No one should be surprised by the vitriol spewing from the mouth of the likes of Ocasio et al. Her pedigree is that of a socialist CIRCUS FREAK.

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Democrat Circus has arrived

Others freaks have jumped in to the sideshow, joining her in the pursuit of “FREE” everything. Still in diapers, Ocasio soils them with diarrhea by the second. “

Print the money and they will come, yeah, come from all over. The gang pursuing the Democrat nomination for president can’t help but join the circus. Every day we find a new member hopping on the train as it travels across the country.

A real FREAK SHOW is about to begin, and it will be in the BIG TENT. Welcoming children of all ages with antics more fitting of a rabid dog waiting its put down. Millennials have queued up for the main attraction buying tickets like they are going our of style. Little do they know that this is a STING OPERATION where they will be the ones caged like wild animals. Good luck to them.

Remember what happened 12 short years ago; a charismatic candidate pulled the wool over America’s eyes. When submitting his resume to the American people during the 2008 campaign, Obama tried to erase much of his past. The lame steam media gave him a waiver, no due diligence on their part; the candidate was not vetted. Skeletons of his socialist dogma were hidden deep inside his closet. But today the facts are slowly leaking out. Is there any doubt that some of the greatest supporters of Barack Obama were the the socialist unions such as the SEIU, AFSCME and NEA.

Who would argue with the fact today that the Muslim Brotherhood should also be on the list?  It is no surprise that the NEA is on the list; they get involved with childhood mind bending toward socialism early on. Add in the other creatures in Obama’s closet, the ones that guided him through the formative years, CLICK HERE for their wanted posters.

Obama has proved his un-patriotism. Is there any doubt that America under Obama’s leadership was run by a Politburo? In his actions one can see the ultimate objective; like a Trojan Horse or a stealth bomber he had snuck up on the American people. Blasphemy is what we call it – Obama has spit on the church we call America. He has defaced the American dream by antagonizing the successful, his attempt to activate the the enabled by lambasting those who made it was nothing more but a venomous attempt at class warfare. And what is most distasteful during his reign is the bias shown by the media.  A free pass has been given to the most divisive president ever. 

Obama’s economic model was devised by Robin Hood – steal from the rich and give to the poor. His foreign policy model is a duplicate of Neville Chamberlain – appeasement at any cost. His legal model is a carbon copy of Hugo Chavez et al (may he rest in peace)- obey only the laws that suit you, the Constitution means nothing.

Funny isn’t it, that what goes around comes around; isn’t that what the Freak Show candidates are selling? Seems that they are falling all over themselves trying to out do each other. Many of the dead carcasses will rot in the hell that they so valiantly proclaim as their destiny.




For starters we pick the Pigs who rule the Agriculture Department. There Hogs are responsible for slaughtering the taxpayer by stealing their oats. To bring you up to speed, the Senate and House, year after year, dispense untold billions of dollars into the silos of the most wealthiest sector of our economy. Yes, the Farmer, not those Grapes of Wrath types, these motorized farmers are more apt to be driving Bentley, Royces and Escalades. They have been well fertilized with green manure from “your’s truly.”  The Department of Agriculture employees over 110,000 people and has a budget of well over 100 billion dollars. Well now, 110,000 people eating our lunch. This department has to go, it serves no worthwhile purpose in today’s global economy. Shut it down now. 

We now move to a more controversial department, the Department of Education. Do you believe that this Cabinet employees over 5000? Ronald Regan, you remember him, sought to shut down the department.

President Ronald Reagan promised during the 1980 presidential election to eliminate the Department of Education as a cabinet post, but he was not able to do so with a DemocraticHouse of Representatives. In the 1982 State of the Union Address, he pledged:

The budget plan I submit to you on Feb. 8 will realize major savings by dismantling the Department of Education.

Throughout the 1980s, the abolition of the Department of Education was a part of the Republican Party platform, but the administration of President George H. W. Bush declined to implement this idea.

In 1996, the Republican Party made abolition of the Department a cornerstone of their campaign promises, calling it an inappropriate federal intrusion into local, state, and family affairs. The GOP platform read:

The Federal government has no constitutional authority to be involved in school curricula or to control jobs in the market place. This is why we will abolish the Department of Education, end federal meddling in our schools, and promote family choice at all levels of learning.

During his 1996 presidential run, Senator Bob Dole promised, “We’re going to cut out the Department of Education”

In 2000, the Republican Liberty Caucus passed a resolution to abolish the Department of Education.
Abolition of the organization was not pursued under the George W. Bush administration, which made reform of federal education a key priority of the President’s first term. In 2008, presidential candidate Ron Paul campaigned in part on an opposition to the Department. 

The department has so far out smarted its harshest critics, but we question its survival in the days, weeks and years ahead. The Department has flunked every test it has been charged with. Now is the time to dismiss the Department of Education for good. Good Riddance.

And not to be out done by the preceding departments, we must include the Energy Department. What have they ever done to wean us off foreign oil? A big fat nothing. If it wasn’t for the entrepreneurial energy industry we would be heating ourselves the old fashion way, with a campfire or fireplace. Check out their man power, 16,000 employees and hold your breath, 93,000 contract employees.  We recommend transferring their most important duties, (nuclear material safety) to the DOD. This department must be rationalized, it is a waste of our energy keeping it alive.

These recommendations are for starters. More cost cutting will be needed if we will survive the economic blitzkrieg that is coming at us faster than a speeding bullet.


When Money Dies by Adam Fergusson

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TNBTP has consistently brought to your attention the “Black Swan Event”. We recently posted about it. The above book  has brought to our attention the likelihood of another Black Swan Event. If you were ever scared by the horrors of Halloween, read this book and you will be scared out of your skin. The story vividly illustrates the resulting demolition of the German currency during the Weimar Republic. 

Andrew Stuttaford (who writes frequently about culture and politics, works in the international financial markets) writing for the Wall Street Journal describes the concern of Fergusson in his own words as follows: “His examination of both the seduction of inflation and its devastatingly corrosive effect is merciless and horrifying. Most haunting are the depictions of those broken on inflation’s wheel, the workers without a union to protect them, the retired trying to live on pension that had lost all meaning, the once-proud bourgeoisie after the annihilation of their savings. A nation can recover from  hyperinflation, but for these people time had run out. Everybody ought to read this book. But baby boomers must. 

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San Francisco is declared street poop capital of America by company that has made a map of feces

  • The Californian city was far worse than competitors New York and Chicago for both human and dog poop complaints in the past year
  • 2017 was the dirtiest year so far in San Francisco but 2018 will likely be worse
  • The city launched ‘poop patrol’ in August to clean up before complaints are filed 
  • Locals blame politicians for ignoring the steadily worsening problem for years


The words of REVOLUTION are part of our history. Thomas Jefferson, and we Quote “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established, should not be changed for light and transient causes; and, accordingly, all experience [has] shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But, when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce [the people] under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” –Thomas Jefferson: Declaration of Independence, 1776. ME 1:29, Papers 1:429 

“Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” –Thomas Jefferson: his motto. 

The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government. 
Thomas Jefferson 


Groundhog Day Fantasy

Only a few more shopping days ‘til Groundhog Day, folks. How time slips away, each day gone leaving every one of us one day closer to the last day of our lives. This is the corollary to the old hippie idea that, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” It could equally be the “last day of the rest of your life.” The point here, whichever way you choose to approach today, is that it’s an opportunity, an opportunity to do the right thing, an opportunity for greatness, and perhaps, an opportunity that may never come again.

In the movie “Groundhog Day”, time keeps repeating itself until the hero finally finds love. What a wonderful fantasy. We keep getting life Mulligans, do-overs until we get it right. The operative word here is “fantasy”.

The left in America and all over the world, has, over the past 102 years since the Russian Revolution, pushed the fantasy of an achievable socialist utopia, where all the people’s needs are fulfilled by a benevolent, loving, all-encompassing, all-powerful government, resulting in a perfect collectivist society – no hunger, no pain, no crime or violence, just gentle, loving, creative, enlightened beings, floating about with flowers in their hair. Right.

To anyone with average intelligence or above, this fantasy is just that. It totally goes against the reality of human nature. Totally. As with almost everything the left espouses, it ignores facts, history, and behavior that can be observed around us, every minute of every day, in every culture, in every nation around the world.

The left in America, personified by the likes of Pelosi, Schumer, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, A. Ocasio-Cortez, and so on and so on, ad nauseam, and supported 110 percent by the so-called “mainstream” media, have once more ignored facts, history, and demonstrated human behavior, and are pushing the same old fantasy as if there is no tomorrow. This, in spite of the fact, repeat: FACT, that every time the Great Marxist Fantasy, aka, communism, has been tried, it has failed miserably, and so far has resulted in the deaths of around 100,000,000 (that’s one hundred million, for those of you who were taught math in government schools) innocent people, most of whom never even got flowers on their graves, much less in their hair. Somehow, these lockstep leftists are caught in their own Groundhog Day time loop, doomed to repeat the same disastrous acts for eternity.

This is not really surprising. The other day, I went back and read a few of my columns from the Obama years. It was clear that all I would need to do is change a few names and update events, and the columns would be as relevant today as they were back then. In other words, little has changed. President Trump has done an incredible job rolling back a lot of the Obama totalitarianism, but he has had almost no support from the Republicans in Congress or the party, itself. They appear, like the leftist Democrats, to be caught in the Groundhog Day time loop. They, too, are pushing a cynical fantasy, one in which We, the American People, want amnesty for millions of criminal invaders, many, if not most of whom are uneducated, unskilled, know nothing of our Constitution, and cannot read, write, or even speak our language.

So. Here we are at the beginning of another day. However, it need not be just a re-run of all our previous yesterdays. We can, if we so choose, see today as an opportunity for greatness, a chance to break out of the repetition of past complacency, despondency, inactivity, and mistakes of the past, to escape the Groundhog Day time loop and change the future for the better.

Too many of us have forgotten that the price of freedom is not simply eternal vigilance, that it requires commitment and sacrifice on the part of those who want it. We have been lulled into the proverbial false sense of security by the Good Life we have lived in America these past 70 years since the end of WWII. Many think that it’s OK to spend their time indulging in leisure activities, ignoring what used to be taught in schools was our “civic duty”, i.e., to vote, to get involved in our local, state, and federal governments. The price for this is the dangerous mess, the cultural disaster, the corruption, the criminal and political violence that we see everywhere around us.

We need to get active, now. With the rise of the Tea Parties, we saw the true “power of the People”. We need to revive that spirit and perhaps the Tea Parties, too, since the establishment political parties have time and again betrayed us. If we must repeat the past, let us look to April 18th, 1776 for our inspiration. Happy Groundhog Day.



NBC calls Tom Brokaw’s assimilation comments ‘inaccurate and inappropriate.

Brokaw tweeted Sunday that he regrets the comment he made on “Meet the Press” Sunday.”I feel terrible a part of my comments on Hispanics offended some members of that proud culture,” he said at the beginning of a series of tweets.

“You know, they ought not to be just codified in their communities but make sure that all their kids are learning to speak English, and that they feel comfortable in the communities,” he said during Sunday’s segment. “And that’s going to take outreach on both sides [Republican and Democrat], frankly.”

“Also,” he said, “I hear when I push people a little harder is, ‘I don’t know whether I want brown grandbabies.’ That’s also a part of it.”

(CLICK)His talk of racial animus on the right spurred objections from Republicans like Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, whose mother is Mexican-American.”With all due respect @Tombrokaw,” Bush tweeted on Monday, “I am one of those ‘little brown ones’ and can assure you that my grandparents conveyed to me that they loved and were proud of me before they passed.”

Bottom line here, Tom Brokaw had a DAN RATHER/CONNIE CHUNG MOMENT.


Things are done LARGE IN TEXAS. Nothing is more true than voter fraud.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced Friday that the state has discovered 95,000 non-citizens on the voter rolls going back to 1996, 58,000 of whom have voted in at least one Texas election  — an announcement likely to raise fresh concerns about the prospect of voter fraud.

Texas has some of the toughest voter ID laws in the nation and has been one of the main battlegrounds in the Republican-led fight against alleged voter fraud. The office, in a statement, said that 33 people were prosecuted for voter fraud last year, and 97 were prosecuted between 2005-17. There are 16 million people in Texas registered to vote.


The Rapper Hip Hop crowd became mainstream through the media push. This did not happen yesterday, but it has been a slow nurturing process fed to us by the Hollywood elite. Three decades ago the cassette tape brought the music to the burbs. Teenagers ate this up, emulating their new idols. Pants down to their knees, $200 sneakers, calling their girl a b..ch. You get the picture. The Rappers were idolized.

Today we are now dealing with a society brought up gutter language, drugs and no respect for the Constitution and our past legacy. Things have gone upside down; White privilege is something to be ashamed of; past idols are being debased and defaced, school names have been changed and statutes torn down.

We are seeing the destruction of past norms, order, respect and hard work. Today’s socialist brainwashed youth is for disorder, no respect and free everything. Things will get worse before they get better, but don’t even count on that happening. You only have to look at the heathen excrement that now sits in Congress.


Insurance is something that everyone needs but not everyone has. Did you notice what happened when homeowners in hurricane exposed areas called their insurance carrier on the days before the big one? “TOO LATE” for coverage was the reply. Obamacare turned out to be the exact opposite; individuals with serious illnesses didn’t sign up until they were on the death bed. However, Obamacare said, “thanks for dropping by, we will cover you with the preexisting condition.” Socialized medicine for the masses, printing money for the masses. Why not? Hasn’t it worked before?

The protection you need tomorrow must be bought today. And there is nothing better than gold to protect you from the coming financial disaster which obviously is bound to happen. These black swan events come in a flash. The world ten years out will be 180 degrees different from today. Major upheavals the world over will be common place; Globalism will be dead, country vs country and man vs man will be the norm.

Gold is once again on the rise. The pundits can’t nor are they willing to understand the attraction to gold;  steadfast has it been in an island of global turmoil. Uncertainty on what will happen have caused many to insure themselves with the metal.