The message sent to POTUS was simple; give us what we want or we will make your life miserable for two more years. The American people have spoken; loud and clear they are telling you that business as “Harry Reid usual” is off the table. The Republicans have an agenda, you may not like it, but America is telling you to take a deep breath and suck it in.

By the way Mr. President, your Man Reid is responsible for seven or eight of your puppet Senators going down in flames. In fact, the good citizens of Illinois, we firmly believe that not all Illini are gang bangers, voted in a Republican governor. Just wondering if you got that message.

Well in any event 2015 brings in a new year. The only question remains – will you change your spots?  As far as we know which is not as much as you, it is apparent that your spots will not change, alacrity on your part is a rare commodity; we expect that you will continue  the blame game – class warfare campaign for two more years. But this seems to be out of character with past changes of the guard, even Bill Clinton saw the light and changed welfare as “we know it.”

Again, from our vantage point the American people have spoken, the message is “no more welfare, food stamps, Obamacare, free housing and to top it off, your pet peeve, allowing illegals, mostly all criminals from invading our borders. These are only starters, but as they say in baseball, the table has been set. Now it is your time Mr. President to eat.

One more thing, “politics is a blood sport and yesterday your flock spilled a whole lot; in so doing your agenda has been mortally wounded; lick your wounds Barry,  Harry Reid’s hands and mouth have been bound shut, his help is no longer available.



In the days ahead Obama is expected to unleash a fire storm of criticism when he gives carte blanche green cards to 11 million illegals. This is an outright  declaration of war. From Obama’s perspective, if the illegals were able to vote this year, his water carriers would not have gone down to defeat. As to the election results Obama said that many voters (illegal) sat out the election because they were not engaged. Therefore, Obama has decided to listen to the ‘no voter’ and put them in a position to elect a Democrat President in 2016.

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