Michelle Obama campaigned for wanna be Senator(sic)Bruce Bailey in Iowa, but that slip of her tongue was a sign of things to come.  Braley not Bailey was supposed to be a sure fire winner.  Joni Ernst has gone to the Democrat killing fields and repeated the corn that Braley has failed to harvest.

Braley, under tremendous pressure to hold the seat once occupied by none other than the flaming liberal Tom Harkin. However, getting the people into his silo is a challenge. Braley characterized Senator Chuck Grassley as an Iowa farmer. This did not sit well with the Hawkeyes.

Harry Reid said, “think of what that would mean for our country if Braley loses, we lose the Senate.”  Yes Harry, a defeat is hard to take, but Tuesday night it will be your turn to be humbled while you find the words to congratulate the new Republican Senate Majority Leader.