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When losing the biggest battle of their lives, particularly those with glioblastoma, the humanoid talks out of their heads, but this has not the case with Senator John McCain. Remember he is the one halted his campaign midway during 2008 that paved the way for Obama’s victory. A revengeful person to say the least, Senator McCain has not gotten over the whipping, nor has he let go of Trump succeeding where he failed. Throwing one wrench too many in his vain attempt to stop the progress of a conservative agenda, McCain will see history judge him as a contemptible iconoclast only interested in aggrandizement.

Now, on his death bed, laid up for months due to cancer of the brain McCain comes clean. President Trump will not be invited to his funeral. To top this megalomaniac’s last will and testament he has chosen ex-President Obama to eulogize him. Nothing is more disgusting than having a Nobel Peace Prize winner eulogize a military officer.

John Biden spend time with McCain over the weekend. His advice, take down Trump. “Here John knows he’s in a very, very, very precarious situation, and yet he’s still concerned about the state of the country,” Biden told the Times. “We talked about how our international reputation is being damaged and we talked about the need for people to stand up and speak out.”

The Arizona senator, who was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986, cast a crucial vote against the repeal of ObamaCare in July, singlehandedly scuttling one of the Trump administration’s major policy goals, a move that provoked the ire of Trump but earned him a thank you call from Obama.

We sincerely hope that Senator McCain is buried with an air conditioner because he will need it. 


So what is the Big f”n deal says Joe Biden. And Bill Clinton’s White House of ill repute; how many shared his inner office. Apparently cheating on your wife is fine if you are a Democrat. But let’s not lose sight of the Big Picture, Hillary killed four brave men in Benghazi and blamed it on a Muslim film. “What difference does it make.” Inferring that they are dead. lies

And the cat is out of the bag says Gennifer Flowers who said that Hillary goes both ways saying she had more ….y then Bill. Add up the women JFK had behind Jackie’s back, Lyndon Johnson was no slouch either. Are these people evil men? Not according to the voters.  It seems that in today’s age of openness that swearing has become as common as apple pie.

And the open MIC, the one Obama was caught on, talking to Russian President Medvedev; “I’ll have more flexibility.”  This is serious stuff compared to some high school type banter more than a dozen years ago. The bottom line hear is that Trump was caught using unacceptable terms for a man running for the presidency. But he wasn’t when this open mic caught him. So what is the big f’n deal says Joe Biden.

Side issue: for anyone who has not seen the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, staring Leonardo Di Caprio, we advise that you do. This movie depicts Jordan Belfort’s career, played by DiCaprio, from penny stock tout to Wall Street wizard. But along the way Belfort depicted women and their sex acts with relish. He embellished the drug-sex scene and deviant sex.

Swearing was part and parcel of the everyday language. Although the movie was rated R, in any conventional sense it deserved an X rating. But the liberal rating board saw to it that a wider audience was reached. The fact being that Clinton’s most avid promoters and donors are immersed in sleaze sex and drugs. This is the behavior of Hollywood where Clinton receives the bulk of her campaign contributions. So to criticize Trump for an open mic remark is the more than audacity it is hypocrisy at its finest. A man with sunglasses yelling into a microphone with people cheering in the background. FROM WIKIPEDIA – SEE BELOW  (CAUTION ADULT LANGUAGE)

The film was controversial for its morally ambiguous depiction of events, explicit sexual content, profanity, depiction of hard drug use and the use of animals during production. The film also caused controversy due to revelations that it was financed by illegally-obtained funds from 1Malaysia Development Berhad

The word “fuck” and its numerous conjugations are said between 506 and 569 times, making this the film with the most uses of the word in a mainstream, non-documentary film.