Hillary Clinton is a lying thief; torching government records, America’s records and then lying about the circumstances of their disappearance. These are criminal acts. Clinton purposely destroyed records that would incriminate her in pay to play schemes, but most of all the Benghazi affair.

Where is our attorney general on this? Nowhere to be found. The ten Republicans who voted for Loretta Lynch should call for Clinton’s arrest. Don’t expect them to – they are RINO’s. The Sargent at Arms has not only th power but the authority to arrest Clinton. Also, the FBI, as they have done in the past can bring a SWAT team to Chappaqua, NY, use a battering ram to enter Clinton’s house and secure the server. “AMERICAN’S ARE CALLING FOR JUSTICE” Clinton is a killer, responsible for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in the Benghazi attack. CHAPPAQUA

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