Swiss Gold Initiative-the return of real money (gold/silver)

Below is an excerpt of a speech given by Lukas Reimann, a Swiss member of Parliament from Kanton St. Gallen. “The gold initiative gives us a one time opportunity to end and break the delusion of fiat money, thus unsecured paper money. Yes, the biggest fraud of our time happens with our money. Central banks, commercial banks and governments play with the property of their citizens. While these three parties can use the newly printed money without inflation worry, the majority of citizens, being deceived, will feel the effect of inflation with this newly printed money and must simply swallow this. If the purchasing power of money decreases annually by only 2 percent because more and more unsecured money comes into circulation, will the value of your money be halved in 20 years ? Increasing the money supply is easy. We are dealing with an invisible tax, that can be increased at will. A simple observation will help you see though this trick. What happens here is nothing less than a concealed form of confiscation. Until WW 1, paper money was backed by precious metals that cannot and could not be arbitrarily increased. After WW 1 this backing was diluted as otherwise the wars of the 20th century could not have been funded. Under the gold standard the United States enjoyed 136 years of price stability. Since 1913, however, purchasing power has dropped by a staggering 95%. In Switzerland, the 40% gold backing of the Franc as required by the old Federal Constitution, was quietly removed at the time of the revision. Exactly this gold backing made the Swiss Franc stable, secure and independent. The money supply, when issued as gold and silver currencies, was sound money. The state monopoly decreed unsecured paper money, fiat money, is sick money, it is false money. In our direct democracy in Switzerland, this leads to senseless situations. We let the people decide on small items, 50 million franc, 100 million francs, than a huge outcry that it is too expensive. At the same time the National Bank expands the money supply to 100’s of billions of francs, without debate and without asking the people. The few who criticize these mechanisms since a long time and who also predicted the current crisis, were independent economists influenced by the Austrian school of economics. But they were barely heard”

Switzerland’s central bank (SNB) is stepping up efforts to block a populist motion launched last year that would force the financial institution to almost triple the proportion of reserves held in gold.

The Alpine country will vote on Nov. 30 on the so-called “Save our Swiss Gold” initiative organized by the right-wing People’s Party, or SVP. The motion calls for the central bank to hold at least 20% of its assets in gold, which currently make up about 7.5% of its total assets. In addition it should be prohibited from selling any gold in the future, and all of its reserves of the precious metal must be stored in Switzerland.

The Swiss Federal Council, the seven-member cabinet, as well as both houses of parliament have recommended voters reject the motion.

“The Swiss electorate will vote on an initiative which, paradoxically, would severely constrain the SNB’s room for maneuver in a future crisis,” SNB’s vice president Jean-Pierre Danthine said last week in a speech prepared for delivery at a conference in Martigny.

The proposed ban on future gold sales would have even more serious consequences for the SNB as an increase in gold holdings couldn’t be reversed, Danthine said.



Do not let them fool you, every, repeat, every Democrat is guilty of association with Obama and his policies. They voted 100% for Obamacare, 100% for Harry Reject Reid, 100% for Nancy Pelosi. By the way, Reid has not allowed a vote on any controversial issue because he knows that the Republicans with a few renegade (in trouble like Landrieu of Lousiana) Democrats will side with the Republicans thereby inflicting harm to Obama’s policies. But most of all Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC mouth, has refused to confirm that Democrat candidates are aligned with Obama’s policies. Do not be fooled by her double speak.

Obama offered fodder to Republicans during a speech in Evanston, Ill., earlier this month when he said that “I am not on the ballot this fall … but make no mistake, these policies are on the ballot, every single one of them.”


The time has come to turn the tables and strike our enemies with the hammer and sickle. Icons of the USSR are ours for the taking, Weild them on November 4th,  eviscerate the socialist scum that has polluted the economic and social waters of our country. Hold them accountable by hammering them at the polls – end their political careers once and for all.

Let’s bury them for the crimes they have committed against the American people. The damage they have done is close to irreparable, but we can change that. No more printing worthless paper, no more lies, no more deceit, no more Obama lickers. Politicians of all stripes who have signed on to the largesse machine have to be sent to their political graveyard. Enough is enough!


Texas prevailed in the voter ID case appealed to the Supreme Court. However, the three commie ant-American Justices dissented. Just think that with two weeks or so to  the election, potential voters cannot get an acceptable photo ID. Balderdash!

The law was struck down by a federal judge last week, but a federal appeals court had put that ruling on hold. The judge found that roughly 600,000 voters, many of them black or Latino, could be turned away at the polls because they lack acceptable identification. Early voting in Texas begins Monday.

What is their excuse?  They real don’t have any, most are fictitious 600,000 illegals. The Supreme Court had it right, knowing full well that securing ID’s is not a big problem for those who are citizens; and to top it off, these liberal court justices are in the belief that Blacks and Latinos are too stupid to get an ID in advance. Of course that is not true.hillarteaxassticker The three women on the court were getting ready for Hillary.

The 600,000 have had weeks, months, years and decades to get an ID. Is the appellate court and the three liberals  telling us that that was not sufficient time?  Glad the other six justices saw this as a potential for voter abuse.


Allah Who? Aaacckk Barf!

What, pray tell, has happened to what used to be thought of as the Civilized World? The savage, barbarous acts being committed against human beings on a daily basis all over the world in the name of Islam are glossed over, brushed aside, or completely ignored by the “mainstream” media, and “liberal” and “enlightened” politically correct, multicultural governments – like ours. The depth and breadth of the denial that the world is being pushed toward a second Dark Age, ruled over by fanatic Muslim zealots is truly frightening.

Those who rely on the leftist newspapers and TV networks for information on current events and politics, rarely hear the details of the ravages of Islamic jihadists in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the Philippines, and yes, the United States. Instead they are fed a constant litany of leftist propaganda in which Islam is portrayed as the Religion of Peace™ and all but a handful of Muslims as “moderates”. For those of us who look to alternate sources for news, however – e.g., the internet, talk radio – the picture that emerges is much different.

As Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act for America! (,  pointed out in a Heritage Foundation sponsored forum (, even if radical Islamists/jihadis make up only 15 to 25% of the world’s 1.2 billion Muslim population, as analysts have estimated, that still equals 180 to 300 million people, equal to nearly the entire population of America, men, women, and children. The jihadis are nearly all angry, sexually frustrated young males who believe their god has instructed them to violently slaughter all who do not submit to their demands to convert to Islam and accept Shariah law. And this vast horde of savages has made it clear that America and her mostly Judeo-Christian people are its main target.

The history of jihad goes back to the beginning of Islam in the early 7th century, a “religion” started by a man who it could easily be argued suffered his entire life from schizophrenic hallucinations and delusions. As time went by, his writings and exhortations to his followers became more hateful and violent. Heavy taxes, slavery, and death, particularly by beheading were prescribed for infidels – all those unbelievers throughout the world unwilling to submit. Over the ensuing centuries, Muslim jihadist armies have “spread the faith” by fire and sword on many occasions, in many parts of the world. Look it up. And we see a continuation of this Pillar of Islam today with ISIS.

The mass beheadings of their enemies (, including rival Muslim sects, the mass murders of captured soldiers and Christian civilians (;, the suicide bombers, including those who explode their vest bombs in places crowded with unsuspecting, innocent civilians (, the kidnapping and forced bondage of girls and women to be used as sex slaves (;,  are all common practices of the radical Islamist groups active today. Here in America, we’ve seen so-called “honor killings”, beheadings, and single and mass murders in various parts of the country, all committed by Muslims in the name of Islam.

You would think that the left, particularly the feminist left, would be issuing a non-stop stream of statements condemning Islam’s treatment of women, and that the anti-war zealots would be marching in the streets every day. Instead, the sex/drugs/rock and roll left, including the media, the epitome of everything the Islamists are out to expunge from the face of the Earth, support the Islamists under the delusion that they will hasten the demise of the free, capitalist West and will institute a socialist utopia, rather than a religio-fascist caliphate. And to the growing detriment of the American people, it is clear that the apostate Muslim, the Squatter-in-the-White House shares these deluded views.

The Obama administration’s utter mismanagement of the war(s) in Syria and Iraq, when looked at in the context of years of Obama’s unambiguous praise for Islam and statements of support, appears to be intentional. The failure to train and rebuild the Iraqi Army, the illicit arms smuggling out of Libya and into Syria, the arming of al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, the foot-dragging in declaring ISIS an enemy, the laughable “coalition” of half-hearted “partners”, and the pathetically inadequate number of airstrikes being flown – usually 20 or less, as opposed to the hundreds recommended by our generals – all leave the Islamist jihadis in a position of unprecedented power that would have never been possible, but for the action and inaction of Obama and his henchmen.

Obama, raised as a Muslim, has publicly declared that we are not a Christian nation and that Muslims played a significant role in the founding of the country, in spite of a total lack of evidence to support these wild claims. He has bowed low before the King of Saudi Arabia. He has also made clear his disdain for our Constitution, and that he thinks America is to blame for all the evils in the world. It is more than obvious where his loyalties lie. He needs to be removed as a danger to public safety. Allah who? Aaacckk barf!


Through out history gold has been the medium of exchange; the store of value. Paper money displaced gold early in the 17th century; first used in Massachusetts then by the states during the Civil War. The banking industry’s genesis was initiated early on by warehouses which issued a receipt – thus a warehouse receipt – entitling the holder to redeem the receipt for the said amount of gold as defined in the receipt. As the industry blossomed it became apparent that the holders of receipts very rarely requested the physical gold; they only transferred the receipts. Thus the warehouses evolved into lenders realizing that a call for 100 percent of the gold at any one time was not a probability.

The 18th through the 21st century became the glory days of gold. Banks became behemoths lending more gold than they had in inventory. When a run on a bank occurred, which it ultimately did, culminating in bankruptcy and ruin. As the United States entered the 20th century as the world’s big money player the world treated the dollar as if it was good as gold.

This was true up until 1971.  Not dismissing the illegal taking of individuals gold by FDR back in 1933 (see executive order 6102).  The world was on the path of becoming a dynamic and risky adventure from 1971 on; the dollar was no longer convertible to gold, the dream of El Dorado became a reality by inventing paper gold on a scale never seen before. The physical gold window had closed, the dollar pyramid scheme began.  Hence the printing of paper money on a scale never seen before. Economies were on financial cocaine, a euphoria that is still manifested by governments gone wild. More printing enabled the exalted to exert control of economies, countries and world politics. But good times don’t last forever.

Entering the 21st century has proved that the dollar panacea has a long reach, but things can changes in a quant moment. Across the globe one country after another has defaulted; Greece and Argentina head the list. Is it possible that the United States is next?  A probability that cannot be counted out. What brings us to that conclusion is the loss of faith in the United States. We are no longer control world events – Obama saw to it.

Future obligations are the tail wagging the dog and that is about to become the albatross under our neck for the next two decades. Obligations are coming due. And the question remains, who will be responsible to pay them. for sure you can’t count on today’s youth to hand over their hard earned cash.   17 Trillion and counting is a gargantua number, that is just debt, counting social security, medicate obligations and interest on the debt we are looking at a google type number closer to 100 trillion. $100,000,000,0000,0000.

Another relevant question to ask a politician of the goldbrick variety is:  Will we ever be able to pay back the money we owe?   Don’t expect a straight answer.  The next question is, Will gold provide a solution to political largesse?


2nd healthcare worker that treated Mr. Duncan comes down with Ebola; so far 4500 have perished. CDC admits that it did not do enough.

  • Liberia’s transport minister has gone into quarantine after her personal driver died from Ebola
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) warns the infection rate could reach 5,000 to 10,000 new cases a week in two months if efforts are not stepped up
  • CDC chief Thomas Frieden said there had been a breach of protocol by health workers that led to the nurse becoming infected.

    “The CDC is saying that protocols were breached, but the nurses are saying there were no protocols,” the head of the national nurses union, Roseann DeMoro, told reporters on Tuesday.

    Mr Frieden later said he regretted not sending a larger team of experts to Texas when the first case of Ebola was diagnosed.

    “We could’ve sent a more robust hospital infection control team and been more hands-on with the hospital from day one about exactly how this should be managed,” he said on Tuesday.


Many of us despise Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader. However, we have to swallow hard to vote for him as his challenger Alison Grimes is a 100% Obama lackey. McConnell is vulnerable according to the latest polls, leading by 2.5%. Democrats are all in on this one. McConnell is sweating bullets to put it mildly.


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