some taking responsibility for their children and themselves.

Another point worth mentioning, as we see the riots engulf the business district, the smash and grab anything you can, this brings us to weigh in. The state should cut off any support to those arrested, rent, food stamps, housing and healthcare; the bet here would be that the violent protests would end very quickly.SWATTEAM


President Obama was a “no nothing – do nothing” Senator before he ascended to the throne. Subsequently he has continued to do nothing, but stir the pot one way then the other. At times he has shown empathy, but that was just another one of the charades of this two face wanna-be.

He was introduced to drugs during his teen years; actively seeking attention by telling fairy tales, the drugs gave him the feeling of invincibility. “I can walk on water” type of mentality as President continues showing through on numerous occasions; the shield I wear deflects all criticism. His actions are akin to a drug addict on “angel dust.” PCP can do this, make you feel like a God  hallucinations filling the cerebrum void.

Known as a recreational drug PCP fits in with Obama’s character of giving the high five – thumbs up feeling; can’t do any wrong because I am thee “MAN.” Always a step behind the fray causes him to jump into it, speaking when listening is called for.  Wishful thinking warped by the sense of past wrongs distorts the visibility with hate and malice. A finger on the trigger and a mouth to boot is a sign of rage, one that was indelibly branded by father figures, mentors of the firebrand school of radicalism.

Using a charismatic aptitude to exploit any situations wears thin and so we find out that the charlatan has no clothes, but a hippo like trap. Now that the emperor has been outed the call for regime change here in the United States is a must. we can’t let Rome burn any more. President PCP has inhaled the drug of misery; detachment and estrangement giving him a sense of strength and invulnerability; that explains his persona.


By now the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry has triggered numerous reactions across the country. What at stake here is a rouge prosecutorial team with a vengeance against Republicans. Their record speaks for itself having most of their high profile cases overturned on appeal. They have obviously thrown down the gauntlet as Governor Perry prepares himself for a run at the presidency again in 2016.

The telling nature of this case speaks volumes as a high profile Democrats, yes David Axelrod and Alan Dershowitz, have come to Perry’s defense. What Perry did was exercise his 1st Amendment right of free speech by saying he would veto the $7.5 million budget for the Public Integrity Unit if District Attorney Lemhberg did not step down. By the way she was smashed when picked up by police.


When it comes to out dueling Quick Draw McGraw, Michael Bloomberg fails the test. We suggest he go back to New York’s highly acclaimed Police Academy where he can up his skills at hitting a moving target. What at issue here is that the ex-Mayor has traveled to Wisconsin to confront Sheriff David Clarke Jr.


This pitted Bloomberg who belched up $150,000 in support of Clarke’s opponent in the highly contested primary for sheriff.

Outside forces from both sides entered the fray. Clarke, who is Black, is a strong advocate for the 2nd Amendment where as his opponent was weak on crime. The end result, the Joe Arpaio of Wisconsin was the last man standing.

Lesson learned by Bloomberg, stay in New York, your money can’t buy elections here. 


They are as ubiquitous on city streets as a common panhandler.newhavenpeople We have seen them cruising the supermarket aisles whizzing by like a bat out of hell; no “excuse me” during their hit and run escape. Say something to them and you get the  look of a gazing gang banger. “Watch out Mister, next time you will be road kill.” But many taxpayers who stand on their own two feet wonder who paid for these future demolition derby machines.

Click here for the full story as detailed by the Washington Post.

Since 1999, Medicare has spent $8.2 billion to procure power wheelchairs and “scooters” for 2.7 million people. Today, the government cannot even guess at how much of that money was paid out to scammers.

She said he would actually take pictures at each stop — the chair and the person together — to keep in their files as proof of receipt. Legally, this was not a great idea. Mainly because many of the photos showed recipients standing up. Right next to the chair that Medicare had bought them because they couldn’t stand up.