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IMG_1575Since the Black Lives Matter movement got underway the number of attacks against police have continued unabated. In fact the murdered policemen have been targeted by minorities; they feel that their lives are at stake therefore they have taken the law into their own hands; this is their version of street justice. The main culprit in the attacks is none other than President Obama.

Of the last 13 police officers who died on duty, 12 were the result of gunfire.

2015-6-19 Police Officer Sonny Kim Cincinnati Police Department, OH Gunfire
2015-7-12 Patrolman John James Wilding Scranton Police Department, PA Foot pursuit (fall)
2015-7-22 Sergeant Scott Lunger Hayward Police Department, CA Gunfire
2015-8-2 Police Officer Sean Bolton Memphis Police Department, TN Gunfire
2015-8-15 Deputy Sheriff Carl Howell Carson City Sheriff’s Department, NV Gunfire
2015-8-23 Trooper Steven Vincent Louisiana State Trooper, LA Gunfire
2015-8-26 Officer Henry Nelson Sunset Police Department, LA Gunfire
2015-8-28 Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth Harris County Sheriff’s Department, TX Gunfire
2015-9-1 Lieutenant Charles “Joe” Gliniewicz Fox Lake Police Department, IL Gunfire
2015-9-13 Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder Kentucky State Police, KY Gunfire
2015-9-22 Deputy Sheriff Bill Myers Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, FL Gunfire
2015-9-30 Officer Gregory Thomas Alia Forest Acres Police Department, SC Gunfire
2015-10-18 Investigator Steven Martin Sandberg Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office, MN Gunfire
2015-10-20 Police Officer Randolph Holder New York City Police Department, NY Gunfire

Randolph Holder was killed on October 20th, the fourth N.Y. officer killed in the past twelve months according to Commissioner William Bratton policechiefbratton. So to think that there is a segment of the population that believes they are targeted by police is a complete falsehood. One that has gained momentum because of the inflammatory remarks of our President, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan.

To rehash, this whole story started with the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The story line here is that Michael was an angel; in fact he was a bully who roughed up a store keeper before tangling with a police officer who shot him dead on the spot.