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Cecil the iconic lion was murdered by a killer from the United States. And for what? The whole world became enamored with his death. Trafficking in lions and tigers have become big business resulting in an influx of poachers to Africa and Asia. This has raised the ire of those whose job it is to monitor game reserves protecting the wildlife. They realize that foreign tourists seek to watch these beautiful animals from afar bringing much need currency to third world countries.

Tigers have long been a prize possession. In the Asian country of Bangladesh the tiger population has been decimated by the hunter. That brings us to the Bengal tiger, the most prized of the specie. Poachers were caught this week by the Bangladesh police, gun fire was exchanged leading to the violent death of six poachers. Three tiger skins were found. Contrary reports indicated that the six were killed after being arrested rather than shot in a gunfight. This puts the poachers on notice, dead or alive, in the end you are deadA Bengal tiger, pictured in India



Where is the lion killer? Not so brave when he doesn’t have a gun. Zimbabwe wants him “dead or alive.”


By now all the world knows of the (click for story) lion killer. An American Dentist specifically travelled to Zimbabwe for a trophy kill. This was not a man being attacked or threatened by the king of the jungle, but a wanton cold blooded murder. The lions among us want justice; and we want it now. We want the dentist’s hide for he is the beast of the jungle.

Persons with a killer mindset hunting unprotected animals are at the very least deranged human beings. Traveling far distances to satisfy their thirst for blood manifests inferiority. Where is their next hunt, a school, a theatre, a stadium?

We must unleash all the power within us to stop this activity. One way to do it is through the use of AK-47s fitted drones . Patrolling the savannah to protect these animals, who are on the verge of extinction is appropriate. Kill the human killers before they can do any more damage. Once a trophy hunter is mounted it will give pause to the many who might entertain such activity. They may be the next mounting. Let them pay the ultimate price – jungle kill will soon be eaten by the their would be targets. 

In days gone by they through the Christians to the lions; that may not be a bad idea today.

(click for pictures)We love you Cecil, you will always be in our hearts; we will never forget the happiness you brought to the millions of your fans world over. Walter Palmer and Cecil the lion