Vince Lombardi is know to have said “that winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing.” Trump’s shibboleth is “Win, Win, Win.”

The movies from the Old West typically portray town’s people scattering in all direction when a gunslinger makes his way into town; alarms go off. Questions arise, why is he here, what will he do.

photo credit: truewestmagazine.com

Some say the worst bad man that Texas ever produced.

John Wesley Hardin was easily the deadliest gunfighter of all time and one of the darkest characters in the Old West.  He was a kind of a guy who will shoot first and ask questions later. This American outlaw and gunfighter claimed to have killed 42 men though the newspapers attributed only 27 killings.

Today’s Gunslinger is TRUMP. Large bureaucracies and their bureaucrats are his target. They fear what he might do because like Hardin, he shoots first and asks questions later. Sabotage begins, cooperation disappears, provocations become the norm. This is happening behind the scenes. It is not front page news yet, but soon be. To jar your memory, Trump is not a big fan of the IRS. The time is ripe for him to audit them, not the other way around. The IRS has been politicized under OBAMA. Individuals have targeted the Tea Party. We were instrumental in him winning and rely on POTUS to rip a new one for the IRS.

Also do not fall for fake news reports, much of the time the press shoots from the hip an lip without hitting anything at all; fake news. “Hillary will win” their agenda, it didn’t happen.  But we don’t despair for Trump is in our corner – right will win over wrong and the RIGHT will Win over the LEFT

Our guys are in at Energy and Education ; they have their charge! Cut the fat, take out the scythe and clean house. Housing is next, run by a true gentlemen with many years of experience living in government housing projects. First hand knowledge trumps (NO PUN INTENDED) those who live in white tower mansions. For the past forty five years the government has dictated housing policy, erecting subsidized complexes like there is no tomorrow. Forcing once quiet suburbs to accept a socialist housing agenda by acquiescing to their demands, or the alternative of being sued. Low income individuals and families are living large, inhabiting half a million dollar rental units for less that $400 a month, subsidized by the hard working taxpayer. Carson will put a stop to this nonsense.

The Department of agriculture is one of the worst when it comes to handouts. Billions a year go to millionaire farmers who always have their hand out for a government handout. Time for the chaff to be cutt. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP believes in allowing recipients to binge on soda, snacks and ice cream; saying it their right in the “pursuit of happiness to indulge. This will end under Trump.


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