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For many, the year 2008 started off with a pending disaster, the banking crisis, the real estate implosion and the stock market crash; they set in motion six years of turbulent times. However, one of the less talked about moments was the genesis of home grown terrorists. Not only the Jihadist miscreants who frequent the Masjids, they have been on our radar screen since the 1993 bombing of the trade center, but what was to come was far worse and many light years away from anyone’s prediction. America elected a Muslim sympathizer, a closet terrorist, to the Presidency of the United States.

A careful analysis of Obama’s step by step destructive edicts, regulations and executive actions revealed the destructive course he set upon. After being elevated to the thrown his game plan kicked in.  Millions of Muslims were allowed into this country under the guise of political retribution in their home countries just because they belonged to a different tribe. Of course this was pure poppycock.

As of late POTUS gave a helping hand, a free pass,  to the 5 million illegal aliens who invaded our southern border – many of them are fellow Jihadists. Its a good thing the Texas Judge put a halt to their free lunch for now.  Next up he through Poland under the bus by not honoring our commitment to build a missile defense system that was to protect Europe from the Russian bear.  He didn’t stop there more passivity was to come; such as Ukraine. Kiss them goodbye.

His stump speech in Egypt was not a pandering to the Muslims it was an American apology for what he called past deeds – another example of his terrorist posture. A sell out to appeasement.  Then who cannot forget his love affair with the Muslim Brotherhoods terrorist Morsi.  Soon after the overthrow of Morsi by General al-Sisi, Obama cut off aid to our friends in Egypt. This was tantamount to treason. We all remember the failure of Carter to honor the commitments to Iran, Obama went one step further, he has upped Carter’s game.

And last but not least is Obama’s lobbying for the Iranian bomb; a mistake that will be very costly when Israel drops the mushroom bomb on the Ayatollah. Then what?