Oh, Well…

Constitution Day has come and gone and not surprisingly, hardly anyone noticed. The Constitution has become irrelevant to all but a few endangered Republicans on Capitol Hill, and is totally ignored or twisted beyond recognition by all – repeat, all – Democrats. This, of course, includes all the members, young and old, of the Ministry of Leftist Propaganda, aka, the “mainstream” media.

The only ones of us who cared to note the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution in 1787 have been designated by the so-called Homeland Insecurity and Injustice Departments as probable domestic terrorists. As most of the readers of news and information on this site know, patriotic adherence to traditional American culture, language, religion, politics, societal organization, education, morals, values, etc., has become not just politically incorrect, but since the courts no longer feel the need to follow the Rule of Law and instead apply their personal opinions, said adherence has been transmogrified into the globalist/fascist/Marxist (read, current Washington Establishment) definition of terrorism. So far, it’s been applied mostly as harassment. However, without strong push-back from We, the People, and (does “fat chance” mean anything?) our elected representatives, rounding up and incarceration of America-loving patriots is just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the movement to destroy America gathers momentum, ostensibly spearheaded by the usurper, Barack Hussein Obama, but in reality, by those who pull his strings. Again, as most readers of news and information on this site know, every single policy and action of both the current administration and the Democrat Party as a whole, has been designed to: a) attack, weaken, and eventually destroy the Middle Class; b) weaken and eventually destroy the economy as a capitalist institution; c) force all Americans into government dependency; d) create a permanent, uneducated, unskilled underclass, what Marx referred to as the “lumpen proletariat”; e) weaken, demoralize, and eventually destroy all branches of our armed forces; f) create a militarized police state controlled by the Executive Branch of government; g) weaken our standing and position as a sovereign nation vis-à-vis our friends, allies, and enemies; g) give aid and comfort to our enemies, especially radical Islamic jihadists. Other than that, everything’s just grand.

Space doesn’t allow listing all the individual illegal, unconstitutional, and outrageous policies and acts these traitors have foisted upon us. However, one recent and particularly heinous act on the part of these traitors have foisted upon us. However, one recent and particularly heinous act on the part of Obama deserves special attention, due to the unspeakable consequence liable to result from it.

Again, as most of you know, the military-hating Obama has committed 3,000 of our troops to “fight Ebola” in Africa. Many are rightfully asking, “Why?” Given his clear hatred for the military and America, the answer appears to be that he and his string-pullers are well aware that many, if not all, of the soldiers will be exposed to and contract Ebola. Many, if not all, will die horrible deaths. The demoralization this horror will cause in the ranks will be catastrophic. Then, on top of that, Ebola will be brought home to America, to be spread far and wide, “letting America know how the poor countries of Africa feel.” Paranoid? Give me a better explanation for using our military, our highly trained killers of people and breakers of things, in a situation they have no training for.


One would question how any Democrat could prevail in winning an election. For instance Charlie Rangel, censured by the House of Representatives: Rangel former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. was guilty of not disclosing rental income from a condo in the Dominican Republic on his income tax return. But to the dismay of many, Rangel was reelected twice. This was due to the liberal press killing the story before it gained traction. No ink on the front page paved the way for his victory.

Rangel had the support of his constituency who in most part were ignorant of the charges and failed to understand how they were taken to the cleaners. All of this was the fault of the lame stream media. Only Fox News kept the story from being smothered. This leads us to President Obama and the feathered touch to his illustrious biography.

Only the initianted knew about Obama’s relationship with Reverend Jeremy Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Father Michael Phleger, Tony Rezko and last but not least Bill Ayers. The press surreptitiously killed one story after another. We don’t have to tell you the reasons, but they are overt; BIAS, BIAS, BIAS. The press was intent on furthering the career of Obama, their new standard bearer of the liberal agenda.

However, during the past year there has been a slight change in this paradigm. The press was attacked on several fronts, remember NSA, this infuriated them. Going forward into 2014 and 2016 there has been a slight shift in their previously one sided reporting. This does not bode well for the Democrats.

But let’s keep in mind the Obama blunders. First off is the pulling of our troops from Iraq early on. Failing to recognize the dire consequences we now find our selves mired once again fighting our existential enemy. Turning sand into glass is the only option here. Obama’s failure to support General al-Sisi was blunder number two. The President through in with Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood HOOD, who began the targeting of enemies soon after election.  Blunder three, more serious than the other two, allowing Russia to march through today’s Sudetenland.  These blunders were easily predicted; soon after assuming office Obama pulled the guarantee of defending Poland with our defensive infrastructure, then he went to Egypt to sugar coat our new relationship with the Muslim world. Did we need any more evidence of crimes against America than those?

Putting everything we said so far does not even compare to Obama’s upbringing; this alone should have set off ALARM BELLS, but it did not. Dismissed out of hand, the liberal press gave him a big pass and now look where we are. Stuck in an insane world, dictated to by ISIS killers and the likes of Putin who despise the United States; stared down by China in the China Sea and buzzed by Putin’s Luftwaffe.

We are now waiting for the chips to fall on Hillary Clinton, guilty of murder in the killing of our Ambassador in Behghazi along with three associates. Will the press disclose the all that they know, will the press investigate the story as it should or will it resort to past practices in a massive cover-up detrimental to our nation?


To give lift off to Clinton’s political ambitions and Obama’s reelection plans accusative reports by witnesses on the ground and commanders in the Benghazi theater confirmed that incriminating evidence has been shredded; neutralized to protect the guilty. Clinton, we all know is a liar of the first rank only to be out done by Obama, the opportunist and liar of the first degree. Both of them are guilty of treason, lying to the American public and involved in a cover-up that far surpasses anything that we have ever seen.

Not only Benghazi, but keep in mind that this is a pattern of the administration, add to it the IRS targeting the TEA PARTY, suppressing their first amendment right to free speech; the result being the reelection of a swindler, worse than a Madoff or a Ponzi. The rage in the eyes of the American public has reached Code Red stage.

And to add insult to injury, Eric Holder, our chief law enforcement officer has been complicit, lying to Congress, failing to produce requested documents – the guy will not come clean on Fast and Furious. A ruthless killer, Holder is attempting to suppress the investigation of his culpability, which borders on murder for the killing of our Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, that will implicate him.

The time has come for all three to be fitted with ankle bracelets. America has had it with the triumvirate of evil.


From Mary Landrieu’s lips, I am sorry about the “sloppy bookkeeping”,  “I take full responsibility,”  Running for reelection she has now been outed as a crook, a thief guilty of stealing $34,000 of our money, a typical political has- been who is begging for your vote after letting the people down. But the time has come to trash her like the trash she is. “No matter how Senator Landrieu spins it, she billed taxpayers for dozens and dozens of private jet flights since the turn of this century.”


An Obama rubber stamp, voting for Obamacare, was against the Keystone XL, now running for reelection she  is against Obamacare, but for the Keystone XL project.  She wants the voter to forget her past sins.  The good people of the Cajun State have had it with her, She knows it and is now pulling out all stops to be reelected to the Senate Club of despotic progressive Democrat rulers. controlled by the pugilistic Harry Reid.

It is time to give Landrieu a permanent vacation on November 4, send her packing for good.  Recent polls show Landrieu being defeated by Republican Dr. Bill Cassidy.


“Now let’s make two things clear: ISIL is not Islamic,” Obama said, speaking from the state floor of the White House residence. “No religion condones the killing of innocents, and the vast majority of ISIL’s victims have been Muslim.”  Obama has once again gone to great lengths in patronizing Muslims. Advice to POTUS, read the Koran, sorry, the Holy Koran.



In what will be a closely watch gubernatorial race this November pitting Greenwich businessman Tom Foley and the disliked Governor Dan Malloy of the Constitution State.  Connecticut grabbed the short end of the stick four years ago and many of its citizens are unhappy with the results.

This time around, according to a  recent Quinnipiac poll, the state’s voters plan on turning the reigns of state government over to Tom Foley who lost by a scant 6,000 votes in 2010.

Based on the recent poll Foley has surged ahead of a sinking Malloy who is intent on turning the tables this time around. ???????????????????????????????


Pope Francis called the Islamic State fighters terrorists and said there was a need for “a professional, well-equipped army.” “The situation is going from bad to worse.” Contrast that to what Pope Benedict XVI said. See below.

Pope Benedict XVI has called for Christians as “to open their arms and hearts” to Muslim immigrants and “to dialogue” with them on religious issues. The Pope told participants that the Catholic Church is “increasingly aware” that “interreligious dialogue is a part of its commitment to the service of humanity in the modern world.”

in today’s non Christian world, the Middle East, Christians are forced to convert at the end of a sword or pay up, if not they are “dead meat.” Most who have come face to face with the ISIS force have fled the evil precipitated on the lands of Iraq and Syria. The main question remains, why is there not much of an outcry by the Christians of the world. Every Clergy, every Bishop, every Cardinal should be shouting from the top of their lungs what is happening to their Christian brothers and by who.

As Pope Francis said, ” we need to arm ourselves.”


A quiet morning eclipsed into two towering infernos. We will NEVER FORGET who did this. It is important to remember those who perished on that day of infamy. We were targeted by vile, non-humans to be exact. Today we are witnessing the same in ISIS.  America will always be a target because we are a threat to those who find democracy and freedom anathema to their creed. But in America and it is not too late, but we will find those brave enough to search and destroy those who seek to do us harm.