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On the orders of John Boehner flags were set to half mast over the Capitol in honor of our fallen Marines who were killed by a violent Jihadist.  The Marines of Chattanooga were shook to their very core. However, the slaughter of these brave five were no consequence to the White House. “The Commander in Chief” showed little sympathy for his men; he didn’t care if they lived or died.

One might say that he prevented many future deaths by bringing our boys home, but saving lives was not his intent – it was saving money so it could be used for social welfare programs – think transferring the wealth.

A public outcry across a broad spectrum of the United States was heard by the White House which accommodated their wishes. The United States flag was eventually set at half mast. We point out that the White House had a moral duty to lower the flag at the instant. Again this manifests Obama’s lack of respect for our servicemen and women.

We wonder what the Marine color guard stationed at the White House thought?

America forced the Commander in Chief to lower the flag; they saw his action as treason; giving succor to the enemy. The words, (PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A 22 YEAR OLD’S TAKE ON THE KILLING)”killed by an Islamic Jihadist” were words not uttered by Obama. This is a very sad day in America’s history.

A footnote: American servicemen close and far and all places in between took note on what happened; and they have begun the conversation, gee if I was killed by a violent Islamic Jihadist would Obama acknowledge my death by flying Old Glory at half staff? Perhaps not. When that happens those up the line of command, the Generals will find themselves in a precarious position, should they voice their opinion or hold their thoughts. As Obama was pushed into action perhaps the Generals may be to.


Four United States Marines were slaughtered in cold blood by an Islamic terrorist. This has got to stop, but with Obama’s failure to address the extreme nature of his religion (yes he is a Muslim)  nothing will change. POTUS has never called the Fort Hood killer an Islamic terrorist, but referred to the killings as workplace violence. Politically correctness is what killed thirteen brave Marines. Still, the killer, has not put to death for this heinous crime.

This was not work place violence; it must be called for what it is, Islamic terrorism perpetuated by a violent Jihadist.  Keep in mind that Obama has now traded peace for a nuclear Middle East – war will be the result. Saudi Arabia will not sit idly by, but move quickly to counter the Iran threat. Saudi’s are Sunni, Iranians are Shia.

The days ahead will provide more proof of our leaders cowardness. Do not expect them to address the Jihadist threat that we face on a daily basis. Without a leader willing to defend us, the future in the United States is bleak.