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We pose a simple question to the lying, scheming, treacherous insect we call a Democrat; how many Republicans voted illegally.  We didn’t mean to catch you on this one, this is not shock journalism, but to the best of our knowledge no Republicans has been arrested, let alone found guilty on voting fraud.

But on the other hand thousands of Democrats have voted illegally and have been found guilty. So, to our way of thinking, you the Democrat perpetrator of lies and falsehoods, the reason you want more time for your illegal amigo to vote is to allow more of your invading cadre to cast an illegal vote. If that is not true, why then, do you support extended voting hours, more access to absentee ballots, early voting, no identification and same day registration?  We just can’t figure that one out.

Click here to read the story on a Connecticut State Representative who voted more than once, in fact 9 times and was arrested and charged with 19 voting violations. We do say that this is ample evidence of the steps that Obama’s flock will go to when it comes to election fraud. This, we bet is typical in many major cities. The progressive socialist politician has one objective, to protect their parasitic friends, welfare cheats and illegal aliens. After all they want to keep the gravy train coming.

We are living in scary times. But we can grab victory from the defeat we suffered in 2012 when Obama was elected to a 2nd term by stopping Harry Reid in his communist tracks. Taking back the Senate is our number one priority. Get out and vote.  flag1776