Record cold has settle into the central United States breaking records set many moons ago. In fact the earth’s temperature has not risen in 20 years despite the fact that man has spilled billions of tons of carbon, according to the naysayers, into the atmosphere.

Facts are dismissed, but new untested theories are promulgated. The latest being that the oceans have absorbed the carbon, therefore the earth’s temperature did not rise.  If you believe that, we have a bridge to sell you.  To go back in time, approximately 198 years ago, Jack Frost paid a visit to Connecticut in the month of June. Not to to be out done, Albany, New York was treated to an early June snowfall; Massachusetts too and Montreal saw a foot of the white stuff cover its streets.

In 1918 a trace of snow fell in June at Mount Pocono, Monroe Co, the first ever in June in the
Mt Holly area of responsibility, tying the June PA state maximum snowfall record set
in 1907 and 1902. So as weather history is recorded one day at a time the truth be told.

But to the Global Warmer Climate Change aficionados snow will never fall on their parade. The global warmer/climate change chameleons have constantly revised, recalculated, rebutted, resorted too distortions of the facts. The lame stream media has constantly buttressed their position by eliminating counter arguments to their unproven thesis. The most recent “Peoples Climate March” took place as the UN summit occurred on September 21, 2014.  Demanding an ambitious agenda by those who spew carbon into the atmosphere.  Of course the biggest polluters of them all was not on the same page; China and India left the zealots in the cold.

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