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Americans have always risen to the occasion and so it is no surprise that a non politician, non politically correct businessman comes out swinging; a dark horse by the name of Trump. No one gave him a chance, boy were the pundits, talking heads and Republican machine so wrong; they can’t figure the guy out. Talking about news people, did you see the Univision reporter get booted; wow what a thrill to see that. Then he was allowd back in to question Mr. Trump, Donald unloaded on him like the Texans did at the Battle of Gonzalez.Battle of Gonzales – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

He is not politically correct. He punches back, not a pulled right, but one straight on target. Cross him and he will hit you with a double cross. The other politically correct, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, panderers to the illegals, the invaders, the gangs, the drug runners have never fought the true fight, but were sanctioned by the neophytes who run the party machine. Once in they showed their true colors, especially Rubio. Who knows where he stands, no one does; our heads are spinning just listening to him.  The same goes with the rest of the bunch, they have no cajones.

What Donald has done, and he is a real cowboy, the kind Americans like; he comes with that Dirty Harry 45 magnum loaded. “Make my day” is Donald Trump. With him riding heard from the White House, there will be no bowing to Saudi Kings. There will be no giving an inch to foreign governments who seek to destroy us. As he said last night, Douglas McArthur and George Patton are his heroes. So watch out America, the new King of the Volcano (John Gotti was the last) will be Donald Trump.

Yes we did have Donald Trump’s back and he has returned the favor in spaces. President Trump has done what no other President has done in the past century; he is ripping and exposing the DEEP STATE. As we head into November a great debate is taking place, will he hurt or help the Republicans. There is no doubt that he will be a great help, with the likes of “Low IQ” Maxine Waters, who like Obama was the best salesmen for the gun industry, Low IQ is the best saleswoman to vote for the Republicans. Add in Pelosi and Schumer to the Triumvirate. 

But lets not focus on those crackpots. We are now focusing on Trump’s Hat Trick. Yes he scored three goals this week. The Supreme Court gave him a major victory in his authority to prevent citizens from foreign countries to come to America. Secondly, a decision to collect union dues by AFSCME was a blow to unions. And to round out the three horse parlay, Trump now has a chance to appoint another Supreme Court Justice because Supreme Kennedy is retiring on July 31, 2018. Bader-Ginsburg can’t be far behind. 

Thank you Mr. President for having our BACK. And congratulations for going BACK to BACK to BACK. A great week indeed.