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Greece parasites have gnawed the bone clean devouring the marrow like there was no tomorrow. Bailed out by Germany and the United States (where did we get the money?) to the tune of $300 billion and change. Now we learn that the payment of $1.5 billion due on June 5 is not in the mail. Setting the record straight on the leaches of society we bring your attention to those on the government cuff.

And there are many, the last reported number of government employees was 25% of the working population. They don’t despair because their leader Tspiras will not throw them under the bus. In a weeks time he will tell the EU, in no uncertain terms, that they can shove their demands up to where the sun don’t shine. Critics have long lambasted the Greek public sector as riddled with incompetence and an image of civil servants sitting around smoking and drinking coffee and ignoring customers while piles of files filled floors and corners.