The mogul previously own and ran casinos; he knows that the odds always favor the house. In this case the House is the Republican stalwarts who are being beaten at their own game. Many a gambler knows when it is time to hold ‘m, fold ‘m or walk away from the table, but for the GOP a whale in their midst brings considerable risk.

Continuing to set limits on his play will only work to his advantage. Right now the house is not in a position to shut off his credit. He comps his own game. Main stream Republicans are bolting to the Trump campaign to the consternation of the RNC. Money flow has suddenly evaporated to the lesser known wanna bees.  This was not the scenario contemplated six months ago.

However, when a whale (high roller in casino parlance) shows up a good casino manager knows that there is always a slim chance of the odds turning against the house. And so far the Trumps run has been a very devastating for the GOP who have lost some of their invincible allure. With Donald in play the rules have changed, decorum is out, exposing the Repubacrats for what they are is a game changer.


With the Congress in Republican hands things have gotten a lot worse. This is best manifested by the ten Republicans who voted to confirm Loretta Lynch as attorney genera. These mutineers are deserving of repudiation for their treason to conservative principles and most of all by turning their back on the voters who elected them.  Don’t ever forget who they are.


The Senate voted 56-43 this afternoon to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Ten Republicans voted for confirmation: Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell.


To those who know Mike Huckabee they are not surprised when he said that the Obama Iran deal is akin to marching Israel to the door of the ovens.” Mike tells it like it is.

What is also not surprising is the mouth of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a pathetic foot soldier for Obama. She said, ““This rhetoric, while commonplace in today’s Republican presidential primary, has no place in American politics,” Wasserman Schultz said, according to CNN. “Cavalier analogies to the Holocaust are unacceptable. Mike Huckabee must apologize to the Jewish community and to the American people for this grossly irresponsible statement.”

It is obvious that Schultz, who by the way is of the Jewish persuasion if you didn’t know it already,  is in need of a history lesson. But more to the fact, this lady can’t see the forest from the trees. She is the kind of uninitiated talking head who doesn’t know what is right from wrong. People like her that were living in Germany prior to WWII gave a blind eye to Germany subsequent to Kristallnacht. Iran is on the same path, total destruction of the Jewish state and Jews like Schultz will once again turn a blind eye as they too walk into the ovens.


So let it be said, so let it be done. Countries ruled by the Islamists have either killed or run the Christians from their historic homelands. Turkey and Iran are bereft of Christians. The interesting narrative here is that the Christian world under the leadership of the Pope turns a blind eye to the killing of their brethren. The Muslims who give solace to the remaining Christians do so as a public relations gimmick. Erdogan of Turkey is a perfect example.

Christianity in the Middle East is in a death spiral. Once the majority they soon will be non existent. Turkey, once a 100% Christian nation has only 200,000 remaining out of a population of 80,000,000. Christian Europe, the appeaser of appeasers, stand by while their people are murdered by today’s Muslim Mongols. This is a battle of culture; peace on one side, mass murder on the other. When will they learn that there is no compromise in accommodating a religion of destruction, killing and rape.


When the hangman drops the noose around the neck of the hooded convict he shivers violently knowing when it is in position. Hillary, the darling of the Bella Abzug crowd (big mouth) has not yet accepted her fate. Of course it is natural for a murderer to deny guilt as the pulled lever opens the trap door causing the subject’s neck to compress thereby striving the airwaves of oxygen. The funeral director’s hearse lingering in the wings, doors open to accept the pine box on its way be buried six feet under.



Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands that Republican candidates decline invitation to this weekend’s counter-terrorism event in New Hampshire

Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Bobby Jindal, and former Senator Rick Santorum have already accepted.



Notorious Muslim Brotherhood front group in America, CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) has the unmitigated gall to today to call on Republican presidential candidates Sen. Marco Rubio (FL), Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC), Gov. Scott Walker (WI), former governor Mike Huckabee (AR), former governor Rick Perry (TX), Dr. Ben Carson, and Donald Trump to decline their invitations to a “national security forum” taking place this weekend in New Hampshire sponsored by renowned counter-terrorism expert and former FBI special agent, John Guandolo.

The New Hampshire event is co-hosted by Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy, which is part of the “inner core” of America’s Islamophobia network. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a well- known far-left wing/pro-communist organization that tracks so-called hate groups in America (excluding any and all Muslim hate groups like CAIR), named Gaffney as part of the nation’s “Anti-Muslim Inner Circle.” (It also named Bare Naked Islam to that esteemed “inner circle”)


While CAIR is also urging presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA) and former senator Rick Santorum (PA) to cancel their scheduled appearances at the counter-terrorism summit, the UAE-designated terrorist group CAIR said those candidates all have a well-documented track record of seeking the endorsement of anti-Muslim hate groups or of making disparaging statements about Islam and Muslims, and are therefore likely to attend. 

Laura J Alcorn

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The worst “cave” in United States history took place this week. Obama has signed on to the United Nations agenda, agreeing to lift sanctions on Iran. This will do two things; 1, give Iran billions of dollars to spend on terrorist activities, 2, provide them with the surreptitious opportunity to build a nuclear bomb; that is a given because of the false 24 day notice which is actually no notice at all. Iran will never let the United States or any other entity the right to inspect a secret nuclear installation. OBAMA AND KERRY HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. THEY ARE GUILTY OF TREASON BY THROWING IN WITH THE ENEMY.

PLEASE CLICK HERE and watch the video, then America will understand what a fool Kerry is and what the future will hold when the (click here for some eye opening comments)Iran-Obama cabal unleashes its LITTLE BOY to the world.

Little boy.jpg

“I don’t think you can say that about Obama. I think what Obama did is significantly worse than what Neville Chamberlain did. I don’t think, in effect, Obama was negotiating on behalf of the United States.”

America is devastated by what Obama has done. America, rise up and take back your country. It is now or never. Vote out every Democrat or Republican who votes against this deal.

“May a piece be with you.”


From Kitco news – interview of Jim Grant from the eponymous Interest Rate Observer.

‘I’m Bullish’ On Gold, Fed In A Hurry To Raise Rates – Jim Grant

Don’t tell Jim Grant, the publisher of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, that gold is a hedge. The author and publisher said the metal is much more dynamic; providing a trifecta of price, value and sentiment, and investors should have exposure to it. “[G]old is an investment in monetary and financial disorder – not a hedge. You look around the world and you see exchange rates are properly disorderly, when you look around the world of lending and borrowing — we are in a regime of price control by another name, so-called zero percent rates and quantitative easing by the world central banks – we are in one of the most radical periods of monetary experimentation in the annals of money,” Grant told Kitco News Thursday. Grant added that it could be that it all works out, albeit a very “low probability.” “You want to have exposure to the reciprocal asset of the paper assets that are the most popular – so gold, to me, is now the conjunction of price, value and sentiment, and I am very bullish indeed.” Gold prices are on track for its longest run of losses since 1996. After reaching five-year lows this week, the metal was relatively quieter on Thursday with prices slightly rebounding on some bargain hunting in the spot market. Kitco’s spot gold was last up $0.60 at $1094.60 an ounce. Grant summed up the gold selloff as “Mr. Market having a sale,” and added that the downward spiral is “terrifically vexing but a wonderful opportunity.” He explained that no one knows the bottom for the metal and that should not be the sole focus. “The important thing to recall is why those of us who own it, bought it. What is it about gold that ought to make it appealing – when it seems to be absolutely the thing you don’t want to have.” He added that gold thrives in the face of monetary turmoil, disorder and uncertainty, noting, “I think we have all three of these things.” Grant said he likes owning physical gold particularly South African Kruggerands. He added he is also the owner of “too many gold mining shares” for which he has, “a great deal of worry for the present but a great deal of conviction for the future.” Mining stocks have suffered even more since lower gold prices means less revenue per ounce of the metal for producers. The Market Vectors Gold Miners exchange-traded fund (GDX), which consists of stocks of gold-mining companies, was down $1.70, or 11%, to $13.72 on Thursday. On the topic of U.S. Federal Reserve rate hikes, Grant said the central bank is in a hurry to raise rates. “The Fed feels it must act just for institutional pride; but, money supply growth is dwindling, the turnover rate of money likewise, the only thing that is dynamic in the world of money and credit is the issuance of more and more dubiously sourced debt, and more and more lenient terms,” Grant said. “What debt does is two things: it pushes forward consumption and pushes back evidence of business failure,” he added. Kitco News, July 23, 2015. (show less)


On the orders of John Boehner flags were set to half mast over the Capitol in honor of our fallen Marines who were killed by a violent Jihadist.  The Marines of Chattanooga were shook to their very core. However, the slaughter of these brave five were no consequence to the White House. “The Commander in Chief” showed little sympathy for his men; he didn’t care if they lived or died.

One might say that he prevented many future deaths by bringing our boys home, but saving lives was not his intent – it was saving money so it could be used for social welfare programs – think transferring the wealth.

A public outcry across a broad spectrum of the United States was heard by the White House which accommodated their wishes. The United States flag was eventually set at half mast. We point out that the White House had a moral duty to lower the flag at the instant. Again this manifests Obama’s lack of respect for our servicemen and women.

We wonder what the Marine color guard stationed at the White House thought?

America forced the Commander in Chief to lower the flag; they saw his action as treason; giving succor to the enemy. The words, (PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A 22 YEAR OLD’S TAKE ON THE KILLING)”killed by an Islamic Jihadist” were words not uttered by Obama. This is a very sad day in America’s history.

A footnote: American servicemen close and far and all places in between took note on what happened; and they have begun the conversation, gee if I was killed by a violent Islamic Jihadist would Obama acknowledge my death by flying Old Glory at half staff? Perhaps not. When that happens those up the line of command, the Generals will find themselves in a precarious position, should they voice their opinion or hold their thoughts. As Obama was pushed into action perhaps the Generals may be to.


We will hazard a guess that the majority of Jewish Americans are not high fiving the Iranian deal with the words shalom (peace); most Americans are against the deal too. However Obama and Kerry knelt down on the Iranian prayer rugs blessing the Koran. Saudi Arabia and Kuwait shook to their very bones as POTUS blew them away; they are now part of the Israeli axis. If the time comes to defend themselves against a nuclear weapon, the Sunni Arab states will most likely depend on Israel to protect them.

Since mounting the throne Obama has thrown Israel under the bus. There is no doubt about it. But the time of truth has come for Charles Schumer and the rest of the Jewish Senators – Blumenthal, Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Benett, Cardin, Franken, Schatz, Sanders and Wyden to stand up to POTUS.  Their only choice, defy Obama a pyrrhic victory. By doing so they will put themselves in political purgatory.  The only question remains; do they have the courage to do what is right?

"Where Revolution is the Solution" Taking back the Empire