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All of a sudden the CDC is on the Ebola seat“We need to consider the possibility that there could be additional cases, particularly among the health care workers who cared for” Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, he said, adding: “We’re concerned that there could be other infections in the coming days.” 


UPDATE: Texas healthcare worker at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital has tested positive with the Ebola virus. As state earlier, the number of people who came in contact with Mr. Duncan is unknown, the risks that more will test positive is high.  Do not trust what the government is telling you, they are in the dark too. Ebola was first diagnosed in 1976 in Zaire, hundreds of people succumbed to the disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been charged with curtailing and eradicating diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. They have done a good job in that respect, but Ebola is far more deadly. Without educating the areas that are most at risk, the disease will go viral. This is the major concern of the free world.


With unchecked invaders crossing our borders the risk of the Ebola virus spreading is a given.  Mr. Duncan, the Liberian who landed in Dallas was infected,treated and released, then hospitalized, dying a short two weeks later. We still don’t know how many individuals he came in contact with will come down with the disease.

The Center for Disease Control aka CDC is a reactive rather than proactive agency.  But with threats of the disease matastasizing several airports are set to do temperature screening. New York’s Kennedy Airport is one of the first to screen patients. Brits though are preparing for the worst. We know that Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are ground zero. It is without question that our borders must be closed for visitors to our country from Africa.

Ebola is a deadly, fatal to 50% of those who get it. Presently there is no cure for the virus. Previous outbreaks have been limited due to the sequestration of the afflicted. However, today’s outbreak is most serious because of the ease of global travel and the lack of any controls.

For now, according to the experts, the disease is passed by those who come in contact with body fluids, but that has not been always the case. Therefore, it is most prudent to take a proactive approach by limiting visitors to our country. Once the disease spreads there is no telling where and how many will die.  And this is a cause of grave concern to world economies.


A woman from Sierra Leone who was a passenger on a Gambian Jet that  landed Saturday at London’s Gatwick airport began to sweat and vomit before crashing in the terminal; was taken to the hospital where she later died. Tested for ebola proved negative, but that may not be the last of it . 

Ebola man? walks into New York Hospital; a returnee from West Africa. Test results to be announced later today.