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Conflict of interest laws are so poorly written that it is impossible not to break them. One look at the Clintons corroborate this very fact. The Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, their personal speaking fees are best described as conflict of interest gone nuclear.” Have they been arrested? No! Have they admitted their crimes? No! Has the media demanded independent investigators to ferret out the double dealing committed? No! Why are they now bringing up Trump’s potential conflicts of interest? We know the answer already.

Donald Trump has numerous business interest around the world; ask yourself how in the hell would he avoid media scrutiny accusing him of conflict of interest – virtually impossible in today’s world. No one, not even God could avoid being biased.

Out advice to Trump; Let the kids run the show the best they can – seems they are up to it. Make them understand that they can’t expect any comments, inputs, advice or any other feedback from you.

President Trump you will be judged by the public not by the lame stream media. Tell the media to fuggetaboutit


No politician in recent memory has suffered a worse defeat than HRC. The odds-on favorite to occupy the throne was buzz whipped by Middle America. Her devastating defeat revealed the inner thinking of this reviled liar. She didn’t wait a day before blaming Comey for the loss. But Comey was in her corner from the beginning.  America waited patiently for his investigation to end; and then it did, Clinton’s campaign was euphoric, higher than Cheech and Chong. Her stock began to rise, but it wasn’t a parabolic one.

The Trump team was no rollover. They were still a threat casting aside allegations concerning grouping women, Trump University  fraud and the hiring of illegals. However, these were minor issues when compared to the lying Clinton. Her past, present and future were catching up with her.

A simmering investigation into the perv Weiner caused Comey to reassess the closing of the FBI investigation. Suddenly it was on again. This brought Clinton’s team to call for Comey’s head. But once again Comey said, we found nothing. Of course we knew this wasn’t true. Who knows who got to him this time. Was it Slick Willie?

The lame stream media was doing its best to isolate Clinton from the undercurrents that were developing. They tried their best to push Hillary for President as hard as they could. Publishing poll after poll showing the lying Clinton with a slim lead. The Trump team was not convinced, they believed their message was getting traction. And so it was according to the LA Times poll who had Trump in front. Other prognosticators saw the same.

The fallout, the lame stream media is no longer trusted, they were big losers. The Democrat party is despised by all. Josef Goebbels would be proud of the job these two organizations did in their push.

But in the end we are not surprised at Hillary’s reaction, blaming FBI Director Comey for her stunning defeat. Believe us when we tell you Hillary Clinton imploded on herself. Thank you lame stream media.capitolupsidedownTRUMP