The simmering of revolution in the hinterland has proceeded at a snails pace; the time for the fire in the belly to emerge from its embryonic stage and engulf the socialist infrastructure of America is upon us. Political correctness is out, liberal justices are a prime target, the education industry, a socialist network of has-beens, must be destroyed.

If America is to survive the social network propping up the welfare state the bureaucracy must be imploded. When the hard working taxpayer labors for six months a year to pay his/her taxes something is wrong. Free housing, medical care, education is not free, somebody (you the taxpayer) pays for it. This can’t go on forever.

The Federal Reserve (FED), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Center for Disease Control (CDC), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Agriculture Department (DOA, the Justice Department (DOJ) are departments  or agencies that have lost the trust of the American people. All are guilty of bureaucratic foul-ups and bias targeting of their adversaries.

Their size prevents them from carrying out their initial charge. They have grown into socialistic arms of Big Government reaching, grabbing and eating their prey – ordinary Americans. November 4 is a mere ten days away, exercise your weapon and vote out the political scum that has polluted the waters of Freedom and Justice.

Gold and silver notes were at one time the coin of the realm, now we are forced to take a Federal Reserve note as legal tender for all debts, public and private. Here we find the socialist conspiracy where by government can reward and punish those who disagree with their policies. Where as the payment in gold or silver prevented the government from violating the principles on which it was founded.

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