As we patiently awaited the announcement of who Hillary Clinton would chose for a Vice Presidential running mate only two ideas surfaced. Will she pick a Latino or a woman? Well to our surprise she picked a “nobody.” How many votes will Tim Kaine bring in? Will he energize the party. Our bet is that if you asked the question of “who is Tim Kaine?” to one million voters, not one person would know who the guy is; with the exception of Virginians of course.

Clinton’s choice is an affront to Latinos, African Americans and women. Apparently not only is HRC is taking their vote for granted she is taking Bernie Sanders votes for granted. Not gonna happen Hillary, they know you are a loser, a cheat and a killer. However, in this election year, and it certainly is is a doozie, nothing should be taken for granted. There is surprise waiting behind every bush. Just ask Jeb.

Now Hillary asked the rhetorical question, don’t I have good judgement? Let’s us analyze her judgement.

1. She voted for the Iraq war

2. She did not protect Our Boys in Benghazi – four killed

3. She violated the law regarding Federal Records skirting it by not having secured her emil

4. She was responsible for the breakdown in Syria allowing ISIS to run rampant in the Middle East

5. She didn’t make the right decision in 2008, losing to Barack Obama


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