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Not a day goes by without some progressive pundit, talking head journalist, also-ran comedian mocking the Trump administration and his family. But it goes to far when they cast their wrath at the FLOTUS.  These pukes have gone so low as to target the President’s son Barron. But this is was unexpected. To see the left demagogues take the law road attacking the President’s wife and son is beyond the pale.

Once they saw the handwriting on the wall on the night of November 8th the accusations, vilification, false accusations, scorn and ridicule movement went into high gear. 

Hillary called us Deplorable and then she trampled on the Women who voted for Trump as if they didn’t have a mind of their own. We waited eight years to depose a president who sided with the enemy and BTW while Hillary was Secretary of State she was responsible for four of our brave men being slaughtered to death in Benghazi. Then she lied about it. She, a megalomaniac, who has accepted the devistating defeat she took at the hands of the American voter.

Trump came to Washington because most of Americans were fed up, fed up with Big Government, fed up with lies and fed up with Fake news.  Trump is in the process of outing the skeemers and skammers, he is slowly cleaning up the Swamp and the hellhole of the insiders who work for themselves and not us. The bureaucracy is hell bent on destroying Trump – they are prejudiced, biased and belligerent.

In a bizarre response, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel launched an attack on Melania Trump over the White House annual Easter Egg Roll. First he derided Melania as being uninvolved in the set-up of the event. “Not a chance she did one thing to help set that up. There’s no — she didn’t dye eggs, she didn’t fill baskets.” 

Cal Thomas: We’re heading for a breaking point in Washington

That is why certain issues resurface during (and between) election cycles. Issues like the poor (but likely only when Republicans are in power, not when Democrats hold the majority), education (stated goals are never achieved, and no matter how much is spent it is never enough, which is why the left opposes school choice), the environment (“climate change” appears to remain an unchallengeable doctrine for the left, though there is some evidence ignored by liberal media that strongly suggests otherwise), taxes and spending (history shows the benefits of small government and low taxes, but in an age of envy, greed and entitlement one finds it increasingly difficult to teach self-reliance when the federal government is seen by too many as a giant ATM).


Obama pushed the socialist agenda hard culminating in the approval of Obamacare. Note that the Democrats owned this having no Republicans voting for it. But all was not lost, Chief Justice Roberts gave thumbs up to its legality. We wonder if he did it surreptitiously, giving the Republicans an issue to run on?  Interpreting the law by saying the penalty for not signing up was a tax, therefore Obamacare became the new healthcare panacea.

This became a blessing because the Republicans now had an issue. And so the fait accompli  became the rallying cry. The Elephant party took over Congress.

Next came Donald Trump, a “joke” at first blush and a circus clown at that, no way was he going to trump the Bush, Christie, Rubio, Kasich, Cruz and all of the other also-rans. However, during the primaries things started to move in “The Donald’s direction.” Trump was no ordinary stumping politician. He shot himself several times; for instance the comment on blood flowing, calling Rubio, “little Rubio and Bush, “low energy.” Then he dueled with Cruz regarding wives. With all that being said Trump started to emerge from the “joke” to contender. He fought off those with more power and money, moving into the top tier.

On the other side Hillary, the odds on favorite fought desperately fighting off attacks from Bernie Sanders. At time Hillary was shaken to the very core. Sanders was gaining grassroots momentum, suddenly winning primaries. What was Hillary to do? Her brain trust had the answer, do what comes natural,LIE. lies She took their advice, lying about her record, lying about Benghazi, lying about her emails.  But still the media gave her succor. Calling her the odds on favorite to defeat Trump and handily at that. Sanders was disposed of, not with ease, but with dispatch; an inside job in a rigged system. An inflection point in the name calling campaign of Hillary Clinton though, one she will never forget, is when Hillary called us DEPLORABLE.

Finally, the picture began to come into focus; the pollsters polled what they wanted to hear ignoring the rumbling down under. However, this was a good thing for the Republicans because the Democrat hierarchy and Hillary’s brain trust bit full line and sinker. They did not campaign in the states that they thought were a sure thing. Their campaign was in celebration mode, bottles of champagne in the clubhouse, on ice and waiting to be uncorked. The rigged system was working for them, with the press on board, CNN playing favorites and polls forecasting a Hillary victory. There was nothing to worry about.

On election night the NY Times initially had a Hillary win probability at 85%, the race for the White House was moving in the right direction. Shocked waves began to surface, a deep fissure indeed – once joyful Democrats started to see a turn of fortune. Expression became melancholy. And then the proverbialshot heard around the world was fired.”

The results from Pennsylvania came in. Hillary was badly beaten, this time by a loud mouth racist-sexist who never followed the politically correct line. GAME OVER

So we owe a debt of gratitude to Justice Roberts and the lame stream media. Justice Roberts for giving us an issue to run on and for the lame stream media convincing the Clinton campaign that she would be the next President of the United States. 

Of course the FBI helped, so did the email controversy and the Benghazi murders.trumptime


What the Benghazi attack taught me about Hillary ClintonFOX News Channel logo.svg

NOW PLAYINGClinton team may have manipulated Benghazi hearing

Last month, I retired from the State Department after 25 years of public service as a Foreign Service officer. As the Deputy Chief of Mission for Libya, I was the last person in Tripoli to speak with Ambassador Chris Stevens before he was murdered in the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on our Benghazi post. On this, the fourth anniversary of the Benghazi tragedy, I would like to offer a different explanation for Benghazi’s relevance to the presidential election than is usually found in the press.

Just as the Constitution makes national security the President’s highest priority, U.S. law mandates the secretary of state to develop and implement policies and programs “to provide for the security … of all United States personnel on official duty abroad.

This includes not only the State Department employees, but also the CIA officers in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. And the Benghazi record is clear: Secretary Clinton failed to provide adequate security for U.S. government personnel assigned to Benghazi and Tripoli.

The Benghazi Committee’s report graphically illustrates the magnitude of her failure. It states that during August 2012, the State Department reduced the number of U.S. security personnel assigned to the Embassy in Tripoli from 34 (1.5 security officers per diplomat) to 6 (1 security officer per 4.5 diplomats), despite a rapidly deteriorating security situation in both Tripoli and Benghazi. Thus, according to the Report, “there were no surplus security agents” to travel to Benghazi with Amb. Stevens “without leaving the Embassy in Tripoli at severe risk.”

Had Ambassador Stevens’ July 2012 request for 13 additional American security personnel (either military or State Department) been approved rather than rejected by Clinton appointee Under Secretary of State for Management Pat Kennedy, they would have traveled to Benghazi with the ambassador, and the Sept. 11 attack might have been thwarted.

U.S. law also requires the secretary of state to ensure that all U.S. government personnel assigned to a diplomatic post abroad be located at one site. If not, the secretary — and only the secretary — with the concurrence of the agency head whose personnel will be located at a different location, must issue a waiver. The law, which states specifically that the waiver decision cannot be delegated, was passed after the 1998 bombing of two U.S. embassies in Africa, when deficient security was blamed for that debacle under Bill Clinton’s presidency.

When asked about security at Benghazi on Sept. 11, Mrs. Clinton has repeatedly asserted her lack of responsibility. Initially, she said that she never read any of the reporting on security conditions or any of the requests for additional security, claiming that “she delegated security to the professionals.” More recently, she stated that “[I]t was not my ball to carry.” But the law says otherwise. Sound familiar?

Her decision to allow the Benghazi consulate to be separate from the CIA annex divided scarce resources in a progressively deteriorating security environment. U.S. personnel assigned to Benghazi tried to overcome this severe disadvantage through an agreement that the security personal from each facility would rush to the other facility’s aid in the event it was attacked. The division of our security resources in Benghazi is the root cause of the “stand down” order controversy so vividly portrayed in the movie “13 Hours.”

Notably, one of the primary goals of Ambassador Stevens’ fatal visit was to begin consolidating our Benghazi personnel into one facility, which would have concentrated our security posture in Benghazi’s volatile and violent environment.

There are no punitive measures for breaching these two laws. Mrs. Clinton will not have to appear before judge and jury to account for her failures. Is this why she felt these laws could be ignored? Because she is now the Democratic presidential candidate, only the American electorate will have the opportunity to hold her accountable.

Candidate Clinton and her campaign point to her record as secretary of state as a positive qualification for the presidency.

However, the record shows that Secretary Clinton persuaded the president to overthrow Qaddafi and advocated maintaining a diplomatic presence in Benghazi after the Libyan revolution. And then she abandoned her diplomats by ignoring her security obligations. She sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi during the 2011 revolution and then induced him to return in the first few months of his tenure, which accounted for his September visit there. Despite the fact that Sidney Blumenthal had alerted her to the increasing danger for Americans in Benghazi and Libya, Mrs. Clinton apparently never asked security professionals for an updated briefing on the situation in Libya. Either she could not correlate the increased tempo of attacks in Libya with the safety of our diplomats, demonstrating fatal incompetence, or she was grossly negligent.

If Mrs. Clinton was unable to fulfill her security obligations to the federal employees she was legally obligated to protect as secretary of state, how can we trust her with the security of our entire country? I won’t.


The Lying Clinton has now gone to the Low Road, calling those who are for Trump, “(CLICK) A BASKET OF DEPLORABLES.” Yes she has done a Romney (47%) by tagging us as racists, sexist, homophobic and Islamophobic. We are talking about a Presidential candidate with the motto, “Stronger Together.” Put this in perspective, what we are looking at a female dog foaming from the mouth; she knows her campaign is EXPLODING faster than a SpaceX rocket, so in order to salvage it she goes to the mouth, drooling like the sick person she really is.

We counter that those who are supporting Trump are True Americans, those supporting Clinton are a Criminal Gang intent on bringing America down. Look at the polls Clinton, America has seen enough of your lies, devious double dealing, pay to play and illegal acts. You are a Killer of four Brave Men: Benghazi will live forever. Face it Clinton, the Military does no support you.

HILLARY CLINTON has nothing, no vision, no plan, she is an empty talking head. So now she has to go the low road with vicious, pernicious attacks on Trump Supporters. Who are her supporters; we don’t have to tell you who they are, you already know.  America does not want you nor need you. CHAPPAQUAgadsdenflag




Kissing cousins, how else will you describe their incestous relationshipS?  John “swift boat” Kerry to meetS with the Rouhani guy and what does Swift Boat do? Bows! Kisses his ass? This is reminiscent of Obama kissing the hand of the Saudi King when he bowed to him like a camel ready to be mounted.

The American people want to know why our government has sought to undermine the security of the United States at the expense of the American people. This covert Iranian deal smells like a cesspool ready to erupt. It stinks to high heaven, leaching human excrement faster than a Chicago sewer. And what about the nuclear scientist who dropped dead from the hangman’s noose. Hillary spoke to this guy, her server revealed numerous conversations between the two of them.

Because Hillary’s server was not secure, Wikileaks was able to compromise it. Low and behold Hillary was the Iranian go to person, she funneled  $$$’s in return for secret information concerning the Iranian uranium enrichment and nuclear program. Bam, Bam, Bam the guy is now dead at the end of a hangman’s noose.. Crooked Hillary must accept full blame she is totally responsible for the execution. If her server was secured by the State Department we doubt that Shahram Amiri would be alive today. Another roadside kill notch on Clinton’s gun; she keeps piling up the bodies.

But we can never ever forget that Clinton was directly responsible for the murder by Muslim Extremists in Benghazi Libya; she blamed it on a Muslim film. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others were hacked to death by the Jihadists. Blood is still on the hands of Clinton who spills one lie after another. It is time to Jail the Bird. (click)Clinton is being sued by the parents of  Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith for wrongful death. They alledge that here unsecured server was responsible for their deaths. CHAPPAQUA


As we patiently awaited the announcement of who Hillary Clinton would chose for a Vice Presidential running mate only two ideas surfaced. Will she pick a Latino or a woman? Well to our surprise she picked a “nobody.” How many votes will Tim Kaine bring in? Will he energize the party. Our bet is that if you asked the question of “who is Tim Kaine?” to one million voters, not one person would know who the guy is; with the exception of Virginians of course.

Clinton’s choice is an affront to Latinos, African Americans and women. Apparently not only is HRC is taking their vote for granted she is taking Bernie Sanders votes for granted. Not gonna happen Hillary, they know you are a loser, a cheat and a killer. However, in this election year, and it certainly is is a doozie, nothing should be taken for granted. There is surprise waiting behind every bush. Just ask Jeb.

Now Hillary asked the rhetorical question, don’t I have good judgement? Let’s us analyze her judgement.

1. She voted for the Iraq war

2. She did not protect Our Boys in Benghazi – four killed

3. She violated the law regarding Federal Records skirting it by not having secured her emil

4. She was responsible for the breakdown in Syria allowing ISIS to run rampant in the Middle East

5. She didn’t make the right decision in 2008, losing to Barack Obama



Not bringing charges against HRC by the FBI director Comey should not have come as a surprise; nor the meeting by Slick Willie on the Phoenix Tarmac with Loretta Lynch – this is how the Clintons operate, on their own terms.

Insiders know what happened inside that plane – Slick Willie spoke about, not his golf game nor grandchildren, but life and death. He brought Lynch up to date on the number of people associated with the Clintons who have been killed or disappeared during the past twenty years. The Attorney General got the message loud and clear, it was also conveyed to FBI director Comey.

So once again, the Corrupt, Murderer, Liar, Criminal Clinton is free to campaign without charges hanging over her head. Like O.J. Simpson before her, she beat the Murder Rap and is free to commit more crimes – and she will – you can bet on it. If anyone wonders why such adjectives are used to describe Clinton, the simple answer is that she is all of the above and secondly the NBTP is not politically correct. 

Four dead men would be alive today, but because of Hillary Clinton’s action that night, September 11, 2012 in Benghazi Libya, they were murdered by Muslim Jihadists.2012 Benghazi attack photo montage.jpg

Comey’s words “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Intent to violate the law is a fallacy. A person who inadvertently went through a red light did not intend to do it, but the police officer on duty did not care about it intent; you violated the law by proceeding though it and a ticket was issued. “INTENT IS NOT THE ISSUE, BREAKING THE LAW IS ALL THAT MATTERS, you did it and now you must be punished for the crime you committed.” 

Knowing that she was transmitting TOP SECRET information on an unsecured server is, in fact, a violation of multiple laws.

Violation of 18 U.S. Code § 798 — disclosure of classified information applies to Clinton as her knowledge of the unsecured server allowed for her to “knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person” classified information. Someone guilty of this crime “shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both,” under the law.

Anther law, 18 USC 793 — gathering, transmitting or losing defense information also carries a penalty of an unspecified fine or imprisonment of up to 10 years, or both.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/fbi-indictment-clinton-email/#8BCSURm53HLGydpm.99

Donald Trump’s take, “the system is RIGGED.”

Our message to the law abiding Americans, “you are now beginning to understand the that the rule of law does not apply equally to everyone.The political elite write their own ticket and “we the people” are at the ones to suffer under a tyrannical system run by dictators.

THE ONLY SOLUTION  IS REVOLUTION. Justice must be served. The guilty cannot go scot free. teapartylogored


Our Armed Forces, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines will never forget what happened in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton did not answer the call at 3 a.m. resulting in four Americans, including our Ambassador Chris Stevens to die when a pre-planned Terrorist attack by Islamists attacked our embassy. Clinton then lied about what happened blaming a Muslim film.

In a speech on foreign policy on April 27, Trump hearkened back to Clinton’s famous “3 a.m.” campaign ad in 2008 in which she claimed she was more “tested” and prepared than Barack Obama to handle a late-night call to the White House about a dire emergency.

We know the truth, despite what Clinton’s lap dog Susan Rice spilled out on national TV the following Sunday. Clinton will follow Obama’s path of arguing for stronger defense, but she will continue to let our equipment and technology rust taking defense spending to an all time low filling up the government coffers.  In return she will pump up the welfare state, her legions of parasites eatie there is no tomorrow. Click here for Clinton on Benghazi. 

We know that the men and women in our Armed Forces are smart and intelligent; they know a Trojan Horse when they see one. Crooked Hillary is not only a liar but a criminal. We wait for the FBI to recommend indictment. But don’t hold your breath, Loretta Lynch will not bring charges. Blame the ten Republicans who voted for her confirmation.

Commander in Chief Hillary Clinton, “no way” says our Servicemen – we will never work for you, you are a traitor. Only a Trump Win will resolve the criminal enterprise she and Slick Willie run. RICO application to their shakedown operation is a must. JAIL THE BIRD, in this case TWO BIRDS.






We can think of more colorful words to describe the beast running against Bernie Sanders. A liar first rate, a thief to boot, but what is most disgusting is the support she has received from older women and people of color. The only think Hillary Clinton has accomplished is pushing her career through deceit, lies and trickery. Her agenda is Hillary only. How has she helped Black people; and women, she lives with a predator.

Blaming others for her mistakes and judgments. One of her main weapons is to always call for an investigation; she wants the truth to come out. But this is the tactic that confuses. Why didn’t she tell the truth in the first place? Why did she do what she did? In the case of the email server she was caught with her pants down. Why didn’t she release all of the emails in the first place? Because she knew that the law was broken, now the investigation matures toward the election with no end in sight.  No problem here; Obama gave her a pass last week, saying that she is guilty of being careless, that is all. No laws broken here.

If the FBI recommends prosecution and Loretta Lynch fails to act, there will be hell to pay. If anyone in this country doesn’t believe that White people can’t “smash and grab” wait and see. Click here for the Ten Senators that voted to confirm her. These RINOs must go. 

And no narrative is complete without mentioning Benghazi.

Who’s lying about Benghazi? ‘Not me!’ says Hillary Clinton as she insists she never told victims’ families the terror attack began as protest over an anti-Islam video

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3380562/Hillary-Clinton-insists-never-told-victims-families-terror-attack-began-protest-anti-Islam-video.html#ixzz46evEWTXB

If the Salem Witch trials were held today, those prosecuting the so-called witches would have no problem defining Hillary as one. And you know what happened to twenty of them.

The central figure in this 1876 illustration of the courtroom is usually identified as Mary Walcott.


If you believe what Ms. Clintstonewall says then we have a bridge to sell you. Husband slick willy, a known perv, impeached, lied, had sex with that girl, sued by Paula Jones, had an affair with Jennifer Flowers, groped other women etc, but Hillary stuck by her man. Doesn’t that remind you of the Fire Chief living with a known arsonist (a son), one who torched a building a day, relishing in the inhalation of burning timbers and invigorated by the hypnotic flames, but failed in his duty to turn the arsonist in. And she is fighting for women.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has committed a felony. That is apparent from the facts and in the plain-language of the federal statute that prohibits “Gathering, transmitting or losing defense information”, 18 U.S. Code § 793(e) and (f). This offense carries a potential penalty of ten years imprisonment.

It’s called a prima facie case: clear on the basis of known facts.

It’s up to prosecutorial discretion by the US Attorney as to what charges may be filed and when. Nonetheless, Mrs. Clinton is clearly chargeable for violation of federal law. As of right now, the matter is under FBI investigation. This isn’t just about violation of Departmental policy.

Secretary Clinton was trained in handling of classified materials, and acknowledges that she understood them. By transmitting and receiving email correspondence that contained information gleaned from foreign government sources on an unauthorized, insecure system, she violated the law. This was not something she did unwittingly, and that the foreign government sourced material was not stamped classified is irrelevant.

Click here for more on the story from the DAILY KOS. Dk logo med

Mishandling Classified Information

Executive Order 13526 and 18 U.S.C Sec. 793(f) of the federal code make it unlawful to send of store classified information on personal email. Casey Harper at The Daily Caller delved into this angle:

“‘By using a private email system, Secretary Clinton violated the Federal Records Act and the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual regarding records management, and worse, could have left classified and top secret documents vulnerable to cyber attack,’ Cause of Action Executive Director Dan Epstein said in an email to reporters.

‘This is an egregious violation of the law, and if it were anyone else, they could be facing fines and criminal prosecution.’”

Harper goes on to point out that multiple violations of this law have been enforced recently, including in 1999, when former CIA Director John M. Deutch’s security clearance was suspended for using his personal email to send classified information.

Additionally, this past week, Gen. David Patraeus pleaded guilty for mishandling classified information by using a Gmail account instead of his official government email.

The truth is that Hillary Clintstonewall is fighting for Hillary Clintonstonewall. There is a reasonable doubt of her capabilities; a review of the Benghazi disaster where our Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed lend enough credence to question her judgement. In all respects she is not fit to serve in any government position.  And after 20 years of the Clintons America knows what and who they are.


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