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VOTERS IN TURKEY QUEUED TO THE POLLS ON SUNDAY, BUT THE RESULTS WERE KNOWN ON SATURDAY. This is the how dictators stay in power; by the rule of force. Keep in mind that the dog running the show arrested 250,000 citizens subsequent to the recent coup. He eliminated the opposition by curtailing opposition newspapers, television reporting and most competition by throwing candidates adverse to Muslim hegemony in jail. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is turning over in his grave. Turkey’s reverse course spells doom for the Middle East and Europe.

Voting irregularities were cited in Sunday’s vote. Absolute power is now in the hands of Erdogan.  It was quickly apparent to those of the Europeans that a devil lies in wait, for the result of the election amplifies the divergence of a free Turkey to one now in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.  

The next coup is on the horizon.