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Union thugs are manning their posts, ready at an instant to levy ISIS type destruction on their enemies; innocents will also suffer. From Chicago to Hartford to cities in between, budgets are being busted at a rapid pace. States suffering from largess include Illinois and Connecticut; sooner or later they will face the unthinkable! The “B” word. Vengeful state unions are arming their members with vitriol diatribe. When layoffs occur to the union legions violence is a given.

Pensions and benefits layered on year after year are now so heavy that many states and cities cannot afford the old paradigm of tax and spend. Taxes are driving more of the productive to greener pastures thereby exacerbating the problem. Florida, Texas, South Carolina are reaping the benefits. Just yesterday it was noted that 10,000 millionaires left France for greener (means no tax) havens. Many have seen this smoldering fire burning for a while, but have ignored it; rating agencies are now lowering bond ratings of socialist city/states because of lower revenue expectations. There is only one way out of this mess, if not taken, we are looking at state and city wastelands, akin to the favelas of Brazil.At times Rio de Janeiro has utilized troops to temporarily occupy favelas such as seen here in the Complexo do Alemão during the 2008 municipal elections. This is the exception rather than the rule however, particularly with the establishment of permanent community police forces (the UPPs).

Click here for the Deadly Summer awaiting Chicago. It ain’t gonna be pretty folks. “I saw a man stabbing his wife in Chicago, its my home town.” Most of those growing up want to be “killers.” Passed down from father to son. 

Never think that this can’t happen here; we are not an island until itself. Lying politicians using deceptive words have sucked the life blood out of cities and states with abandon; not to mention the 100 trillion dollar debt of Uncle Sam. The bottom line here, if there is one, be prepared for mass exoduses from Blue States to Red States – with Blue State implosions the military will be called in to quell the violence. Rabid dog populace will no doubt be on the lookout for red meat snatching and burning anything left in their path. The United States can print all the dollars they want, but will the rest of the world accept them? Socialist evil dwellers such as Chavez and heir Maduro promised more than they can deliver. The flames of revolution are brewing higher by the day, citizens looking for politicians blood because they have gone back on their word or stepped on too many when vaulting to the top spot.


Hillary Clinton was unable to answer a simple question. She ducked, dodged, ducked again and demurred. The question posed by Chris Matthews to her was this, what is the difference between a Democrat and Socialist? Click here for interview. 

At first, the Democratic presidential front-runner seemed to suggest the question should be directed at her rival in the race, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist.

“You see, I’m asking you,” Matthews countered.

Clinton simply replied, “I’m not one.”

Beyond that, she declined to explain the differences between the two.


Brought to you by the New York Post.


“From the time he was 9 years old, he was influenced by Frank Marshall Davis, who was a communist,” Giuliani said. The ex-mayor added that Obama’s grandfather introduced him to Davis, a writer and labor activist.

Giuliani also said another bad influence on Obama was Saul Alinsky, a community organizer whom the ex-mayor called a “socialist.” Referring to his claim that Obama doesn’t love America, Giuliani told The Post, “I don’t back off of that one bit.’’


Thirty years in the making, but finally the stampede has reached crisis proportions. If it keeps up, which we have no doubt it will, those that are left will be trampled to death. We are talking about the outflow of citizens from the northeast states including New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  What brings us to this conclusion is history.

To get the picture one only has to look at Italy and Spain, both countries are on the brink of splitsville. Spain’s Catalonia region and Italy’s north are talking secession. They see themselves as patsies to the country’s moochers who suck the life blood out of the industrious and wealthier regions. So the entrepreneurs, the motivated, the believers in freedom and self reliance have no choice but to leave the prison of liberalism where the bye word is “share the wealth.”

Three decades in the making have resulted in a loss of representation of 60 House members only to be picked up by the New South where workers matter more than couch potatoes. Yes many of those who are fleeing are former liberals hell bent on not seeing a socialist progressive again for the rest of their life.

No need to expand on the details of what makes a liberal, but America knows one when they see one.  Listening to their arguments can cause a severe migraine. Liberals, more often than not, modify the truth, lie to make their claim whatever the case may be. Liberals always find a cause that needs their help; that’s their problem; because helping a moocher has an opposite and equal effect which is to forc everyone else to pay.

Liberals will never admit the fallacy of their arguments (global warming). Liberals are class warfare piranhas; vultures of the worst human kind, ready at an instant to jump into a situation where they have no fight . Rabble-rousing flame throwers are they, violently ready at an instant to pluck the guilty from the jaws of justice. November 4 is a month away, hopefully our Thanksgiving prayers will be answered with a Democrat being served up like the traditional turkey, DOA.