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“From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist,” Giuliani said. The ex-mayor added that Obama’s grandfather introduced him to Davis, a writer and labor activist.

Giuliani also said another bad influence on Obama was Saul Alinsky, a community organizer whom the ex-mayor called a “socialist.” Referring to his claim that Obama doesn’t love America, Giuliani told The Post, “I don’t back off of that one bit.’’


Who will be the first to step forward? Don’t count on Hillary to answer the phone at 3 a.m. – she is history; a do nothing Secretary of State – sold us out.  The United States is looking afar for that one person to step into the void. Words coming out of Obama’s mouth are bewildering; Americans of all stripes are very much wondering what has driven Obama to throw in with the Muslims. Democrats who do not break from the pack are just as guilty of selling out America. Don’t be surprised if a Mosque is built on the “south lawn.”

Obama was behind the over throw of Mubarak of Egypt paving the way for his Muslim Brother Morsi to ascend to the Presidency. But a majority of Egyptians were not pleased with Morsi’s iron handed rule. The people rose up fearing for their freedoms; there was an under current brewing leaving no choice for the military to step in. And so General Abdul al-Sisi took needed an immediate action, jailing the Muslim Brotherhood criminals. This coup infuriated Obama; immediately aid was curtailed and defensive weapon shipments halted. Al-Sisi was guilty of a military overthrow said the anointed one – Morsi was democratically elected.

General Al-Sisi has risen to the occasion, countering the Islamist threat in Libya and the Sinai. Obama does not praise him, but dismisses the General as a dictator; what then does that make Obama – seems to us he is Dictator in chief. As life goes on and the more it does the more we hear of the new urgency to give jobs to the Muslims – with jobs Obama and Kerry theorize the Muslim terrorists will be too busy making money that suicide bombing people will be the last thing on their mind. “The check is in the mail on this one.”  But when it is all said and done, history will not be kind to Obama, cut and run is his philosophy; and so he does from one fight after another.



For many, the year 2008 started off with a pending disaster, the banking crisis, the real estate implosion and the stock market crash; they set in motion six years of turbulent times. However, one of the less talked about moments was the genesis of home grown terrorists. Not only the Jihadist miscreants who frequent the Masjids, they have been on our radar screen since the 1993 bombing of the trade center, but what was to come was far worse and many light years away from anyone’s prediction. America elected a Muslim sympathizer, a closet terrorist, to the Presidency of the United States.

A careful analysis of Obama’s step by step destructive edicts, regulations and executive actions revealed the destructive course he set upon. After being elevated to the thrown his game plan kicked in.  Millions of Muslims were allowed into this country under the guise of political retribution in their home countries just because they belonged to a different tribe. Of course this was pure poppycock.

As of late POTUS gave a helping hand, a free pass,  to the 5 million illegal aliens who invaded our southern border – many of them are fellow Jihadists. Its a good thing the Texas Judge put a halt to their free lunch for now.  Next up he through Poland under the bus by not honoring our commitment to build a missile defense system that was to protect Europe from the Russian bear.  He didn’t stop there more passivity was to come; such as Ukraine. Kiss them goodbye.

His stump speech in Egypt was not a pandering to the Muslims it was an American apology for what he called past deeds – another example of his terrorist posture. A sell out to appeasement.  Then who cannot forget his love affair with the Muslim Brotherhoods terrorist Morsi.  Soon after the overthrow of Morsi by General al-Sisi, Obama cut off aid to our friends in Egypt. This was tantamount to treason. We all remember the failure of Carter to honor the commitments to Iran, Obama went one step further, he has upped Carter’s game.

And last but not least is Obama’s lobbying for the Iranian bomb; a mistake that will be very costly when Israel drops the mushroom bomb on the Ayatollah. Then what?


More than two years have passed, but the super sleuths detected gun powder residue on (click)President Obama’s hand.  U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice was thrown into the lime light as she weaved her way through Sunday news programs touting the line that a film denigrating Muhammad was responsible for the murder of our Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three others. However, the investigation continued and the Johnny Gum-shoes delving into a cover-up have exposed the holder of the smoking gun;  President Obama’s finger prints are all over it. No surprise here.

Trent Gowdy opening statement. We will get to the bottom of the killing of our Ambassador Stevens.


Obama continues to wage a war on America, adhering to the Chinese method of torture-death by a thousand cuts – the anointed one is losing one country after another. The shot heard around the world was Obama’s gutless cut and run from Iraq;  the vacuum provided the incentive for the ruthless Islamist entity, ISIS,  to run rampant overt Syria, Iraq and who knows what else. The second failure was Obama’s lack of intestinal fortitude in standing up to Russian regarding the Crimean incident, bowing one more time to Czar Putin.

Continuing on his quest to American serfdom he is cajoling the Jew hating, American hating, Western Civilization mullahs in Iran; next stop is the imploding situation in Yemen, Nigeria. Nor is he taking a cue from King Abudullah of Jordan to bomb ISIS into smithereens. By not supporting a all out war on the Islamic cancer, which is tantamount to surrender, the Muslim in the White House is guilty of treason.  The only true friends of Jordan in the Middle East now are Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Parsing Obama’s words reveals his deep love for the destruction of the United States. This will come back to haunt him when Israel releases a mushroom cloud over Tehran possibly leading to a military overthrow here. Netanyahu will indicate such on March 3 in his address to Congress. But it is not over by a long shot; the Baltic countries of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are fearing for their lives – the Russian bear is on their door step. This situation was not only provoked by Obama’s failure to honor the defense missile treaty with Poland, but by the yellow stripe running down Obama’s back .

Shortly taking office Obama’s destructive mechanism kicked in full time. Now the Muslim loving Obama is lobbying for Iran, a paid shill of the Supreme leader. Make no mistake about Obama’s allegiance to the United States, he described his own personal experiences with Islam, including having (click)Muslim family members,  growing up in Indonesia, a majority-Muslim country and hearing “the call of the (click)azaan

“Egypt’s President Abdel Fattaha al-Sisi minced no words as he lectured the most prestigious Muslim clerics at the nation’s venerated seat of Theology, where he told them that without reforms akin to the western world’s Reformation and Enlightenment, Islam has no future: The president’s team however, still refuses to use the “I” word in identifying the ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, and al Qaeda “extremists” or “activists”, who continue their faith-based recruitment of young Muslims around the globe to their Islamist terror cults. Many of the president’s supporters are afraid that any such admission would feed another beast-Islamophobia.

It is only a question of time, not when when ISIS will strike us on our soil.


We are not talking about the devastating loss suffered by the Seattle Seahawks, but the Supreme Court decision legalizing Obamacare. Questions arise about the kingpin who cemented the victory.  Supreme Court justice John Roberts, always smirking, was vilified by the Right for unleashing a socialist scheme on America. But questions remain;  did Roberts know in advance that the Affordable Care Act would be so distasteful to so many Americans that the public would rise up from the ashes and hand Congress over to the Republicans. In hindsight did he do America a favor?

Many conservatives including the New Boston Tea Party were gleeful when the decision came down, for we realized that this was going to be a future albatross around the anointed one’s neck. And it came to pass, the Democrats lost control of Congress. If the ACA was shot down by the court there was the probability that Congress would have remained split. So now we are waging a much bigger war, one that pits Obama and his un-Constitutional edicts against Congress. repeal and Replace is now the Republican message.

However, Obama is facing a much larger problem,  (click)State Attorney’s General have entered the fray; law suits questioning Obama’s carte blanche deferral of allowing illegals to stay here are set for the Supreme Court stage.  And again Roberts will be front and center. Don’t forget Roberts dislikes Obama to such a degree that he weighed in on Obama’s 2010 State of the Union speech. (Very important talkback- click here)Samuel Alito was so taken back by Obama’s lack of decorum that he shook his head in disbelief during the 2010 State of the Union speech. What to expect next is?

Speculation would indicate that Obama’s over reach will be decided by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional which obviously sets up a confrontation with the White House and a possible Constitutional crisis.  We anxiously wait the outcome of this once in a lifetime duel between the two most savvy government branches.  Good luck on this one Mr. President.


Cowardly New World

The 2014 elections, landslide victory that they were for Republicans, were supposed to usher in a new Era of Repudiation of Obama and his policies. B. Hussein stated on TeeVee that all the Democrats running for office had repeatedly voted for his policies, and therefore, the people were voting for or against said policies. The election landslide then, was a massive, mandated rejection of them, and by extension, the man behind them. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, it hasn’t worked out that way.

The neo-fascists passing themselves off as the Republican Establishment, aka, the Party Misleadership, seem terrified of standing up for the Rule of Law, or the Constitution, or what is morally right, or actually, anything that We, the People, as Americans, hold dear. And to add injury to insult, they and those they dictate to in Congress will not stand up against Islamic terrorism, the illegal invasion or the illegal invaders, the totally un-American “Affordable” Care Act, the un-Patriotic “Patriot Act”, massive and totally illegal government spying on We, the People, the totally illegal acts of the IRS and the EPA, et cetera, et cetera, ad nauseam.

Huxley got it wrong when he warned of a “Brave New World.” It’s a cowardly one, and elected Republicans, with only a few exceptions, have wet trousers and yellow streaks down their backs a yard wide. One would think that after 40 years of the attacks by the Ministry of Democrat Propaganda, aka, the “Mainstream” Media, and 40 years of lockstep Democrat votes in Congress, and 40 years of Democrats as a whole moving farther and farther and more openly to the radical left, they would have learned a few pathetically obvious lessons:

1) The leftist media will never say good things about them, even if the completely cave to Democrat demands (which they do on a regular basis).

2) Democrats in Congress believe “compromise” means completely give in to their demands. Always. No exceptions.

3) No matter how much you grovel and pander and give in to leftists, e.g., the greenies, the “Occupy Movement,” the anti-war/anti-military crowd, the Political Correctness/anti-free speech crowd, the gun control fanatics, etc., they will never vote for you. Ever. Period!

4) No matter what you do, all of the above will call you racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, stupid, backward, etc., and will continue to do so in perpetuity.

5) That it is We, the People, your “base,” who elected you and perhaps will re-elect you, not “independents” or “moderates” or cross-over voters.

Instead, the latest crop of Republicans seems to have set a new record for betrayal of the voters and selling out to the Establishment. Following the mislead of Boehner and McConnell, they are putting up only token resistance to amnesty, Obamacare, government spying, Obama’s selling us out to Iran, the continued destruction of the military, and are actually considering new taxes. And of course, they let the Ministry of Democrat Propaganda call the tune.

Rather than stay focused on the issues We, the People, elected them to deal with, the cowards have allowed the presidential election that is two years away to become the Big Story. Frankly, I don’t give a flying hoohah at this point who the quislings in the Republican Establishment or the Democrat propaganda machine want to be the Republican candidate. There are vastly more important things that need our immediate attention.

Despite the daily lies from the administration and the media, the economy is barely surviving. Inflation is rampant. The job picture is disastrous. The dollar is under serious attack from powerful forces, e.g., BRIC, and could easily collapse. The entire Middle East is on the verge of an upheaval/collapse that will in all likelihood bring on WWIII and possibly a nuclear holocaust. Asia is not in much better shape. Nor is Africa. Muslim terrorism is out of control and growing stronger and more widespread every day. But what we get from the cowards in Congress and the traitors in the media would make it seem that all is rosy, Obama is doing a bang-up job, and Boehner and McConnell are the greatest leaders since Lincoln. Heesh…

I can think of lots of things that could turn all this around, but to be honest, I can’t think of a way to get our Congress to do them. They have gotten themselves into positions of power and appear to no longer be afraid of losing them. The voters have served their purpose and can be cast aside like yesterday’s newspaper. When amnesty is done, We, the People, will be a permanent, irrelevant minority, powerless. Not a pretty prospect.

My last hope is that We, the People, will get very involved at the state level, putting as much pressure as we can on our legislators and governors to actively and adamantly resist federal lawlessness. They should be encouraged to actively and adamantly demand federal adherence to the Constitution. And if this fails, they should be directed to actively and adamantly pursue secession. Anything less will result in a nightmare of unimaginable ___________(fill in the blank).



According to the latest DHS report, “the new ‘terrorists’ in this country are the Americans who love liberty, hate unconstitutional government edicts and fear the bureaucrats running Washington, D.C.,” writes Pat Shannan. “Second Amendment advocates are at the top of this ‘terrorist’ list, but a mere ‘pro-life’ bumper sticker might be enough to make one suspect in the eyes of a dumbed-down cop who forgot his oath.”

  • THE TALIBAN have claimed responsibility for killing three US contractors one day after a White House spokesman called them an ‘armed insurgency’, despite their presence on an official terror list since 2002. Click here for the White House double speak B.S. Any American will wonder why Obama is still in office. Most of all he is America’s number one terrorist; solely responsible for the diminution of the United States during his tenure. Arrest and imprisonment are the only justice to be leveled out.

  • icebadge
  • We remind Americans of past terrorists such as John Hancock, Sam Adams and John Adams, not to mention the iconic ride of Paul Revere. It it were not for those terrorists the United States of America would not be here today. To put it bluntly we rather stand in the shoes of past terrorists than the scum running our government today. If they can call us terrorists we call them Criminals and they can be found in Washington D.C. walking the halls of Congress.


Jimmy Carter is responsible for the pullout from Iran; it was he who ignited the Iranian revolution back in 1978. Failure to back Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, America’s friend in the Middle East, Carter pulled up stakes which allowed the self exiled  Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini to seize power. Prior to Khomeini’s return, mass protests erupted, many deaths resulted, shocking the country and damaged any attempt at reconciliation between the Shah and the opposition. Khomeini immediately declared that “4,000 innocent protesters were massacred by Zionists“, and gave him a pretext to reject any further compromise with the government.Add in the taking of American hostages under the watch of Jimmy Carter allowed the Iranian Mullah power grab to cement the theocratic rule by the Supreme Ruler.  Additionally, the American embassy was seized and 52 hostages taken which united the country. Not until Ronald Reagan rode into office did Khomeini take heed. After 444 days the hostages were released. From then on Iran became a soviet type state in the hands of the Revolutionary Guards.

Today we Barack Hussein Obama bowing to, subservient to, supporting, guiding, patronizing, cheering for and most of all lobbying for the Iranian theocracy. For the past two years the Iranians have played the North Korean card; negotiate in bad faith while developing the nuclear weapons you swear on Allah not to develop. Obama is another Jimmy Carter by allowing the Iranians to enter the nuclear club.

Israel will not allow this to happen  negotiations fail this is obvious; even if there is a deal only to save face. Iran will continue to centrifuge its way into the nuclear age.  Don’t expect Israel to sit idly by while all this happens. Expect an Israel missile to take out Iranians capability by leveling the Arak heavy water plant and the Fordow underground uranium enrichment facility. In essence the blame will lie with Obama for increasing the possibility of a nuclear confrontation.

A flashback to Jimmy Carter and the election of his friend in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. By now everyone knows that the election which brought Chavez to a third term was a bygone conclusion – the fix was in.  Jimmy Carter saw to it; with a warped mind bent on the destruction of capitalism Carter sanctioned the massive fraud.  Did any freedom loving American believe that Chavez would cede power?

The Carter Center, founded by former U.S. president Jimmy Carter in 1982, is a non-profit human rights organization with a self-described emphasis on “seeking to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health” around the world. Founder and former President Jimmy Carter recently stated “As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world.” Hector Vanolli, director of the Carter Center in Venezuela, says that the automization (is this a word?) of every step of the process, from pre-election voter registration, to election day voting, to post ballot tallying, along with its auditability, is what sets the Venezuelan electoral system apart from other countries.

As reported by independent media before the election;  polls diverge widely, with some predicting a victory for Mr. Chávez and others showing a race that is too close to call, there is wide agreement that Mr. Chávez is vulnerable as never before. Handicapping the election is complicated by the angst felt by many Venezuelans that a vote for the opposition could bring retaliation. Adding to that anxiety, the government recently introduced a new electronic voting system that many Venezuelans fear might be used by the government to track those who vote against the president. Electoral officials and opposition leaders defend the integrity of the system, but there is significant distrust, and a big part of Mr. Capriles’s campaign has been to reassure voters that their votes will remain secret.hugoobama

When the Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez passed away back in March, one notably unctuous commemorative tribute came from former U.S. President Jimmy Carter. “Although we have not agreed with all of the methods followed by his government, we have never doubted Hugo Chavez’s commitment to improving the lives of millions of his fellow countrymen,” the statement,carried on the website of the Carter Center, intoned. Carter then praised the “positive legacies” of a man famous for embracing genocidal dictators like Syria’s Bashar al-Assad and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, before ending with a vague plea to Chavez’s successors to forge a “new consensus” in taking the country forward.

“Venezuela probably has the most excellent voting system that I have ever known,” Carter began, referring to the electronic voting machines that require voters to select their favored candidate on a touch screen, before collecting a paper receipt which is then deposited in a ballot box. Well, yes, we can all agree that technology is great. But it’s what you do with it that matters.

CARACAS— April 2013.  Ruling party candidate Nicolas Maduro narrowly won Venezuela’s presidential election on Sunday, the electoral authority said, allowing him to continue the socialist policies of the late Hugo Chavez.

The National Electoral Council said Maduro won 50.7 per cent of the votes, compared to 49.1 per cent for his young rival, Miranda state Governor Henrique Capriles. It said more than 99 percent of the votes had been counted and that the result was “irreversible.”

Chavez, who ruled for 14 years, anointed Maduro as his political heir in his last speech to the country before succumbing to cancer on March 5.

That gave his former vice-president and foreign minister a huge advantage but Capriles narrowed the gap in the final days of the campaign and the result was much closer than many had expected.

Then there was this gem: “So far as I know, Maduro did get 1.5 percent more votes than his opponent, [Henrique] Capriles,” Carter told Oppenheimer, “and that has been substantiated by the recount of paper ballots.” And finally, the clincher: “Asked… whether Venezuela’s election process was clean, Carter asserted that ‘the voting part’ of it was ‘free and fair.’”

Actually, it was anything but. On election day, opposition monitors recorded around 6,000 violations, including red-shirted Chavista activists shepherding voters into polling booths, threats both physical and verbal against voters deemed to have opposition loyalties, and, most ludicrously, several polling stations in which Maduro’s vote was astronomically higher than that achieved by Chavez in the previous, October 2012, election, which the ruling United Socialist Party won by a comfortable margin of 11 points.

Contrary to Carter’s claim, there was never a comprehensive matching of the ballot papers to the votes registered electronically. There was, earlier this month, a cursory, partial recount whose sole purpose was to validate the original announcement of a Maduro victory.

“the Venezuelan government did not allow independent international election observers for the elections. It only allowed electoral tourists from friendly regional groups who arrived shortly before the voting.”

There are those who will say that however outrageous Carter’s views are, they don’t really matter. In fact, they do. Much of the Carter Center’s work involves international election monitoring, since, as the Center itself says, “more governments than ever recognize democratic elections as essential to establishing their legitimate authority.”What’s therefore shocking in the Venezuelan context is that Carter, whose organization didn’t monitor the April election, has now issued Maduro with a clean bill of health.

As a result, the chavistas now have even less incentive to admit observers to monitor the forthcoming municipal elections, currently scheduled for December. Given the likelihood that the opposition will attempt to turn this next contest into a referendum on Maduro’s rule, we can confidently expect a repeat of the violations of this past April. And we can be just as confident that Jimmy Carter will emerge, once the dust has settled, to assure us that the ballot was “fair,” “legitimate,” “free” and all the other words that give succor to those autocrats who decide what the result of an election will be before they hold one.