Donald Trump August 19, 2015 (cropped).jpgThe scenario played out better than expected. Nevada voters erupted last night for Donald Trump as his train steamed to victory, rolling over wanna-bee competitors in the Mother of All Wins;  capturing 45% of the vote, a Monster win for  Mr. Trump.

The breakdown revealed that he won on all social levels. But more importantly, Trump won the Hispanic vote by an overwhelming 44%. This shows the breath of his campaign as he takes on Ted Cruz in the Lone Star State. Flag of Texas

Super Tuesday, less than a week away, March 1st is going to be the big enchilada, the prize we all have been waiting for.

The NBTP predicts more lopsided wins for Trump as he marches to the nomination in the same manner as Sherman’s march to the sea. Instead of destroying cities, Trump has been destroying the ambitions of lesser candidates who have been left in his wake.

Challenging the establishment, the status-quo and pundits alike brought Americans of all creeds to his camp. Americans, by the way,  do not like being told what to do;  Trump has tapped into this mind set.

We have been mothered by the liberal progressives from the day we were born, vaccinations, schooling, healthcare, you name it. Americans are sick and tired of the hand of Big Government tapping on our shoulder. Sherman sea 1868.jpg

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