You might be thinking of voting for Lyin Biden, but before you do, ask yourself the question; WHY HASN’T THE MEDIA COVERED ONE OF THE BIGGEST SCANDALS IN AMERICAN HISTORY? Maybe you don’t realize what the Biden Crime Syndicate has done, but the LAPTOP FROM HELL revealed the extent of their corruption, shakedowns and most of all, the taking of money so foreign governments could corrupt our government by having access to Joe Biden. The lame stream media has not covered the story because they have ulterior motives, that being to bring the progressive socialists to power; once this happens, your life as an individual will be over. Your guns will be gone, your free speech will be sanitized by the government when they recondition your mind in the psyche hospital.

It will be no different here

So before you go into the voting booth ask yourself this question – why is it that your son, daughter, grandchild, father, mother, neighbor had to pay a $20 parking ticket because you went over the allotted time, but Hunter Biden literally stole from your government(provided access) multi millions of dollars and he is scott free. Has your family member traded off your families name with foreign governments? We don’t think so.

Have you noticed that Lyin Joe and his son have disappeared from the radar screen. They will not answer any questions regarding Russia, China and the Ukraine. Why? Because they know all is true. These guys are guilty of treason and sedition.

We will put all of that aside for a moment and bring you back to the fake Dossier, paid for by Hillary “lock here up” Clinton. What happened to her? She has been caught in numerous lies, burned evidence and deleted files. She also compromised our national defense establishment while Secretary of State by having and using a personal computer. What was she hiding?

And the Mueller investigation? A sham if there ever was one. They – the Democrats – weren’t after the truth, they were after Trump who survived a CORRUPT DEEP STATE. They tried to derail his candidacy then after he won, they continued to work overtime by plating false evidence against him. Four times they submitted fake documents to the FISA Court. How would you like it if the government did this to your relative? We don’t think you would.

You may not understand what a socialist government will do to you. Remember gas lines? Didn’t think so. They extended for miles. Your future will be $10 gas, rations and higher electric bills once they shut down the oil and natural gas industry. Don’t believe us, ask Lyin Joe Biden.

So as we enter the final hours, please consider what we have highlighted. Your conscience will bother you if you make the wrong choice. Making the right choice by voting for Trump is a choice you will not regret.