We are not talking about the devastating loss suffered by the Seattle Seahawks, but the Supreme Court decision legalizing Obamacare. Questions arise about the kingpin who cemented the victory.  Supreme Court justice John Roberts, always smirking, was vilified by the Right for unleashing a socialist scheme on America. But questions remain;  did Roberts know in advance that the Affordable Care Act would be so distasteful to so many Americans that the public would rise up from the ashes and hand Congress over to the Republicans. In hindsight did he do America a favor?

Many conservatives including the New Boston Tea Party were gleeful when the decision came down, for we realized that this was going to be a future albatross around the anointed one’s neck. And it came to pass, the Democrats lost control of Congress. If the ACA was shot down by the court there was the probability that Congress would have remained split. So now we are waging a much bigger war, one that pits Obama and his un-Constitutional edicts against Congress. repeal and Replace is now the Republican message.

However, Obama is facing a much larger problem,  (click)State Attorney’s General have entered the fray; law suits questioning Obama’s carte blanche deferral of allowing illegals to stay here are set for the Supreme Court stage.  And again Roberts will be front and center. Don’t forget Roberts dislikes Obama to such a degree that he weighed in on Obama’s 2010 State of the Union speech. (Very important talkback- click here)Samuel Alito was so taken back by Obama’s lack of decorum that he shook his head in disbelief during the 2010 State of the Union speech. What to expect next is?

Speculation would indicate that Obama’s over reach will be decided by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional which obviously sets up a confrontation with the White House and a possible Constitutional crisis.  We anxiously wait the outcome of this once in a lifetime duel between the two most savvy government branches.  Good luck on this one Mr. President.

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