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Donald Trump agreed to support the Republican nominee, which he acquiesced to. However, now Trump is getting the double cross from Ryan, who by the way, has not come out yet for “The Donald”. What is holding Ryan back? Well Ryan is concerned about the devastating defeat his minions will suffer in November. According to the cognoscenti a Trump candidacy will be devastating to many in the RINO heard. Trump continues to nuclear not at all concerned about their fate.

Low and behold the lame stream media, who by the way shot themselves in the foot, have now doubled down. Not one of them forecast the Trump surge. Matter of fact most of them thought Trump to be a cartoon character with little upside. What these prognosticators forgot was the number one lesson in political reporting, dig deep and you will find a story.

They did surface reporting failing to understand the built up anger the voter had being fooled too many times. Double crossed time and time again by the so-called conservative RINO was enough to put them over the edge. The first clue to this was the whooping Eric Cantor took. It was obvious then that something was afoot.

Mitt Romney is still very much involved to derail Trump. Romney a two time loser, to Obama and McCain; no doubt a light weight. Then there comes Mama’s Boy, Jeb Bush who ran home to Mommy after going yellow pants. These rejected politicians cannot come to grips to reality, they only have on e thing in mind, preserving the status quo. This year the status quo is personal non-grata.

Bob Dole, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich have joined the Trump camp. Out is Lindsay Graham, remember he voted for Loretta Lynch, who will not prosecute Clinton and Jeb Bush; we expected that. TRUMP

But the latest from Graham and Bush, they will not support Trump, Bush taking the pledge. Senator Graham will soon join Paul Ryan as an als0-ran.