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Just for a laugh we post TRUMP’s WWE slamdown of CNN.

Trump has hit back ten times harder than the original punches thrown at him. CNN partisans (story retracted – 3 journalists fired), New York Times biases, MSNBC fake news, ABC and CBS gotcha moments, their all out front with intent to demolish the Republican party and Donald J. Trump. Not so fast though, the public seems to be catching on to their game. Just the other day, CBS settled a suit do to the pink slime reporting slamming pink slime.

But don’t take our word for it. The promulgation of Hillary, jail the bird, Clinton is a case in point; she was all but anointed. Other than Fox news who kept the story alive we cannot find any reliable news organization constantly on her tail. This was a whitewash by the political elite lame stream media. For instance Mathew Dowd and ABC political analyst pumped Hillary right up to the very end.

A few days before the election Trump said, ““I think a lot of polls are purposely wrong. The media is extremely dishonest and I think a lot of polls are phony. I don’t think they interview people. I think they put out phony numbers,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends.”

Click here for more fake news – they have gone too far.

Let’s call this one “‘F***!’ news.”

We’re told CNN flew into a panic on Friday after it accidentally aired a fake National Enquirer cover during Jake Tapper’s broadcast.

Tapper did a segment on his “The Lead” show about Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski’s claim that Donald Trump tried to blackmail them with a hit piece in the National Enquirer.

During the piece, it showed a cover from the tabloid, which seemed to be about a scandal involving GOP senator Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi Cruz.

A new poll backs President Trump’s view that he really doesn’t have any friends in the media.

The latest Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 4 percent of voters believe that the press leans in favor of Trump, while 50 percent said that there is a bias against the president.

And it’s the media’s fault, said the survey analysis. “Critics of the coverage of the president think the owners of news organizations also are to blame. Fifty-seven percent of all voters say most media owners influence the news coverage generated by their reporters. Only 27 percent believe they allow that coverage to be fair and balanced. Sixteen percent are undecided,” said Rasmussen.


Conflict of interest laws are so poorly written that it is impossible not to break them. One look at the Clintons corroborate this very fact. The Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, their personal speaking fees are best described as conflict of interest gone nuclear.” Have they been arrested? No! Have they admitted their crimes? No! Has the media demanded independent investigators to ferret out the double dealing committed? No! Why are they now bringing up Trump’s potential conflicts of interest? We know the answer already.

Donald Trump has numerous business interest around the world; ask yourself how in the hell would he avoid media scrutiny accusing him of conflict of interest – virtually impossible in today’s world. No one, not even God could avoid being biased.

Out advice to Trump; Let the kids run the show the best they can – seems they are up to it. Make them understand that they can’t expect any comments, inputs, advice or any other feedback from you.

President Trump you will be judged by the public not by the lame stream media. Tell the media to fuggetaboutit

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