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Russia, Iran, Turkey, China and North Korea (egging us on)  are all front and center. How did we get here? Politicians succumbing to diplomacy. Ask Harry Truman about diplomacy and he will tell you that the only diplomacy that counts is Little Boythe code name for the atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 during World War II.

They say it can’t be done, but it must be done. We are on the Eve of Destruction. The world of trouble makers only know one thing, death. For world peace to survive all adversaries must be neutralized by the most powerful weapon known to man. It will come sooner rather than later. Within the next five years one of the above countries will be targeted. It may not be by the United States, others, such as Israel, have a nuclear arsenal. Don’t discount any country or people, the reality of a dirty bomb emanating from the Middle East is a probability. No matter where it comes from it will come.


Any of the above super sleuths, the Johnny gum shoes of crime solving, can bring to fore the intent of the Iranian nuclear ambitions. Negotiations with the pacifist administration of Obama have been going on for  what seems like eternity with no end in sight. Picking up on the North Korean paradim Supreme leader Khomeni is stalling for time as his scientists spin the centrifuges which generate the the nuclear cocktails necessary for the construction of a nuclear device. Close to entering the nuclear club Iran has resorted to black mail; no sanctions or we will continue to move forward by arming ISIS.

What is apparent to our cadre of crime solvers is that the Mullahs have pulled the wool over the eyes of our negotiators. Iran will no longer allow inspections at their facilities. The primal word to acknowledge is “INSPECTOR”; they inspect. But if they can’t get into facilities there is little to inspect.

Israel and the United States, say the Iranians, were responsible for the Sustinet virus making its way into the centrifuge facility. It played havoc with their computers, spinning them out of control. Only then did we know what was going on behind closed doors.

Put March 3rd on your calendar, the day Netenyahu addresses Congress.