The Senate voted 56-43 this afternoon to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Ten Republicans voted for confirmation: Kelly Ayotte, Ron Johnson, Mark Kirk, Rob Portman, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Lindsey Graham, Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell.

No doubt other Republicans put out statements explaining their opposition to Lynch, but I got these from Jeff Sessions and Marco Rubio, and thought they were both worth passing on. Senator Sessions’ statement:

Under our Constitution, Congress was given certain powers as a coequal branch of government not only to protect the Congress as an institution, but to restrain the other branches from overreaching. One of those powers is the Senate’s power to confirm or not confirm nominees to high office.

This check on executive powers can be used as Congress sees fit but should not be abused, just as the President should not use his nominees to advance an improper or unlawful agenda.

President Obama said on Friday he’ll meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch next week to discuss how to use White House powers to reduce gun violence, lamenting that Congress has “done nothing” and declaring he has “unfinished business.”

“I get too many letters from parents and teachers and kids to sit around and do nothing,” said Obama, who will meet with Lynch on Monday, after he returns from his Hawaii family vacation.

Click here to listen to the putrid diatribe coming from Obama’s mouth. Truth is that Obama and his brothers in Chicago and elsewhere kill 10,000 Blacks a year and not a peep out of the criminal element the Black community has birthed, but one white is killed by a deranged liberal freak (Sandy Hook) and our guns are at risk of being confiscated by the government.


This is not a surprise to anyone, Obama and Kerry cajoled the Iran deal through knowing full well that they would violate it before the ink dried. And so it would be said, so it would be done. Obama has set Iran on a magic carpet ride, intercontinental missiles are now part of their arsenal. Nuclear research and development be propelled by a weak president; ten thousand centrifuges furiously turning out nuclear halal. No inspections, no violations!

Leading lawmakers, including supporters of President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, rapped the White House for (click here) delaying fresh sanctions on Tehran over its missile program, warning that the move would embolden it to further destabilize the Middle East.

The abrupt reversal by the administration came as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani publicly ordered his military to dramatically scale up the country’s missile program if the sanctions went ahead.

Obama is the “Liar in Chief”, anti American ballistic missile residing in the White House. Don’t count Israel out, soon they will act with force.


Department of State employees continue to cover-up for Hillary Clinton. Under court order to produce Clinton’s emails they have consistently delayed and/or indicated none exist. Now we have learned that they have failed to produce 82% of Clinton’s emails by the December 31, 2015 deadline; blaming the holidays for the delay.

In reality employees of the department are scanning these emails for the smoking gun or guns which will tighten the rope on Clinton’s neck, but obviously not turn these over. John the lackey Kerry is now in charge of what emails are to be released; Kerry gets his orders directly from POTUS.CHAPPAQUA

The newly released emails reveal Clinton and one of her closest aides, Jake Sullivan, had an exchange in September 2010 that showed considerable confusion over her email practices.

The time has come for America to rise up and demand that this rogue candidate be incarcerated in a Federal Prison; she is a traitor to our country a duplicitous liar to boot. If the FBI does not arrest her, then America knows what to do next.

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