We haven’t heard a word from Open Society George Soros. Instead of rabble rousing Eastern Europe his time would be well spent inciting a revolution in China and for that matter Russia. But that is out of the question because the powerful are in wait with guns. Killing twenty of thirty million is not out of the question. Suppression of the masses is in their blood. However, the one man band of Lenin, with the help of Trotsky did accomplish a feat back in 1917. The Romanov’s were executed without delay, no martyrdom for them.

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China has now bit off more than it can chew. Their economy is imploding by the mini second. Their leaders are frightened for the first time. Could it be that revolution is in the air? This Coronavirus cover up may be the last straw. We shall see. All it takes is one or two of the higher-ups to come down with the disease and then croak. We think then, that the party leaders would be a wee bit nervous. Seeing Commie brothers buried is not a something they are used too, especially en masse.

President Trump knew from the outset of his presidency that China was an existential threat. Now we know how bad they are. At this moment in time they are perpetrating and spreading wholesale lies. They have closed their doors to the world as the coronavirus spreads. Insiders indicate the lengths they will go to in spreading false information, They have told all factories to keep their machinery running, as to fool the world that all is well. However, no one is working in these ghost factories. The people are afraid of the deadly disease.

China is America’s antagonist, the world antagonist. The rest of the world is starting to get it. We saw China’s reaction to the Spratly Island International Court decision. China said to them, “shove it.”

China attacks international court after South China Sea ruling

Beijing warns of possible military escalation after UN tribunal overwhelmingly rejects its claims to ownership of strategic waterway

One day after a UN tribunal ruled overwhelmingly against Chinese claims to huge swaths of the strategically important waterway, Beijing rebuffed the verdict, calling it “a piece of paper that is destined to come to naught”.

Anti-China protestors mount a protest rally against China’s territorial claims in the Spratlys group of islands in the South China Sea in front of the Chinese Consulate in Makati, Philippines.

In a 13,900-word white paper, Beijing claimed the Philippines, which brought the case, had “distorted facts, misinterpreted laws and concocted a pack of lies” in order to undermine Chinese interests.

The ruling against China had been based on “woefully weak pieces of evidence”, the white paper fumed, according to a copy of the text published by Xinhua, Beijing’s official news agency.

A front page commentary in the Communist party’s official mouthpiece, the People’s Daily, continued the offensive, dismissing the tribunal as “a lackey of some outside forces” that would be remembered “as a laughing stock in human history”

“We do not claim an inch of land that does not belong to us, but we won’t give up any patch that is ours,” the newspaper said, adding: “China, of course, will not accept such downright political provocations.”

The China Daily, Beijing’s English-language mouthpiece, claimed the “outrageously one-sided ruling” meant military confrontation in the region had become more likely.

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“With military activity reaching unprecedented levels in the South China Sea, there is no guarantee that an escalating war of words will not transform into something more,” it said.



Scalped by the White Male Establishment. “They are to blame for my defeat. Me “Indian Red Woman”, they “Men Pale Face” no like female.” Those were the worlds from Warren’s mouth to the nation’s ears. Can you imagine that she drum beats on about the reason for her inevitable campaign collapse.

Senator, the people don’t like you; understand that Massachusetts doesn’t like you. Nobody likes you. You didn’t even come in second during Super Tuesday. Apparently the Democrat tent that is open to all doesn’t include you. No Kemosahbee in the Bay State.


China has one ambition, “to rule the world.” What has become of their economic might is not what they expected. Yes, they have ignited economies with their spending; for example the left behind third world of Africa and Latin America. In Europe they have bought company after company, some world renown. The EU has depended on Chinese investment to help their lethargic and destitute economies. However, these countries are now finding that they are paying a unforeseen price. What gives?

Dealing with China has a price. Omerta! That is correct. Deal with them and shut the “F” up. China does not take criticism lightly. So if they give you money, you are expected to tow the Chinese Communist line. In other words, no criticism from government officials, suppress the press when it comes to our internal affairs and if any of your companies operate in China, they must keep their mouths shut.

But on the way to the ball, the Chinese have found a “no welcome” sign hanging on the door. Country after country has suffered a brazen attack or threat from Xi’s government. Either you keep out of our politics or you will pay the price. To put it bluntly the Europeans have had it up to their ears. Sweden is the front runner in the feud.


“(click)We treat our friends with fine wine,” said the man in black suit from his armchair, adding, “but for our enemies we got shotguns.” This is not a line from the latest blockbuster gangster movie, but a message from China’s ambassador to Sweden, speaking directly to Swedish public radio.

The above line is only one of several threats Ambassador Gui Congyou has been busy issuing since Swedish PEN announced in early November that kidnapped Swedish publisher Gui Minhai will receive the Tucholsky Prize — an annual award to writers and publicists living under threat or in exile — this year.


For a Senator to threaten a Supreme Court Justice in today”s hostile political environment goes beyond the pale. But that is what happened the other day. Chuck Schumer, attending a rally, (click)threatened two Supreme Court Justices. This wasn’t a tit for tat type of threat, this was a criminal threat.

Schumer is a NY THUG

Threatening two U.S. Supreme Court justices by name is a serious matter. But is it criminal?

“I want to tell you Gorsuch,” Schumer said, “I want to tell you Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., stepped very close to the line of felonious conduct. Whether he crossed that line is debatable.

Speaking at a rally of abortion rights supporters Wednesday in front of the Supreme Court, Schumer deliberately inflamed the crowd by taking direct aim at two of the justices appointed by President Trump – Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. The rally was held as the high court was hearing arguments on a controversial Louisiana abortion access law.


We are confused! During the Democrat primary Mini Mike literally blew one half billion large; in the end his pipe dream went up in smoke. His tenancy in the Big Apple was three terms. He acquired likability because of his “stop and frisk” policy. Violent crime and petty crime imploded. He didn’t need to spend like a drunken sailor to become “His Honor.” But Mini Mike was charismatic challenged. Maybe he got away with it in NY, but his type didn’t fly in the rest of the country. He wasn’t the only one with personally challenges, others that dropped out did too. The only difference was that he had 30B (billion), the others were basically penniless compared to him, sans two other mini billionaires.

So our question is simple as one, two and three. Why don’t these multi billionaires, such as Bloomberg, Gates, Buffet, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Ellison, Brin and Page cough up two and a half billion each, say 20 billion in total and build apartment type complexes for the homeless. Staff them with medical personnel, mentors, counselors, educators, physical therapists etc. Get them back into society, give them self pride once again. We know this can be done, so why hasn’t anyone proposed this type of solution. On top of this, the savings to the government would be more than five trillion dollars in medical care alone if they remain on the street. Think of how many times they O.D. and are hospitalized. Costs to society will continue for eons if this problem isn’t solved.