Hillary Clinton is in the midst of the greatest collapse in political history. Her run for the White House was essentially to be a cake walk. A waltz in the night leading to a triumphant march down Pennsylvania Avenue. However, the walk will not happen, but the ride to Sing Sing or Alcatraz is more likely. The latest Bonnie and Clyde duo, Hillary and Bill, are about to get busted; not one law broken but hundreds, a thriller, with death thrown in, murder in Benghazi and emails disappearing quicker than a magicians wand.

Bernie Sanders is now running neck and neck with the once invincible Clinton. He has connected to the people, where is Hillary has disconnected. Sort of like Bush, she brings in the family, but that doesn’t matter anymore. The emperor has no clothes is an apt description of this contemptuous liar. So many email/server stories have come out, even Hillary does not no which one is true.

Americans are patiently waiting for the FBI to bring out the bracelets. We are at wits end on why they have not acted yet. How much more evidence do they need to recommend an indictment? Why are they stalling, why is the State Department stalling? These are valid questions the American people deserve to know.

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