Locals, no matter they be in Europe or the United States are set to get the bill; not a one time bill, but a generation bill for housing, schools, hospitals, welfare. Put it in perspective, the socialist zealots that have connived their way to power have slapped the taxpayer in the face. As more and more parasitic refugees arrive the back lash will intensify.

The rise of Hitler during parallels today’s situation. There is always a bogeyman. Foreigners with a different culture and a deep disdain for Christianity have caused havoc in England, Germany and France targeting Charlie Hedbo and various Jewish enterprises. Customs that have endured for millennium are being tested. The invaders, many of which are natural born killers, demand their rights something they did not do in the countries they left while waving the white flag. Sleepy villages will see the building of mosques like there is no tomorrow; this is happening already in the United States. Count on this to precipitate the rise of a 21st century Hitler.

We have expected the “tolerance” speeches, but this wears thin when the crisis reaches critical mass. Think of ten million refugees in you backyard. Not a welcoming site is it? Christianity says “turn the other cheek”, however, today’s situation warrants a different reaction. The Pope added his two cents to the crisis. In a speech that touched on some of his major priorities as pope — the need to care for the elderly, the poor and the environment — Francis called for legislators to promote policies that create jobs and accept immigrants. “A Europe which is no longer open to the transcendent dimension of life is a Europe which risks slowly losing its own soul,” he said.

Will this crisis precipitate the slow death of Christianity? We call your attention to Turkey, once a bastion of Christendom, Constantinople was the center of Eastern Christianity; no more, out of 80,000,000 Turks only a small splinter of Christians reside in Turkey today, 200,000 at most. Europe is cutting off their nose to spite their face.


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