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President Obama and his self hating liberal friends want no other than to give the Kiss of Death to White America. He is following the examples of  Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia and South Africa. Two apartheid nations guilty of enslaving the local majority population. Like a King, the master of the kingdom, the white rulers were seen as worse than slave owners. After the whites were displaced from power it did not take long for both countries to fall into the abyss. Today they resemble nothing of their former self sinking into oblivion on the spear of Black Power; mind you that this shibboleth only has one connotation, the people are the subjects to the rulers who hold the power mostly at the point of a gun.

On to America, one by one they coming marching in; from Mexico through the Rio Grande, on planes from Europe, China and Latin America, from the Muslim levant, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Somalia, Iran and Syria. Illegals make it  here and are provided with the accoutrements of desire for free. What was a luxury in their home country is common place here. For instance, the best health care, schooling, housing (heat in the winter, indoor toilets and other amenities) and “O” did we mention and Obama phone becomes the gift to the border invader. This is the plan all along, saturate the country with millions while the liberal throngs of do-gooders embrace a new cause  where they can bring progressive energy to the plight of the downtrodden at the same time accumulating more to their cause.

By not holding people responsible for their own lives the progressive machine has unleashed a segment of the population against those in power – angry white men who make the rules, control the money and punish the little guy. And as day turns into night the liberal diatribe become vitriolic causing more moochers to join their cause. “Don’t tread on me” are now words coming from the leach.  Community activists, think “la Raza” raise hell at every chance they get.

The Mexican flag flew over a crowd of pro-amnesty marchers in New York. Marches like this across the U.S. have been supported by the “La Raza” movement. (Reuters/Seth Wenig)

Behind the respectable front of the National Council of La Raza lies the real agenda of the La Raza movement, the agenda that led to those thousands of illegal immigrants in the streets of American cities, waving Mexican flags, brazenly defying our laws, and demanding concessions.

With all of that being said a counter to the illegal masses is no where to be found because this will involve picking a fight which will lead to violence. And that is the crux of the matter. Illegals, especially the illegal Hispanic/Latino, are more apt to commit crimes than American citizens.In 2007, Latinos accounted for 40% of all sentenced federal offenders—more than triple their share (13%) of the total U.S. adult population. As the above chart fully illustrates almost 75% of the crimes committed by Hispanics are committed by illegal Hispanics. In other words they bring their culture to our shores. Look no further south than the drug lords that control many Mexican cities. And that is a big problem for us here in America.

Soon, central cities will be in the control of the Mexican and Latino gangs of Latin America. That is Obama’s plan all along. Proof is in the pudding. There is no call for controlling the hood which is the same mirrors the non existing plan for controlling our borders. With all of that being said, we are not adverse to Hispanic or Latinos, but emphasize that to emigrate to America and be accepted they must come to America by legal means and culturally assimilate; to the vast majority they have done that, but to condone those who come by the Rio Grande is not helping their cause.  Because of that we are facing insurmountable problems in the days and years ahead. that’s for sure as the third world awaits us on the home front.

Last but not least we would be remiss not to mention the demands of the Muslim community; a mosque on every corner, Sharia law takes precedent over the Constitution and State laws. Special prayer rooms for the faithful.  An example of not assimilating was put to the test in France where the Burqa was forbidden in public. Will we follow their example? Stupid question. 


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The working poor are the biggest losers in D.C.’s amnesty game. U.S. Civil Rights commissioner Peter Kirsanow has been a lonely voice warning about the impact of mass illegal immigration and perpetual amnesty on low-income black Americans. “The country’s economic woes have disproportionately harmed African Americans, especially those with little education,” he warned this spring. “The economy has a glut of low-skilled workers, not a shortage,” he said, which is driving wages dow


What are they? This has raised more than a few eyebrows. First of all, how much will it cost to educate the illegals and second who is going to flip the bill?

So, the new students “become a detriment to schools’ graduation rates,” Woodason said. “Some school systems don’t want to even accept these students because these kids cannot–in most cases–graduate.”

Said Phinney: “Schools are being told they must enroll the students, by one agency. But they still have to meet the same educational standards set by the government. Those two things do not match.”

This is only the start, more are coming to a school system in your town.  Better learn Mam.

They just ain’t coming from El Salvador, try Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.


Click here for the Senator’s latest TV commercial addressing the illegal tsunami.???????????????????????????????

The word around town is that 5 million work permits will be issued by executive fiat  Obama, one more time, will circumvent Congress. The Dictator in Chief is moving forward with his plan to reduce our Country to rubble.

We simply don’t understand why there is no outcry from the Black Community; they should be outraged. They have overwhelmingly supported Obama. However, with the latest action akin to spitting in their face. With unemployment at the highest level for Blacks between the ages of 18 and 34 in a decade, bringing more cheap labor to the market flies in the face of reality.

Truly, does any of the Black Leaders realize the destructive nature of this pending executive order. Blacks have been relegated to the back of the line – this is the 50’s all over again.  Rise up Black Brothers, you have been sold down the drain by your Man.  He takes your vote for granted, tell him that this time it is not for sale and if he can’t help you, you will find someone who can. 


Scott Brown admonishes opponent for supporting illegals.


Smuggling tunnels along the TEX-MEX border are the main avenues for drugs running illicit pharmaceuticals into our country.  As in Gaza, these tunnels are sophisticated, many with air vents, electricity and water lines. From our perspective it is an imminent danger to the security of our Nation.

The main challenge is to put a stop to them once and for all. This will not happen on Obama’s watch. Therefore, our Patriotic Militias need to step up their game; not only destroy the spider holes, but to smoke out the smugglers who use them including the killers who have built them. This is the main mission, “smoke and seal“. AROMATHERAPY

Take a tip from the Israelis, mount a ground operation targeting the cartels. It is a known fact that many of the Mexican border cities (Nuevo Laredo for instance) are run by the ruthless cartels.Victims of Zetas' violence in Nuevo Laredo

Mounting an operation to secure these cities is in the realm of  possibility. Israel says the ground operation is necessary to target a Hamas tunnel network, which it says it could not do from the air alone. With tanks we can secure these towns while at the same time incorporating the land into the United States. Of course many Americans would be against more Mexicans becoming citizens, but that is the nature of the beast.  Most of hose who live in these border towns are law abiding and in reality want nothing to do with Mexico City.

And if you don’t agree with what we recommend, read this. Our country is under fire by the Mexican cartels who supply the coyotes that bring the illegals across the Rio Grande. Sources said they believe the gunfire came from members of Mexican drug cartels, which include former military members trained in shooting that type of weaponry.

Can any American fathom the tidal wave of illegals crossing the border; like ants following ants burrowing the ground seeking the desserts of their host they continue to queue one by one from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Intruders out for the free lunch in the land of freebies.