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Imagine if you will, a voting roll with 5000 potential voters, but on election day for the past five years only 500 of those on the roll voted. Others signed up the day before or at the venue – provisional voters for the time being. Letters were sent out to those who didn’t vote in the past two years asking for their status. And low and behold only 550 were returned.

In the interest of efficiency 4500 voters were delisted. This action torched the liberals. And why? For one thing, a no show voter gives the  lying cheating thug progressives the opportunity to take on someone else’s identity. Yes, voter fraud! They then cast a ballot for the liberal Democrat. WAIT A MINUTE SAYS THE SUPREME COURTOHIO HAS THE RIGHT TO PURGE THEIR ROLLS OF NO-SHOW VOTERS. This has enraged those of the Progressive persuasion.

In a 5-4 decision written by Justice Samuel Alito, the Supreme Court ruled Monday that Ohio and other states are allowed to purge voters from their rolls who are inactive and do not respond to requests to confirm their residency. 

Ohio has removed more than two million voters from its rolls since 2011, with black voters more likely to be purged than white voters. A number of civil rights groups argued that the decision would likely aid Republicans but hurt Democrats and voters of color. Republicans typically have an advantage in low-turnout races.

Still, Alito wrote in his decision that Ohio had done its due diligence and “removes registrants only if they have failed to vote and have failed to respond to a notice.”

Of course the expected wailing will continue, but one fact remains; nothing in the decision is preventing an eligible citizen from voting. Re-register is all there is to it. That is the twist.  A BIG WIN FOR OUR SIDE, THANKS GUYS!