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Don’t be fooled by the criminals running today’s media. For instance CNN, better known now since Trump called them out as CFNN, the Cable Fake News Network. It is more than remarkable that the criminals running the Democrat party, including the DNC were given a free pass by the media. Better yet, Hillary Clinton, a criminal by any other word, has Slick Willie put the gun to Loretta Lynch who then tells Comey to call it a matter. Hillary is a criminal, there are no two ways about it. And what happened to her cabal?  Nothing!


Criminals all of them including PodestaHillary Clinton (don’t forget the $100,000 commodity scam), Mills, Rice, Samuelson, Rich, Loretta Lynch, Huma Abedin, and Slick Willie lawyer up, lie, forget and blame others for their crimes. So what else is new? They went after the Stevens in Alaska (APPEALED AND FOUND NOT GUILTY)McDonnell in Virginia (APPEALED AND FOUND NOT GUILTY) like hungry wildebeests,Blue wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus taurinus), male.jpg but Corzine of MS Global (NEVER INDICTED) went scot free. Folks remember WE are BELOW THE LAW, these narcissists know no law.

These tyrants need to be locked up; put a way for good, JAIL THE BIRDS for ever.  JAIL HOUSE ROCK.

CLICK HERE and watch liberal news anchors shocked by female Black woman giving them a lesson in stereotyping.

The Democrats will never live it down that HILLARY, lock her up, Clinton, suffered the Mother of all defeats on election eve. Now they are in revolt mode trying to bring Trump down. Sorry to say it won’t happen.


Conflict of interest laws are so poorly written that it is impossible not to break them. One look at the Clintons corroborate this very fact. The Clinton Foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, their personal speaking fees are best described as conflict of interest gone nuclear.” Have they been arrested? No! Have they admitted their crimes? No! Has the media demanded independent investigators to ferret out the double dealing committed? No! Why are they now bringing up Trump’s potential conflicts of interest? We know the answer already.

Donald Trump has numerous business interest around the world; ask yourself how in the hell would he avoid media scrutiny accusing him of conflict of interest – virtually impossible in today’s world. No one, not even God could avoid being biased.

Out advice to Trump; Let the kids run the show the best they can – seems they are up to it. Make them understand that they can’t expect any comments, inputs, advice or any other feedback from you.

President Trump you will be judged by the public not by the lame stream media. Tell the media to fuggetaboutit