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Mitt Romney, quoting Trump, is a choke artist.  As governor of Massachusetts Romneycare was passed; it turned out to be the worst socialist scheme on record and became the blueprint for Obamacare. Romney has been lobbying for the top job in the Trump administration, Secretary of State. In no uncertain terms do the Trump voters approve of Romney serving in the Trump administration.

Up till now Trump has done a super job in recruiting experts in security, education, CIA and defense. They have the same mindset as does President elect Trump. Romney will cause infighting between the President and his crew; he is a bad choice. Not a good representative of America at this point in time.

Rudy Giuliani, a top notch guy and deserving of the post. He has a world of  experience fitting these trying times. A major influence on Trump, both New Yorkers who previously worked together, an integral part of the Trump campaign, a security expert, an American, Rudy is ready to serve America.

Kellyanne Conway weighed in today. Click here for her comments. A possible dark horse is Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat if you will.