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Democrats responding to court order to produced documents that previously disappeared always come up with the lame excuse to blame it on someone else or they put forth ” they don’t remember because of the mind eraser drugs they consume.” Take you back to Hillary’s emails. “We handed them all over, but suddenly after a year-long investigation, the FBI recovered more than 17,000 emails that had been deleted or otherwise not turned over to the State Department, and many of them were work-related, Might as well use invisible ink or disappearing paper. “Like wipe it with a cloth.” That was a Hillary’s answer pertaining to the missing emails.  Advocating for Clinton Jame Comey counters that “deleted some [emails] over time as an ordinary user would.”

Lois Lerner and the IRS said emails and paper trails did not exist. Months or was it years later, the Koskinen guy was forced to produce them by a federal judge. 

But conservatives are intent on exploring Mr. Koskinen’s actions after the IRS was ordered to preserve and turn over documents related to targeting of tea party groups — and particularly emails from former senior executive Lois G. Lerner.  Mr. Koskinen’s accusers say he failed to comply with a congressional subpoena on those documents, and instead allowed backup tapes of the emails to be destroyed.

He also said his agency was unable to find the backups of some of Ms. Lerner’s emails — but the IRS’ own internal auditor was able to discover thousands of them with little effort. The internal auditor concluded that the agency erased 422 backup tapes that should have been protected by the subpoena.

Magicians, liars and clowns under the Democratic tent have saturated the deep state to such an extent we will never know the full truth; all of them cover each others asses. This bring us to another lying Democrat, Loretta Lynch.

The chief law enforcement officer under Obama, a lawyer sworn to tell the truth, lied like a five year old kid with his hand in the cookie jar. The tarmac meeting with Slippery Willie. We often wonder what type of gun he carried on board Lynch’s plane.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch said Friday that the FBI has uncovered 30 pages of documents related to the controversial 2016 tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The newly uncovered documents will be sent to Judicial Watch by the end of November in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, a spokesman for the group told Fox News.

The tarmac meeting fueled Republican complaints at the time that Lynch had improperly met with the husband of an investigation subject, just before the probe into Hillary Clinton’s personal email use was completed with no charges filed.

Fired FBI Director James Comey, in Senate testimony in June, described that tarmac meeting as problematic.


Two questions Hillary Clinton hasn’t answered, are you an expert in the “art of the deal” or the “art of the steal?” With no respect to Hillary, her track record speaks for itself; how can you separate her from Slick Willie, they are one and the same, both lying criminals; scams, concealment, bribes, frauds, swindles, flim-flams, schemes are all part of the Lying Clintstonewall’s repertoire. They have honed their skills over the years by understanding one simple fact,  laws are to be broken with gusto. In other words, “they are too big to fail.”  FBI Director Comey saw to that.

They spread fear into their enemies, but as we have just seen THE PASS given to them by FBI Director Comey, the Clintons are above the law. Comey admitted that Ms. Clinton previously lied under oath, but to no avail. He recommended no indictment. Loretta, the Lying Lynch, immediately weighed in by closing the case. She had an out, but did she? Loretta Lynch had the authority to over ride whatever the FBI director recommended. This is a clear case of CLINTON OVER REACH.

By the way Bill Clinton left a present for Lynch when he secretly met her on the tarmac in Arizona. A 22 Derringer with one bullet in the chamber. His instructions were quite clear, “step on Hillary at your own risk.” She got the message. We don’t have to go into names here, but it is quite clear that there are laws that are enforced and those that are not. Laws for the little people to obey and laws that the elite ignore without consequences.

We are living in the perilous times. Dallas can attest to that.. Contrary to any ongoing investigations, charges to be brought against HRC are a figment of her enemies imagination. She is too big to jail.