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The only way an ISIS fighter should be allowed back into the United States is in a box.  (click here and listen intently to Hannity interview a Choudary) Pro Islamic  terrorists from the United States have thrown in with ISIS, one has been killed and  identified by the government. Guilty of treason he accepted the way of Allah to kill the infidel – Americans, Jews, Christians and non believers.  The reality is that those Amercians (they really aren’t Americans but an arm of Obama) who become ISIS fighters are truly human excrement suitable only for landfill.

Currently, the government does not have a number, but thousands upon thousands of Muslim converts await the calling. This pervert he took up arms against the United States. It was under New York’s Ray Kelly that mosques were surreptitiously targeted to ascertain who was about to wage jihad against the state. Now we have proof of the recruitment and indoctrination of those individuals who find life in the United States too hard to bear; they feel justice  is to be served by the sword. They are the sworn enemy within.  Rayat al-`Uqab, the "Eagle Banner"; also called the black flag of jihad

So far in the debate President Obama sits on his hands unable to act.  And we venture to guess that in the very near future, September 11 is just around the corner, an event will take place to mark the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11. Be vigilant, expect the unexpected.