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Click here for the Senator’s latest TV commercial addressing the illegal tsunami.???????????????????????????????

The word around town is that 5 million work permits will be issued by executive fiat  Obama, one more time, will circumvent Congress. The Dictator in Chief is moving forward with his plan to reduce our Country to rubble.

We simply don’t understand why there is no outcry from the Black Community; they should be outraged. They have overwhelmingly supported Obama. However, with the latest action akin to spitting in their face. With unemployment at the highest level for Blacks between the ages of 18 and 34 in a decade, bringing more cheap labor to the market flies in the face of reality.

Truly, does any of the Black Leaders realize the destructive nature of this pending executive order. Blacks have been relegated to the back of the line – this is the 50’s all over again.  Rise up Black Brothers, you have been sold down the drain by your Man.  He takes your vote for granted, tell him that this time it is not for sale and if he can’t help you, you will find someone who can. 


Scott Brown admonishes opponent for supporting illegals.