Jeff Session is weak; Trump did not expect this of him.  Governor Christie on the other hand is an expert at shooting fish in a barrel.  Washington D. C.  has fish aplenty, the kind that Christie, a one time United States Attorney, loves to net. Bridgegate is over, Christie is ending the final months as governor of New Jersey and would like nothing better than steering the D.O.J. His first charge is to go after the Clintons – a big catch indeed, but knowing Christie, he will have no problem reeling them in.


The inevitable accolades are coming in; Chris Christie, has with great fanfare, endorsed Donald Trump. A surprise for sure, but most politicians know when to get on board.  P1050726

Christie did not waste any time hopping on a winner. This endorsement is larger than Christie’s girth. Forget for a moment the previous debate, what is now important now is that a mainline Republican has come out with the endorsement; obviously Christie believes Trump to be the eventual nominee.

Many Republicans will hold their nose, but it doesn’t matter. Because what will happen is the crossover vote. Remember, Trump will vacuum Democrat votes  from those whose persuasion is “middle of the road.”

Sanders and Clinton are catering to the progressive ideologues who no doubt are far removed from the mainstream. Tuesday will be make or break for Cruz, Rubio, Carter and Kasich.  Keep your eyes on the prize.


Hey how about this? Governor Christie, wants to bulk up government coffers wider than his girth; wading through the “Live Free of Die State” of New Hampshire he proposes more taxes by taxing the rich. By the way New Hampshire does not tax income, sales or social security. Seems like wind bag punctured his presidential balloon before it rose to political heaven. P1050726.

What is upsetting about his robust taxing scheme is that he is a Republican who wants more from Joe taxpayer’s hard earned stash. His plan is to reduce social security payments to those making $80,000 and eliminate the payments on those making $200,000. Don’t forget social security deductions are withheld from earnings after taxes; taxpayers receive no deduction for these payments often called payroll taxes. They are later entitled to their fair share of social security payments; why not? They paid in like anyone else.  And to top it off the majority of tax payers pay taxes on their social security benefits when received – in many cases at the top rate of 39.6%; talk about double taxation!.

An outside observer with an independent take would ask, why is Christie campaigning at all. His state is in the top three when it comes to bleeding the taxpayer, when New Hampshire is in the bottom three. Christie needs to learn from New Hampshire not the other way around. Hey Governor take the GW back to New Joisy. George Washington Bridge from New Jersey-edit.jpg

We suspect that the New Hampshire voters see through the Christie rhetoric and self aggrandization and realize that Christie will do for New Hampshire what he has done for New Jersey – more tax and spend.


Governor Chris Christie of the Garden State was flush with taxpayer’s cash, went “all in” throwing good money after bad in Atlantic City. The results, four casinos were swept away, not by the Atlantic waves, but by the winds of time. A metaphor for other do-gooders, mostly of the liberal bent who continue to throw billions upon billions into public education. It just doesn’t work – stupid is stupid.P1050726

Perhaps the next stop for Governor Christie is Las Vegas, the city of dreams. A guy by the name of Adelson, knows a little bit about winning after all he owns the Sands, most likely will tell Christie that the way to win is to know when to walk away from the table.

Looking forward to 2016, Christie has to face the facts, his state is facing a 7% unemployment rate, Atlantic City’s rate is approaching 15%, Newark is in Detroit class and citizens are picking up and leaving before more of their savings are confiscated by big government. Can anyone imagine a Christie presidency? What would you have, Obama light.”

The Revel, the most recent casino, cost $2 billion and change folded up like a cheap suit. This was Christie’s biggest gamble, one where he said that Atlantic City is back. Actually, the casino industry in Atlantic City had their back up against the wall for the past decade. Revel Atlantic City from boardwalk.jpg

Revel’s next door neighbor also folded, the Showboat is no more. The Trump Plaza crapped out closing its doors after the Miss America Pageant on September 16.  What is left are the memories. Perhaps the collapse of Atlantic City’s icons are a good thing, less places to lose your money means spending on things you need may jump start the economy.

When will those who gamble on casinos creating jobs realize that bottom line “that casino and all forms of gambling  are not net job creators.