The American people have been “schonged” by Hillary Clinton. Make no mistake about it, Hillary Clinton has not only lied to the American people, she has treated us with disdain, believing that we are so stupid that she can tell us anything and we will believe it. A major part of the problem is her cohorts, the progressive press.CHAPPAQUA

Everyday, Ms. Clinton, either lies, denies responsibility or blames someone or something when challenged. Donald Trump, her worst nightmare, has been condemned by the lame stream media for using a slang word. Well folks, the hypocrisy here is two fold; when Joe Biden dropped the “F” bomb and said it was not a big “effen” deal” ,  the liberal establishment gave him two thumbs up. Think of any other Vice President or President before him using such language, but it was OK because this language is part of Joe’s everyday vocabulary. No doubt he is a  rap music aficionado.

The FBI is hot on Hillary’s trail, trying to smoke out the stinking animal rotting away in her server. This is not some passing Whitewater scandal folks, this is a National Security Issue. Clinton, signed on the dotted line that she would not divulge TOP SECRET information. However, by using her own server, wiped clean she thought, emailed others who were did not have a security clearance, the question Americans want to know, is why she has not been brought to justice?lies

The FBI knows that the evidence not only points to her guilt, not with standing the mutual liars in the State Department involved in the cover-up, but her private aid, the one who took the 5th when called upon to testify at the Benghazi hearing, is now center stage in the investigation. Bryan Pagliano is expected to take the 5th on producing documents requested by the FBI. This conspiracy is tantamount to treason.

In the prosecution of former CIA Director David Petraeus for his role in wrongly providing highly classified information to his biographer and mistress Paula Broadwell, violations of Non-Disclosure Agreements were cited.

Fox News was told that “frustration” is mounting in the pace of the investigation into Clinton’s emails.


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