(click)Pagliano, the dude who set up Clintonstonewall’s private server at her Chappaqua home is taking the fifth. Mind you this guy has the information needed to convict the Crooked Clinton. According to his lawyers he will refuse to answer questions over an open records lawsuit, according to court documents obtained Wednesday by Fox News.CHAPPAQUA This is one more indication of the corruption permeating the political elite who sit in Washington. The only way to wipe the slate clean is not with a cloth as Hillary Clintonstonewall suggests, but TRUMP.


Hillary Clinton was last seen at Walmart purchasing under garments. Lately she has been going through them like her husband used to go through women. What has caused such incontinence? Well, for one, the California primary is on the horizon and secondly she is been hounded by “THE BURN.” If Mr. Sanders pulls off a victory in California next week all hell will break loose.

The possibility of that happening is real. And if it does the Democrat liberal progressives will have to do some soul searching. And then there is the Philadelphia convention in July, a raucous affair in the making. Words have been exchanged between the two camps, fighting words. And thirdly we have Donald Trump, aiming his wrecking ball straight at here head.

These are types of situations only novices find themselves in, yet Hillary has done such a good job, she earns the title of Ms. Incontinent. You can depend on them, but not on her. Depend Silhouette Briefs for women


Worse than “El Chapo” , Hillary Clintonstonewall is about to face the music; we can’t wait till the whole cell block sings the Jail House Rock.

Let’s rock, everybody, let’s rock
Everybody on the whole cell block
They was dancing to the jailhouse rock

The recently released State Department inspector general report, which found Hillary Clinton broke government rules with her personal email use, increases “the likelihood and pressure” for the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges, an intelligence source familiar with the FBI investigation told Fox News.

The ongoing FBI criminal probe — investigating Clinton’s emails practices as secretary of state — is focused on whether the more than 2,100 classified emails discovered on her server constitute a violation of federal code, including the Espionage Act’s 18 USC 793, known as the “gross negligence” statute. FBI Director James Comey plans to make a recommendation based on the evidence, and if the findings merit criminal charges, the decision to prosecute ultimately rests with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

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hillarysuckersvote“Guccifer” the Romanian hacker,  has been arrested for breaking into the former Secretary of State’s home alone computer. He has been interviewed, spilled the beans and sincerely we hope and gave the prosecutors some very valuable information in return for a lesser sentence.

What puzzles us is why a two bit hacker from Romania was extradicted in the first place; then arrested and convicted, well actually he did a plea deal for a petty crime. But on the other hand the Secretary of State who deleted documents, top secret ones at that, broke the law on securing them, ran her own server, lied about it for the umpteen time and she is walking free? Something is wrong with this picture.

Clinton was running a secret ‘shakedown operation’ which was beyond the sight of government. She struck deals with foreign entities, skirted the pay to play rules, ran a criminal organization with tentacles spread far and wide, yet she has not been arrested. Why?

If Loretta Lynch does not bring charges against her, we will finally understand that that the State Department and Justice Department are run by the same CROOKS.hillarydressedup

The most egregious crime Clinton has committed is failure to have a secure server.  Former State Department watch dog report concluded Clinton’s use of a private server and account was not approved, and broke agency rules. The report said by the time she became secretary, the rules had repeatedly been updated, and were “considerably more detailed and more sophisticated.”

The time has come to JAIL THE BIRD 

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