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The Jeb Bush’s and Marco Rubio’s, although they are Republicans, felt the Bern this primary season; panderers both. Only two words brought them down, “POLITICALLY CORRECT.”  Hillary Clinton is an expert on politically correctness, for instance, “if I knew then what I know now I wouldn’t have voted for the Iraq war.” However, Ms. Clintstonewall has upped the ante in coal country.

Appearing at a CNN town hall in Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton promised that in her administration, “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.

Clinton tried to walk back the insanity of that statement, but it didn’t happen. Indiana punished her bad, Sanders pulled a once unthinkable upset of the Lying Clinton. The more times she opens here mouth, the more times she puts her foot in it by trying to be “politically correct.

However, the electorate is on to these lying double talk politicians as noted by the success of Donald J. Trump, the next president of the United States. Trump will have a field day with the Ms. Lying Clinton. And BTW don’t expect Clinton to win any of the Big Coal States. They are the grave that Hillary Rodham Clinton has dug for herself. Out of work coal miners, many of them of the Democratic persuasion and members of the United Coal Workers Union to boot know what side their toast is

buttered on.trumptime

Trump has thrown politically correctness to the wind by telling it like it is. Garnering support across all demographics is the result. Americans are sick and tired of double-speak, double-talk politically correct lying politicians.


Ben Carson is coming in for a pit stop with only 18 gallons left in the tank; Cruz and Rubio are inhaling exhaust gases from both of them. But most of all “The Donald” has given both of them the pipe, their 14 gallons won’t last much longer.

You all know that the Cajun Governor from Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, took a hard look at the numbers and decided to pack it in. Our take is that he had enough of the red stick. We expect more of the “wannabees” to hit the skids soon – we wonder why it has not happened already; an old Southern Gentlemen once said, “ain’t got the sense God gave a rock” guess that explains why they are still in it.

As it stands now, we expect Donald Trump to be given the nuclear code come January 2017.

Are you sure you're the President?



Military officer carries nuclear football briefcase

In the past, a military officer carrying a special briefcase (nicknamed “The Football”) had to accompany the President wherever he went. The briefcase carried the secret daily codes needed to launch a nuclear attack along with a list of targets and attack scenarios.

To launch an attack, the President would need to confirm his identity using a code printed on a plastic card (nicknamed “the biscuit”), which the President was supposed to always have in his possession. With today’s technology and internet availability, the “football” and the “biscuit” have become obsolete.

As a supreme show of confidence in the new White House Cybersecurity Plan and an ongoing commitment to openness and transparency, the Daily Nuclear Codes are uploaded to this White House website giving the President immediate access to these vital codes wherever he is.

Because these Top Secret codes are protected through the use of a retinal scan, they can only be accessed by President Obama. This online nuclear launch capability along with theCyber Warfare Command and Control System give President Obama the tools he needs to keep our nation safe.