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All freedom loving countries have seen an influx of Muslims from distant lands.  Once there they offer the host country a hand in friendship, but do not be misled. this is a Trojan Horse.  Ultimately they demand their rights; rights that will become thorns in the side of Christians while at the same time their brethren are burning Christians at the stake.

Their ultimate goal is world takeover, the caliphate. What you will find is ultra liberals coming to their side. This creates friction between citizens that must be resolved. A deeper look into the new comer goals must be addressed. Mosques, habibs, religous demands are most common. But then Sharia law is demanded.  As many around the world see their countries being invaded it is well advised to look at them as an example of what the future holds. It is not too late to stop the invasion.

Norway, Sweden, England, France, Germany and Australia are front and center of the Islam crusade against Christianity. The United States is on the verge of succumbing to Allah.