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Where is the lion killer? Not so brave when he doesn’t have a gun. Zimbabwe wants him “dead or alive.”


By now all the world knows of the (click for story) lion killer. An American Dentist specifically travelled to Zimbabwe for a trophy kill. This was not a man being attacked or threatened by the king of the jungle, but a wanton cold blooded murder. The lions among us want justice; and we want it now. We want the dentist’s hide for he is the beast of the jungle.

Persons with a killer mindset hunting unprotected animals are at the very least deranged human beings. Traveling far distances to satisfy their thirst for blood manifests inferiority. Where is their next hunt, a school, a theatre, a stadium?

We must unleash all the power within us to stop this activity. One way to do it is through the use of AK-47s fitted drones . Patrolling the savannah to protect these animals, who are on the verge of extinction is appropriate. Kill the human killers before they can do any more damage. Once a trophy hunter is mounted it will give pause to the many who might entertain such activity. They may be the next mounting. Let them pay the ultimate price – jungle kill will soon be eaten by the their would be targets. 

In days gone by they through the Christians to the lions; that may not be a bad idea today.

(click for pictures)We love you Cecil, you will always be in our hearts; we will never forget the happiness you brought to the millions of your fans world over. Walter Palmer and Cecil the lion